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All Tales must come to an end(Male Reader!) by Meep_2222
All Tales must come to an end( Snas_Stories
An Undertale Fanfiction (M!reader insert) A guy who treats life like its funny
All The Dead (Chara X Reader) by Shxnxng_Stxr
All The Dead (Chara X Reader)by y
"Psychotic tendencies..." As a child, Y/n L/n had a good life. She was always complimented for her h/c hair and e/c eyes. She had a loving little sister and a...
Undertale Oneshot(M!Reader oneshots) by Meep_2222
Undertale Oneshot(M!Reader Snas_Stories
Just you and some adorable Girls of the undertale I'll be concluding some female human sans
Red Eyes || ONESHOT || Male!Chara X Reader by haiIeyyy
Red Eyes || ONESHOT || Male! - ̗̀ hal ̖́-
// title picture does not belong to me \\ y/n gives chara a part of her soul before the monsters are freed... how will the humans react to the human with red ey...
Female Chara x Male Reader by yaboitekken
Female Chara x Male Readerby yaboitekken
Decided to just make a Chara story, so it's gonna be pretty dumb. This story is when you left the underground with everyone, INCLUDING CHARA, you don't have feelings fo...
I see the Love in Your Eyes Chara x Reader(EDITING) by Problem_Solution
I see the Love in Your Eyes I’m back~❤️
COMPLETED AND COMPLETELY EDITED Hello Chara shippers!! This is my first ever story do not judge.. Chara is also a boy and you is a female read and find out what happens...
Strength (Chara x OP Sans Reader) by LemoonStar2
Strength (Chara x OP Sans Reader)by LemoonStar
This will probably be bad, but I don't care, give me your feedback any I'll fix the mistakes. This is my first book, so have fun reading.
UNDERLOVE[Female Chara x Male Reader] by AlexLikesUndertale
UNDERLOVE[Female Chara x Male Alex
The last thing you see is yourself tripping and falling and falling. Probably shouldn't have ran to Mount Ebott or maybe just maybe it was meant to be. Now it's time to...
Storyshift Chara x male reader 18+ (discontinued) by Todoroki_Writes
Storyshift Chara x male reader Shoto
This is my first story please don't hate 0w0
Female Storyshift Chara x Male Reader by SS-Chara
Female Storyshift Chara x Male Cross Chara
This is my first story I've posted, so no hate, please. Also, even though the title says storyshift... It's not going to seem like that for the first part of the story...
undertale female chara and frisk x male reader  by aivertatad
undertale female chara and frisk sup bro
Basically this is my first story i ever made and get ready for the story And the art its not mine. Story Description This is not the original undertale au Asriel didn'...
Is This a Dating Sim? - Chara X Reader [Discontinued] by Akarinotion
Is This a Dating Sim? - Chara X A k a r i
(Y/n)(L/n). A girl who received an unknown email telling her to download the link of a "game". She didn't know what could happen.. Except maybe a broken laptop...
Chara x pacifist reader by emilyandalaina
Chara x pacifist readerby Emily
Believe it or not, I actually have never done the genocide route. I always go pacifist, so when I saw a comment about them not liking that they went genocide... I decide...
(Kara)Chara X Neko Reader X Frisk(Phrisk) by Germainhoe
(Kara)Chara X Neko Reader X Frisk( Germainhoe
An orphan child is bullied constantly by a small group of children, all because this poor little girl was a Neko. These bullies eventually try to kill the girl, causing...
True love in school~.  Chara x Reader by OldPage
True love in school~. Chara x Old account
This is a Chara x Reader book. It's a story line so if you have request then check out my book called Request PAGE. P.s Chara and the character you chose their character...
NewTimeLine (Chara x Reader) by Problem_Solution
NewTimeLine (Chara x Reader)by I’m back~❤️
Remember! Remember!! Y/n REMEMBER!! This is the second book to I see love in your eyes. Will you remember the lovely Chara aka your boyfriend? Find out
My Hartes Full of LOVE by The_Lonely_Waldo
My Hartes Full of LOVEby TheGreatPapyrus
Y/n was a kind and gentle soul until. Mom:-blood curtailing screen- You rush downstairs and see you father stabbing you mom repeatedly.. she had died infront you. He smi...
Stay Determined! (Chara X Male Reader) by Aki-no-Genesis
Stay Determined! (Chara X Male Aki-no-Genesis
Y/N L/N was your average civilian boy, slightly intelligent and has average physique. His story would have been boring, if not for the special gift he has. With his gift...
Chara x reader (Remake) by Steamtaco
Chara x reader (Remake)by Evan Wloszczyna
You have completed countless genocide runs, each one easier than the last. You do it for one simple reason to see HER, the demon, the killer, the potential friend. You'...
Do you remeber me MR.C? (Chara X reader by ChAra_VS_FrIsK
Do you remeber me MR.C? (Chara X Pretty Little Pyscho
You have fallen to the underground but you are a baby? Toriel finds you. You make friends with everyone but you had a another friend that no one knew but then you risk y...