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Azize (Unfinished) by itzzmariann
Azize (Unfinished)by itzzmariann
A young nurse seeks revenge for the death of her parents. As she is in pursuit of this she finds unexpected love... will she avenge her parents, or will she follow her h...
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Aşk ve Gurur~ Love and Pride  by Pajarito1978
Aşk ve Gurur~ Love and Pride by Pajarito1978
A gender flipped mash up of Erkenci Kus and Pride and Prejudice.
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My Life. My Only One. by MaritzaSolanoLazar
My Life. My Only One.by MaritzaSolanoLazar
Sanem is the second daughter to a wealthy merchant. Soon she will be married to the governors son-as is customary with arranged marriages. Beautiful, innocent but stubbo...
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Erkenci Kus - Not just your average love story ❤️❤️Canem Forever ❤️❤️ by katerinapapas
Erkenci Kus - Not just your averag...by katerinapapas
The Real Story: Episode analysis, commentaries and point-of-view scene narratives for Erkenci Kus romantics. Dive into this critically acclaimed modern-day fairytale lov...
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Zalim Bir Aşk by meteorlaryagmuru
Zalim Bir Aşkby meteorlaryagmuru
Zalim İstanbul dizisinin Cemre-Cenk çifti için yazılmış tek bölümlük hikayeler...
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You'll Be Near by Adertily-Blue
You'll Be Nearby Adertily-Blue
A cute and fluffy domestic/pregnancy Canem fic. (This is my first time writing so please be kind) Sanem and Can have been married for a few months. They both want to arr...
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WATTPAD KAZANI by yazfirtinasi
WATTPAD KAZANIby yazfirtinasi
Kitap önerileri, Kitap eleştirileri, Hikaye tanıtımları, Fotoğraflar, Şarkı önerileri, Film/Dizi önerileri, Şiirler, Karakter önerileri, Eğlence, Sohbetler, İstediğiniz...
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Can Divit : "Erkenci Kus"/Early Bird by FanFictionByDR
Can Divit : "Erkenci Kus"/Early Bi...by FanFictionByDR
Erkenci Kuş is a rom-com-drama from Turkey. It surely packs a punch with the main leads & supporting cast, music & literature references, eccentric characters & great pl...
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Seeing you again  by sevdamturk
Seeing you again by sevdamturk
Can madly in love with this beautiful yet so naive woman, Sanem. They both were so much in love but the world was not ready to accept this extraordinary love story. But...
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Şarkılar Yarım Kalmamalı <3 by melodypondoctor
Şarkılar Yarım Kalmamalı <3by melodypondoctor
Sitcomda bile harcanan tarafta olmayı nasıl başarıyorum bilmiyorum ama...Nazlı ve Ergun'un aşk hikayesi o kadar güzeldi, o kadar güçlüydü ki mucizeler yaratıyordu.Modern...
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You Are My Home: ZeyMeh/ZeyDi Ficlets by cndyprfumegirl
You Are My Home: ZeyMeh/ZeyDi Ficl...by Candy Perfume Girl
Short, short stories inspired by Dogdugun Ev Kaderindir.
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Keske Moments by abbyivy93
Keske Momentsby abbyivy93
These will be a series of what if moments between Can and Sanem where the conversation could have ended differently.
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Moonstone by Pajarito1978
Moonstoneby Pajarito1978
An Erkenci Kuş /Hades & Persephone alternative retelling. AU, PNR
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I can't make you love me by KreativeTraveler
I can't make you love meby KMD
August 5/19 Update: I have added Part Two (previously published separately) to this story, and added a new part three from Can's POV. Original: With only two episodes of...
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The Letter by abbyivy93
The Letterby abbyivy93
This is a take on a letter Sanem would write to Can when he went to the Balkans.
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Selin and Demir, a modern fairy tail by meandme75
Selin and Demir, a modern fairy ta...by NotAWriter
A series of one-shots about Selin and Demir from Her Yerde Sen. I haven't seen a lot of fics about them in english yet, so here we go. If you read my EK fics, you know m...
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Music becomes words ; wangxian  by sleepywoonie
Music becomes words ; wangxian by ❁
❝ Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent ❞- Victor Hugo Lan Wangji plays because it is the only way for him to express h...
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Keske (If Only)... by IWriteByNight
Keske (If Only)...by Sarah
ErkenciKus: Picks up where episode 26 left off. With the lie hanging over her head, Sanem tries to come clean. But can she convince Can? Will fate have other plans? P.S...
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Kuzgun Season 2 Fanfic by angel_kiss5
Kuzgun Season 2 Fanficby angel_kiss5
This is about how I think season 2 of the Turkish show Kuzgun starts. I hope you will enjoy it. Waiting for your feedback with love. Please don't forget to vote if you l...
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Chance  by SanaKhan798
Chance by Sana Khan
This fanfic is based off of the episode 33 and ski trip episode that is coming up in Erkenci Kus...
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