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Nova (Captain Jack Harkness) by Nikole596
Nova (Captain Jack Harkness)by Nikole596
The Doctor used to have a family, once upon a time on Gallifrey. He had a wife, children, grandchildren. He thought he lost them all after the time war. ...
  • donnanoble
  • doctorwho
  • marthajones
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Doctor Who Imagines by _Roleplay_Mom_
Doctor Who Imaginesby LOL
Closed for Requesting! Check out the other DW Imagine Book for imagines! :D
  • tardis
  • tenthdoctor
  • imagines
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The Last Royal by psychobaby1199
The Last Royalby psychobaby1199
Elizabeth Mae Tyler: Rose's adoptive sister... what happens when they meet a 900 year old alien and he takes them into time and space?
  • rorywilliams
  • missy
  • rosetyler
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No Way Out (A Doctor Who Fanfiction) by celestialasher
No Way Out (A Doctor Who Asher Shea Rose
Delta Cita is an important figure in the Doctor's past: his Gallifreyan wife. To the Doctor's knowledge, Cita had died many years before the Last Great Time War. In real...
  • gallifrey
  • themaster
  • donnanoble
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In Theory • Doctor Who by scifiphan
In Theory • Doctor Whoby ˗ˏˋ Teddii ˎˊ˗
❝In theory nothing is impossible, because if it was, I would have stopped listening as soon as you said time travelling police box❞ [PETE'S WORLD] • [POST DOOMSDAY]
  • twelfthdoctor
  • claraoswald
  • tenrose
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Janto One-Shots by DeanCasAndDestiel
Janto One-Shotsby The Archivist
A few Janto one-shots I've had for a bit. Requests are welcome! Definitely mature stuff later on *wink wink*
  • janto
  • jackharkness
  • childrenoftheearth
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Reunion one-shots between the Doctor and his companions by thewholocklover
Reunion one-shots between the thewholocklover
What would happen if Twelve met the Ponds, Donna meets Eleven, Eleven accidentally finds Rose, Jack discovers Twelve and many more reunions between the Doctor and his co...
  • rorywilliams
  • thedoctor
  • riversong
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Daughter of Torchwood (NO LONGER UPDATING) by thesonicrainboom
Daughter of Torchwood (NO LONGER Shy-Shy-the-Fangirl
Sarah has a pretty normal life she goes to school, she has friends but one problem she dosnt know her parents. she lives with her best friend quinn but what happens if f...
  • harkness
  • torchwood
  • jack
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Doctor Who Oneshots by AdrienneGilbert
Doctor Who Oneshotsby Adrienne Lorraine
I'll also be making these based off of requests, so feel free to comment with what you want! I'll likely end up doing only the ones that strongly catch my eye and insp...
  • whovian
  • tenthdoctor
  • readerx11thdoctor
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Time, Space, Demon's & Guns (Superwholock and Superwholock oneshots) by GLiTcH_GaMiNg
Time, Space, Demon's & Guns ( Dani
"What are you two?" "Who the hell are you lot?" "Calm down everyone." "You listen here woman!" "Shut it all of you." &q...
  • deanwinchester
  • asexual
  • superwholock
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Lost My Head || an Oslock story by SpacePrince9
Lost My Head || an Oslock storyby Elias
Hello, this story has like two chapters and I gave up on writing it so if you read it and like the idea go ahead and write your own version ! let me know about it so I c...
  • oslock
  • doctorwho
  • claraandsherlock
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11th Doctor/River Song (Doctor Who) Fan Fiction: I'll Always Be Yours (EDITED) by TimeladySophz3
11th Doctor/River Song (Doctor Sophz
This is to commemorate The 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. River And Eleven finally have a honeymoon! But...trouble, aliens and monsters lurk around every corner... Wi...
  • cybermen
  • jackharkness
  • katestewart
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The Time Witch by psychobaby1199
The Time Witchby psychobaby1199
CROSSOVER!!! Evangeline 'Eva' Evans was trying to be a normal Muggle teenager after the war. That all gets thrown out the window when a certain big eared, leather wearin...
  • weasley
  • ninthdoctor
  • hogwarts
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A Difficult Explanation (Broadchurch+Torchwood) by BarrowmansDoctor
A Difficult Explanation ( BarrowmansDoctor
Jack is on his usual adventure of hunting aliens, yet his journey brings him to Broadchurch where he witnesses the murder case of Danny Latimer begin. He feels the pain...
  • broadchurch
  • torchwood
  • mystery
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A Study In Scarlet (Wattys 2018) by Simonemma1
A Study In Scarlet (Wattys 2018)by Sierra
Killian is the Sherlock Holmes of the paranormal world. He can solve any case, crack any code. One day, he is presented with a puzzle. If left unsolved, it will brin...
  • mystery
  • crimsonaward
  • theelementawards
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A Blip in Time||Janto by meinthetardis
A Blip in Time||Jantoby e m i l y
When Ianto Jones looses his true love Liza, he tries to find love in Jack. All he feels is pain, suffering and evil, but Jack picks him up to make Ianto believe he can l...
  • jack
  • jones
  • captainjackharkness
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D. W. Character x Reader One Shots by loracat
D. W. Character x Reader One Shotsby loracat
These are some Doctor Who character x reader one shots. I hope you like them!! This is my first story on Wattpad so please don't hate it. I also want to say that the cha...
  • dw
  • master
  • doctor
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Merry Christmas Ianto Jones by MarvelousAndProud
Merry Christmas Ianto Jonesby ReichenbachHero
Janto short story! Fluff and plenty of sexual's Janto after all...some smut.
  • jackharkness
  • torchwood
  • fanfiction
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Out of Time-Doctor Who [Book 1] by GeeElspeth
Out of Time-Doctor Who [Book 1]by GeeElspeth
My name is Zo Parker. I am not a normal girl. I've traveled through time - seen the day the earth died and met Charles Dickens. I have been to new planets and space stat...
  • jackharkness
  • ninthdoctor
  • thedoctor
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He lives on//>// Torchwood Fanfic  by goldfishio
He lives on//>// Torchwood Fanfic by Fandom loving fish
"Mr. Jones, can you hear me? Demonstrate an understanding as response" a males unfamiliar voice called out for the pale figure known as Ianto Jones laying in f...
  • romance
  • jack
  • ianto
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