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Supernatural Finale Season 15 by destiel_xoxo
Supernatural Finale Season 15by Amy Winchester❤️
It's the end of the world! Sam and Dean are trapped in the bunker after an apocalyptic nuclear explosion and are desperately running out of oxygen. The fall-out radiatio...
The Winchester Sister (COMPLETED) by TooManyFandoms89
The Winchester Sister (COMPLETED)by TooManyFandoms89
The Best Hunters are Sam and Dean Winchester, right? They're known throughout the hunting community, throughout the demons, hell, throughout the angels. Because no one k...
Newborn (Destiel) by butcherbabe
Newborn (Destiel)by Emy the Fangirl
Dean and Cas are given a newborn baby "by God." But raising a kid isn't as easy as it seems...especially when you're a hunter and an angel of the Lord, living...
String and Cups (Destiel Highschool AU) by mellowgay
String and Cups (Destiel Oli
Castiel moves in next to the Winchesters, befriending Sam and Dean. Chalk on sidewalks and cups with strings, that was ten years ago. Highschool rolls around and Dean be...
The Mark on Us ( A Destiel Fanfic) by paige813
The Mark on Us ( A Destiel Fanfic)by paige813
Ever since Dean Winchester got the Mark of Cain on his arm, his world has been turned upside down. His humanity is slowly dwindling away from his grasp and something ent...
Just Another Love Story by wayward_princess
Just Another Love Storyby Wayward_princess
Dean and Castiel are juniors in high school. They're just friends until deeper feelings form. Destiel high school AU
Destiel One Shots by gray_mark
Destiel One Shotsby Gay Trash
Cute and fluffy. Or angsty and hot. Whatever floats your boat. I mainly post these as fillers for between stories or when I can't post normal chapters or I'm bored. Prom...
Dinner at 3 (Destiel AU) by ALLIgator666
Dinner at 3 (Destiel AU)by Alli
Castiel is a lonely depressed 15 year old, who believes that dating before you're 18 is the worst thing a teenager can do. He's also a writer and quite the character...
Anything For Dean Winchester  by aturner8907
Anything For Dean Winchester by aturner8907
Can the love Castiel has for Dean Winchester allow him to overcome the final judgement of The Council and God himself? Can Dean Winchester come to terms with his inner...
Body Swap by destiel_xoxo
Body Swapby Amy Winchester❤️
What would happen if Dean and Sam woke up one afternoon in each others bodies? After a confrontation with a witch the brothers suddenly become her newest victims.
Heaven by martypom
Heavenby martypom
Dean is in Heaven and finds out that Castiel is alive. He just hopes he gets the chance to tell the angel how he feels.
Destiel Oneshots by EmmaWriting
Destiel Oneshotsby Em
This is simply a book of Destiel oneshots. They aren't related to each other, so they don't have to be read in order. I might incorporate some Sabriel and Michifer, but...
Crisis on Infinite Earths by destiel_xoxo
Crisis on Infinite Earthsby Amy Winchester❤️
A portal mysteriously appears in the bunker leading Dean and Sam to the world that Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki call home. Team Free Will 3.0 must find a way to tra...
The Quaterback  || Destiel • AU • Highschool by TeamFreeWill-Impala
The Quaterback || Destiel • AU • that lame artist
Dean and Castiel are the two most popular guys in the highschool but they hate each other. One is a punk while the other one is the quaterback. They can hate each other...
This is 42 by waywardaquarius
This is 42by waywardaquarius
Happy 42nd Birthday, Dean Winchester *Inspired by fan art: L-a-m-o-N on I love prompts: I am happy to write SPN fan fiction/ficlets for you!
Demigods-Destiel AU by CasAngelOfThursdays
Demigods-Destiel AUby Castiel Novak
Zeus, a precise father. Castiel, an unknowing son, and Dean, the kid stuck in the middle. Join Dean and Cas on the adventure of a lifetime! \(^.^)/
Just One Night by waywardfangirl42
Just One Nightby waywardfangirl42
Sam, Dean, and Cas spend a night in a hotel room following a day of hunting. After spending too much time playing board games, Dean and Cas realize that they are closer...
Dear Castiel ♡ destiel fanfic by castealyogirl
Dear Castiel ♡ destiel fanficby Ella👼🏼
"I prayed to you Cas, every night!" A collection of the prayers Cas received from Dean in purgatory
~ the promise ~ by ThePoorAzarathian
~ the promise ~by ThePoorAzarathian
a short little destiel oneshot with an accompanying epilogue. - While Castiel holds on to what little he has left of Dean, he makes one last trip to the bunker, where s...