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Mommy's Little Princess by DinoDye
Mommy's Little Princessby DinoDye
In a world a new, sub/dom is the new normal. When you turn 17 you get categorized as a sub/dom. And in these two groups you get put into a category, cg/l(caregiver/littl...
Mommy's little girl by agereboy
Mommy's little girlby Hayes
Hudson is little girl living with her mommy. Read to hear about her adventures
Little ones || cglre story by hospitalspit
Little ones || cglre storyby Megs
Two regressors finally get the life they dreamed of. Contains: -age regression - polyamorous relationships - girlxgirl - may contain smut (when the littles are not in h...
Littlespace ✨ by MaknaeMisfit
Littlespace ✨by ᴛɪɴʏ ʙᴀʙʏ
THIS IS NOT A KINK OR FETISH BOOK STOP ADDING THIS TO YOUR NSFW READING LISTS Just some little space and cute stuff from a fellow little 😄 . . . Highest rank #1 in Kawi...
Little land chatroom  by littlepeachprincess2
Little land chatroom by Tomato
Hello there humans! This chatroom is for people with a little space. This is a safe space for those who are apart of the LGBTQ+ Community also for those who feel like th...
Cgl/Petplay Chatroom! <3 by Satanssoftwife
Cgl/Petplay Chatroom! <3by 𝚆𝚑𝚘𝚛𝚎
this is a 13-21 chat room where you can find a little, pet, master, or daddy!
Ms Peters and I (student/teacher) (gxg) by FreyaDaniels
Ms Peters and I (student/teacher) Squishybubba
By the way guys, this book is British not American the legal age of consent is 16 here :) A story about 17 year old Ren and 21 year old Roselyn (Ms Peters) Ren is a d...
-.*BNHA Age Regression Oneshots*.- (discontinued) by KiriTodoBakuDeku_
-.*BNHA Age Regression Oneshots* ⛓theo🖤
please read! -- I don't take requests anymore :3 i'm not in the bnha fandom anymore, and starting to regress less, so it's made me not very interested in writing these...
sleepy baby - erasermic - littlespace (sfw) by edgy_rat
sleepy baby - erasermic - damion the demon <33
no ddlg/cgl/mdlg/abdl/ANY FORM OF KINK no smut a wholesome agere erasermic story :))) thank you for choosing to read my fic! Plz don't add this story to any ddlg/Cgl/md...
Be My Carebear by happilyhufflepufff
Be My Carebearby Christine Marie
19 year old Marie Watson is an age regressor. She is in her first year at college and is struggling in more ways than one. Follow Marie in her SFW agere journey in Be My...
Their Babygirl by ItzDanni_exe
Their Babygirlby Danni
Amelia Sanderson was a little who was dropped off by her mother when she got classified as a little. A kind couple show up and will she accept their love? Read the story...
ŁITŤLE LÏFÉ by krisisasin
Guide on the cglre dynamic and tips
daddy's babyboy by grumpybearprincex
daddy's babyboyby braylon
*AGE REGRESSION STORY 100% SFW* TRIGGER WARNING: mention of abuse. - Noah was abused as a child and has blocked out most of his childhood. So Noah uses age regression to...
🍼Age Regression🍼 by 000_003l
🍼Age Regression🍼by 000_003l
Hey littles and caregiver (or just curious people), this is 'age regression'. Facts about age regression and all you need to know, tips on how to be little, how to tell...
🌸Agere Stuffs🌸 by loveystuffiebabie
🌸Agere Stuffs🌸by lovey.stuffie.babie
DNI:nsfw/kink/hate/anti agere Hello! Welcome! This is a book about basics of age regression, some tips, and other stuff uwu. I'll also include things for agedre and pet...
Littlespace guide ? by KiddoLuna
Littlespace guide ?by Luna
welcome to my somewhat agere/cglre little space guide since I have been reading a ton of little space books so yeah. SFW stuff only and this is written by a underage age...
Bluey Coloring Pages by Tiny_Dino3
Bluey Coloring Pagesby Alex
Bluey Coloring Pages for littles/regressors or anyone else. Links and Websites under each sheet
Ageplay/CGL rp by yourfavv_aspen
Ageplay/CGL rpby >c< eeee!!
A rp that includes ageplay😫🫶
Questions for age regressors/dreamers, pet regressors/dreamers, and cgs/owners by Emo042
Questions for age regressors/ Ash
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