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Bendy and the Ink Machine (rp) by NeetoCheeto
Bendy and the Ink Machine (rp)by Whomstd've
This is a book for a nice, detailed roleplay. I may be a little picky with the people I roleplay with, but only because I like to stay as close to canon or certain aus a...
Truly, Madly, Deeply (A Niall Horan Fanfiction) by coconutbanana0
Truly, Madly, Deeply (A Niall Maheen
A/N: this is my first fanfic so go easy on me! please let me know what you think! The story will be about a girl (Maheen), who has moved to london recently with her co...
I say Ms. B*tch is not Human!!... well neither am I by laranicole-lani
I say Ms. B*tch is not lara nicole
Oceanna is 18 and in charge of a whole race of people who can control the 4 elements. Her being the Queen means she is the most beautiful, sexiest woman on earth, at lea...
Creek Of the Blood by SarahJWeddington
Creek Of the Bloodby Sarah J. Weddington
Three friends walking down a street and only one survives
BTS FF TAEHYUNG || Did I loved u? by Jisooga
BTS FF TAEHYUNG || Did I loved u?by Jisoospiggy
A Girl named Choi Y/n was living at Canada for 2 months after living at Canada she came back to Seoul...Hes Bestfriend Taehyung was her crush since middle school..But Yo...
Forever Young by zara_bluee
Forever Youngby zara_bluee
"Forever young/ I wanna be forever young/ Do you really wanna live forever/Forever or never?" Erin, a girl stuck at 18 years old because of supernatural events...
Zindagi ,Ahsasat Aur Mian. by irhaafi
Zindagi ,Ahsasat Aur irhaafi
Zindagi ,Ahsasat Aur Main ka safar main mairi apni kahani ka wo khobsurat Hisa hain Jo dard aur kushi dono ka biayes banta ahraha hain . kuch hisoon ko apna andar dafan...
OMG! Are you stalking me? by laranicole-lani
OMG! Are you stalking me?by lara nicole
Rebecca Rocher is the badass heiress who just got back in track, after loosing so much and succumbing to drugs and alcohol she is finnally out of it all. However it all...
Updates by Artproductions200
Updatesby ArtProductions🌸
Hey guys! I'm here to give you updates on my series.
Dream Shot (Justin Bieber's story) by cony95
Dream Shot (Justin Bieber's story)by cony95
Nicole has always been a normal girl. She likes to dance, hanging out with friends, and do stuff teenagers like to do. But what happen when her bestfriend Kace force her...
When The Cold One meets The One. by merelyadreamer
When The Cold One meets The Kim
"I knew it was him from the way my heart couldn't carry a steady rhythm." Pero teka, sinong 'him' yun? Eh kung isang araw ay napaligiran ka na lang ng mga gods...
Love Has No Color by Irightbooks
Love Has No Colorby Irightbooks
Michael Clifford's new girlfriend is a bit insecure about herself.
Greatest Psion by fgopl1
Greatest Psionby fgopl
12 year old Bunpei is an amateur psion. One night, his mom is kidnapped by a strange group of hooded men. He learns that they are having a worldwide psionics tournament...
Come In With The Rain. by xTriinuBell
Come In With The triinu
Three girls get away from the miserable english weather for three weeks and spend a month of their summer in Crete. One of the main rules was to not fall in love, but ru...