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To the past with Jiang Yanli and Wei Wuxian! || MDZS Modern Crossover AU by emingbeloved
To the past with Jiang Yanli and emingbeloved
An au fanfic of Modern!Wei Wuxian and Modern!Jiang Yanli 'transmigrated' back to the ancient China after the original Wei Wuxian and Jiang Yanli died. Wei Wuxian, also k...
A Different Kind of Immortal  by Poppy_the_Cat
A Different Kind of Immortal by Poppy_the_Cat
Wei Wuxian being himself and immortal and the cultivation world going insane because of him. And Lan Wangji is helplessly in love. The Yiling Laozu was only a legend in...
Game Of Death ✔ by Taes_gal
Game Of Death ✔by Chandu
Xiao Zhan, who looks like an ordinary guy with his handsome face and well defined body, has extraordinary skills, which no living human on this earth has. He can see Dea...
MDZS Memes by FanficsLittleDevil
MDZS Memesby maix
(COMPLETED) Mo Dao Zu Shi/The Untamed/Founder of Diabolism memes. All memes and pictures in this book are from google. I do not own anything. Does include some mature la...
Unsaid Love Story by Yizhan_97
Unsaid Love Storyby Yizhan_97
Wang Yibo has an obsession with Xiao Zhan, the lead singer of the band 'Twin Prides of Music'. His goal is to exact revenge on Jiang Zhuocheng, the brother of that omega...
Shooting Star [Never Let You Go, Again Book 2] by WangXianLovingLotus
Shooting Star [Never Let You Go, FieryPhoenix
Absolute darkness. Everywhere Wei Wuxian looked there was nothing but complete blackness. The one thing to light up the place was... himself. Deep in a dark abyss, he st...
The Things left Unsaid  by sillymlk
The Things left Unsaid by Trudy Roth
it's been 6 years since lan Zhan left wei ying, who now has 2 kids and struggles daily to make ends meet. Finally after going through a lot he decides to seek out his h...
Incorrect Quotes [ MDZS ] by 9U64638
Incorrect Quotes [ MDZS ]by 9U64638
source : pinterest art by : @ 师气的阡莫
The Wedding Planner | YiZhan by Endless_Infinity
The Wedding Planner | YiZhanby Recovering
Weddings always give Xiao Zhan the feeling of happiness. He can't help but feel elated when the wedding he planned and prepared always ends successfully. But sometimes...
Red Rose [Never Let You Go, Again Book 3] by WangXianLovingLotus
Red Rose [Never Let You Go, FieryPhoenix
"What's this, Wangji?" "A-Ying sent them, gege," Lan Wangji lifted the tag on the bouquet. Lan Qiang shook her head. "This is bad..." Lan...
The Untamed 2: Deranged Minds by Harini-Dissanayake
The Untamed 2: Deranged Mindsby
People were dying in mass numbers, and nobody could figure out why. Everyone is facing fear and confusion not knowing what they face. Wei Wu Xian is still away, roaming...
Savage Wolf, Lotus Heart [Never Let You Go, Again: Book 4] by WangXianLovingLotus
Savage Wolf, Lotus Heart [Never FieryPhoenix
Through the mercurial raindrops falling from the weeping heavens, shone a big and bright red Super Blood Wolf Moon, lighting up the bloody night with its bloody light. ...
My Lost Love | YiZhan  by Taes_gal
My Lost Love | YiZhan by Chandu
Ring... Ring... "Hello! " "Don't you think it's time for you to come back and claim what's yours?" The voice on the other line said. ...
Till the last breath (zhanyi) by Yizhan_BJYX9197
Till the last breath (zhanyi)by yizhan
A story about how two lonely hearts met and discovered themselves in each other But There is one thing which is stopping one of them from getting way too attached and de...
XZ1005- YIBO'S POSSESSION  by maxine_jung
XZ1005- YIBO'S POSSESSION by Miss Wei Ying
In Which Wang Yibo, the Genius Gender Confused Robotic Technician and Genetic Engineer invented his drop dead handsome robot named XZ1005 for his silly- love needs.
Follow the light《Zhanyi version》 by -DreamingFirefly-
Follow the light《Zhanyi version》by 白日梦
A life for a life . . . A human for a human . . . A promise for a promise . . . A prince for a princess . . . And at last . . . The agent for the assassin . . . Cover cr...
I Will Die In This Love by Yizhan_97
I Will Die In This Loveby Yizhan_97
The story revolves around Xiao Zhan, a physiotherapist. He is madly in love with his adopted family, so his sister takes advantage and sends him on a mission as an under...
NÁNHÁI by seokedchenqing
NÁNHÁIby nana
Nánhái (男孩) : Boy || YIZHAN + MPREG ✨ ➖ Having lived almost all of his life as an outcast, the 20-year-old Xiao Zhan had finally found home in the form of an 18-year-old...
Purple Disaster by Nymrhx11
Purple Disasterby Lavander Pink
*completed* " Dage I hope you live on. I always love you even before knowing who my Dage is." Said a lady who is lying bloody in Wei Wu Xian's arm. " Mei...