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My journey in the hoenn region remake! by SavannaMillerHamilto
My journey in the hoenn region Mega Charizard X Editz
This was my first fanfic, One day I was really bored and made an fanfic and I had fun and now I want to remake it. Anyways, This is a story of a young 14 year old girl n...
Pokemon With The Elite by TurtleGuy22
Pokemon With The Eliteby TurtleGuy22
COTE with pokemon obviously. All rights go to respective creators 🥇- May 🥇 - Horikita 7 - Pokemon 🥇 - Dawnberlitz 9 - purple 🥉- Charmander
Kiara Audrey Kaisor | The Kanto Region by GrayTs0
Kiara Audrey Kaisor | The Kanto GrayTs
Welcome to the enchanting world of Pokémon, where mysterious creatures abound, each brimming with unique secrets and abilities. In this fantastical realm, you'll encount...
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Hands of Creation by Namohysip
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Hands Namohysip
It started with getting stabbed. Later, mugged. Then, he forgets them both. Owen had lived a simple life with simple dreams, but an ancient conflict catches up with him...
Kim's Adventure In The Pokémon World ~Pokémon Fanfiction by KimberlyMcClure
Kim's Adventure In The Pokémon Kimberly McClure
A Pokémon fan fiction by: Kimberly McClure A new trainer Kim gets the adventure of her life when she starts her own Pokémon journey. New things happen along the way! Ne...
I'll Carve My Mark (Pokémon Series x Male Reader) [Kanto] by ImTired269
I'll Carve My Mark (Pokémon ImTired269
(Y/N) Ketchum, older brother of Ash and two time winner of the Indigo League takes his younger brother on his Pokèmon journey... Until they got attacked... by an angry f...
Alyssa's Adventures in the Kanto Region by dlgea02
Alyssa's Adventures in the Kanto Alissa Diaque
Alyssa is a popular girl at her school, but she hides a secret that no one knows: she is an obsessive Pokémon fan. In order to keep her secret, she chooses to harass the...
Pokémon Drawings by Potayoe
Pokémon Drawingsby Potayoe
Decided one day that I was going to draw a Pokémon a day/once a week starting from #0001 on the Pokédex (that being Bulbasaur). DON'T expect high quality art as I am not...
The Tale of Twins- Kanto Region by Orochimaru_Wife23
The Tale of Twins- Kanto Regionby Yumie Yashagoro
Two young twins Cody and Samantha Andrews embark on an adventure across the Kanto Region along with their starter Pokemon. Both are determined to achieve their dreams. o...
Starter Squad (With Pikachu) by Usapyon645
Starter Squad (With Pikachu)by Usapyon64
Follow Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle as they journey through the world of Pokémon on a quest for evolution.
A Puzzle To Solve ★Alain x Mystery Eeveelution! Reader by MakitaHorizon
A Puzzle To Solve ★Alain x Mikita
Alain seemed so emotionless that it was actually concerning you. Was his attitude from a bad past or was it just... Him? You wanted to solve this puzzle and you wouldn't...
Pokemon: Adventures of FireRed by NX_GALAXY
Pokemon: Adventures of FireRedby Ran
After the first devastating lost against a challenger named Ethan, Red decides to end his life by jumping off the cliff of Mount Silver, thinking that he has nothing lef...
Emily's Pokémon Journeys: Kanto  by Emily_Story_Books
Emily's Pokémon Journeys: Kanto by Emily _Creation
Come along and experience our first journey with a 13 year old teenage girl from Johto! Emily Stallion has always longed for her own Pokémon journey but set it aside an...
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Hands of Creation ~ The Final Chapters by Namohysip
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Hands Namohysip
A continuation of Hands of Creation, made solely because Wattpad does not support more than 200 chapters to one book. Follow the final chapters of Hands of Creation as e...
Pokemon Insurgence Hardcore Nuzlocke by Trishula97
Pokemon Insurgence Hardcore Trishula97
This is my telling of the story of my attempt of a Pokemon Insurgence Hardcore Nuzlocke. Will I succeed? Or will I fail? It's time to find out as I play one of the most...
The Pokemon Adoption Center!  by EeveeWings
The Pokemon Adoption Center! by Frostvee
{OPEN} Hello there! We are the Pokemon Adoption Center! Here we look for lost or abandoned pokemons and heal them. They can choose to leave, or stay so that they can ge...
Pokémon Mystery Dungeons: Paths Of Wonder (REMASTERED) by 501mario64
Pokémon Mystery Dungeons: Paths Axel the Axew
"MYSTERY DUNGEONS HAVE EXISTED FOR CENTURIES... BUT YOU CAN'T IMAGINE THE SECRETS BEHIND THEM..." A Human suddenly appears in a world that is not his own with...
Falsely Accused by GhostlyVIIVIIMMV
Falsely Accusedby GhostlyVIIVIIMMV
What happens when Ash is accused of stealing a pokemon at the beginning of his journey, by Professor oak of all people! See how this affects his journey and Not your typ...
Ash ketchum sister by typhomarangsparl1
Ash ketchum sisterby typhomarangsparl1
Lyra ketchum is ashes sister join her and her brother's journey in the alola region. Join lyra and her family have fun and make new friends and find new pokemon and help...