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Alexandra Oak and her Pokemon journey through Kanto by AlieAlejandra
Alexandra Oak and her Pokemon jour...by MonkeyDLuffy
Met Alexa a 10 year old who is about to embark on her very own Pokemon journey and experience the wonders of the world that her mother always told her about and her adve...
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Alolan Pokedex: 1-151 by DTerra17
Alolan Pokedex: 1-151by DTerra17
What if all of the original Pokemon were revealed to have Alolan Forms? Well, here is a Pokedex counting all numbers 1 through 151 in Alolan Form! ...
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Pokéspe: Los hijos de los Holders by LaJirafaVerde
Pokéspe: Los hijos de los Holdersby LaJirafaVerde
Muchos años después de las aventuras de los Pokédex Holders, ya casados y adultos, ahora les toca afrontar otra tarea: cuidar a sus hijos. Casi todos tienen una meta que...
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Pokédexes And Chemistry by kawaiiice
Pokédexes And Chemistryby rawr
Starting High School in a Pokémon world introduces a whole new array of mystery, excitement and confusion for Dawn Berlitz; but it's all in order to gain her PokèLicense...
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Pokédexes And Bonds  by kawaiiice
Pokédexes And Bonds by rawr
(Sequel to Pokédexes & Chemistry) Dawn's had her share of scars, too many in fact. It's time to uncover the secrets behind her family ties and get over the broken heart...
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Pokémon x Reader by Lil_Kawaii_Monster
Pokémon x Readerby ♧ ☬ Notre Poupée ☫ ♤
My 100th story I made on wattpad Oneshots* So this is gonna be a bit messy- This is a book on Pokémon and Pokedex.... Who cares! Let's make it happen!
Pokémon Adventures Cyan Chapter 1 by Lida-TPA
Pokémon Adventures Cyan Chapter 1by The Pixelated Author
Cyan Author of Pallet Town, an 11 year old girl with a stubborn and emotional personality, goes on an adventure throughout the Kanto Region with her Squirtle. She is joi...
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Poke- What?: The Guardian Trio by EuthymiusMalfoy
Poke- What?: The Guardian Trioby Euthie
Ever wondered what would happen if Arceus sent some pokemon on a mission of sorts? To OTHER WORLDS? Well that's just what happens to Shay the Shaymin, Darak the Darkrai...
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Mixing Colors {SpecialShipping} by Det3rmined_Writ3r
Mixing Colors {SpecialShipping}by Det3rmined_Writ3r
Red is a man that is destined to be the top Pokémon Trainer in all of Kanto, You could say that Red is a man of no words and is a person that shouldn't be angered since...
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The Four Kingdoms: Crystium adventures. (Pokémon fic) by Sexyjisung27
The Four Kingdoms: Crystium advent...by Lovely Jisung. ♥️
Julian, and his friends set off on a journey. Julian and his friends help him collect all the Crystiums first from the Kings and queens of the Four Kingdoms. Soon they w...
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Pokemon Adventures Cyan Chapter 2: "A Journey to Johto!" by Lida-TPA
Pokemon Adventures Cyan Chapter 2:...by The Pixelated Author
After much success in the Kanto region, Cyan Author, now a twelve year old, is travelling throughout the Johto region along with Ryan Stone, Emma Green and now Brent Bol...
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Pokédex - Eine neue Region [PAUSIERT] by Agent_Maumau7
Pokédex - Eine neue Region [PAUSIE...by Maumau7
,,Land! Land! LAAAAAAAAANNND!" Auf den Streifzügen einer nach Alola reisenden Truppe wird eine neue Region entdeckt, die ihre Entdecker prompt ,,Lorah" taufen...
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Pokedex by pirplepiggy
Pokedexby Aidan V
It is the poked ex, all pokemon will be listed on here
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Legendary Legacy (Pokémon) by Kidd_TheKing
Legendary Legacy (Pokémon)by Kidd Junior
Follow Adrian Johnson, your less-than-average 16 year old boy as he travels across the region of Johto, hoping to unravel the secrets behind the previously-thought-to-be...
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101 Weird Facts About... Pokemon! by PokemonMaster2403
101 Weird Facts About... Pokemon!by The Pokemon Master
101 strange things about pokemon!
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Gender Unown: A Pokemon Special Fanfic by desp-pons
Gender Unown: A Pokemon Special Fa...by kisa
Peridot and Topaz are ordered by their superiors to get a Pokedex and befriend the other Dex Holders, all while cross-dressing! They are also told to keep their identity...
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Pokemon North and South Pokedex by Fazlol
Pokemon North and South Pokedexby Fazlol
A little thing that Im making for my story ( and possibly game ). Contains 201 new pokemon and 50 offical pokemon ( with new enteries )
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Fanmade Pokemon Pokedex entries by Supersans5
Fanmade Pokemon Pokedex entriesby Supersans5
This is just my fanmade Pokemon and thier Pokedex entries
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Pokémon In The Wizarding World (A Pottermon FanFic) by KJBenson47
Pokémon In The Wizarding World (A...by A Gray Jedi
The Ministry is letting the Wizarding World have Pokemon after a few years that some of them started making their way from the Muggle World to the Wizarding World. What...
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