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Rogue Power || Percy Jackson the Avenger by Yournormalpjofangirl
Rogue Power || Percy Jackson the Yournormalpjofangirl
Percy Jackson. The greatest demigod to ever walk on earth. S.H.I.E.L.D has always had him on their watch, but when Loki suddenly springs up, it is time for a potential t...
Echo: The Infinity Saga | Wanda Maximoff x male reader. by theweirdmaximoff
Echo: The Infinity Saga | Wanda theweirdmaximoff
Follow the story of (Y/N), a british boy who one day received powers which would change his life forever, as he fights aliens, robots, his friends, and a titan, whilst f...
SOLARIS || MARVEL by starkszorel
Aurora Odinsdottir, the youngest of Odins children. She is the Goddess of the Sun, princess of Asgard and the little sister to the legendary and annoying brothers Thor a...
To Save A Life (Loki X Reader) by MLorane
To Save A Life (Loki X Reader)by Morgana Lorane
Loki is sentenced to either be executed or stay on earth without his magic until he has a change of heart. Y/n a 16 year old orphan, telepathic, and telekinetic teenager...
Little One by BeholdtheMacabre
Little Oneby Alyx Aberdeen
The stolen daughter of Loki, Astrid Freya Lokisdottir, is raised with the Avengers. Raised in an idealistic and loving environment, she loves her family dearly. But when...
Marvel's the Avengers(Book 1) by ScarletWitch19
Marvel's the Avengers(Book 1)by ScarletWitch19
For about a year now, S.H.I.E.L.D. has been studying the Tesseract. When thirteen-year-old Kaitlyn Summers first came into contact with the Tesseract, she has felt drawn...
Unlikely To Be Forgotten - Book 1 by theoggigia
Unlikely To Be Forgotten - Book 1by Gigi A.
My name is Isabella Lola Rey Barton, but I wasn't always a Barton. When I was 9 I was taken away from my biological father when he was kidnapped on a buisness trip to Af...
JUST A LITTLE BROKEN|| t. s. by EliseStark4465
JUST A LITTLE BROKEN|| t. EliseStark4465
Love has always been so beautiful. Love has always been so endearing. So exhilarating. So enchanting. But love was also corrupting. So dangerous. So delicate and f...
I'm Listening by CourtesyTrefflin
I'm Listeningby Courtesy Trefflin
Loki talks. Thor listens. It changes everything. Or, Iron Man doesn't find Thor as quickly after he took Loki off the quinjet, and the brothers have a much needed conver...
Love,Blood&Mischief (Katherine Pierce/Loki Laufeyson Love Story) by Poison_Ivy99
Love,Blood&Mischief (Katherine ινι
Katherine Pierce a.k.a Katerina Petrova has been living for 500 hundred years.Never wanting to be in love and has turned off her humanity.Katherine goes on a road trip a...
Grandma, can we help Loki? by TFALokiwriter
Grandma, can we help Loki?by Speedy
We all make mistakes. Sometimes Gods are not perfect. Sometimes we try to do things for the right reasons. There are times where ordinary mortals find themselves in a pr...
For Freedom (Avengers/Percy Jackson/Loki) by loverof12343
For Freedom (Avengers/Percy Siri Finnyson
After the Giant War, and the destruction of Ultron comes the peace that sounds after every traumatizing event, but peace never lasts. ¤¤¤ After a long grueling semester...
Kajsa ✖️ The Avengers by MotherMelanin02
Kajsa ✖️ The Avengersby Victorious ❤️
After deciding to stay on earth, Kajsa starts her new life joining S.H.I.E.L.D as an agent. As she goes through rigorous training, she mourns the death of her husband wh...
Vertigo (Book Three of The Avengers Reports) by WritersBlock039
Vertigo (Book Three of The Miss Moffat
The Avengers have assembled for the second time since the Battle in New York City. The NCIS team has gathered behind the agency's back to defend their city. Both teams h...
Played By The God Of Mischeif. by TempestariiDragon
Played By The God Of TempestariiDragon
Suzanna lives in New York under the watchful eye of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers. When Loki God of mischeif arrives and makes her fall in love with him can she help hid...
Stark's Assassin by Tessarqctzz
Stark's Assassinby ♤𝙅𝙚𝙨𝙨♤
Gets updated on Mondays! Your y/n Stark, daughter of Tony Stark and everyone presumed you to be dead. When in reality you were taken by Hydra during a mission in German...
Wraith - the Fleeting Shadow. by karaits
Wraith - the Fleeting Μοναδικός PJ
Percy Jackson has had enough, after the war with Gaea he was left without friends and family. By himself in the world of mortal men and super soldiers will he find the s...
Hidden by silverRain46
Hiddenby silverRain
When Loki wakes up after being pounded into the ground by the Hulk after the Battle of New York he seems different. At first he seems to not even remember the invasion...
Avengers: Crimson Warrior by nicky4565
Avengers: Crimson Warriorby nicky4565
It's official. The fates hate her. Clarisse was having a normal day and was waking through New York getting ready for an interview that Annabeth had arranged for her, wh...