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Erkenci Kuş: Broken Promises by TheWordsmythe
Erkenci Kuş: Broken Promisesby Anokachro
Snippets of alternate outcomes in the lives and enduring love story of Can Divit and Sanem Aydin. When I started out with this story, I only intended to loosely base the...
Comeback by FiorellaTola
Comebackby Fiory
What if Can didn't wait a full year to come back? What if he came back after only three months? What would he find waiting for him in Istanbul after three months away?
A love reborn from the ashes. by FiorellaTola
A love reborn from the ashes.by Fiory
What have Can and Sanem experienced in the year that their hearts have been apart? And now that fate has allowed their eyes to meet again and their souls to feel the str...
A chance to love again by FiorellaTola
A chance to love againby Fiory
Can is very disappointed and angry to find out that Sanem has sold her perfume to Fabbri, and is convinced that their relationship is over. Polen tries in every way to...
Sudden decisions by FiorellaTola
Sudden decisionsby Fiory
That moment of jealousy, the sudden decision to take her hand and drag her away from that party and that intrusive man, gave a completely unexpected course to my life an...
The albatross journey by FiorellaTola
The albatross journeyby Fiory
He is gone, Can is gone, and Sanem must learn to live his life without the one who had become the centre, the essence. Two souls hundreds of kilometres apart, lost but...
Always and forever by FiorellaTola
Always and foreverby Fiory
They have found each other again despite a year of separation, is it possible that Can now cannot find Sanem in her heart? How can Sanem accept that the love of his lif...
Two Broken Hearts by Kmontgomery54
Two Broken Heartsby kathy montgomery
Sanem will find out that Can did not leave for the Balkans and Can will find out the truth behind the Fabri contract. Are they going to be able to work through their he...
Can and Sanem, a love story by meandme75
Can and Sanem, a love storyby JustSomeoneWritingStuff
Can and Sanem are in love and so are we. Here are some small one-shots about this beautiful couple.
Moonstone by Pajarito1978
Moonstoneby Pajarito1978
An Erkenci Kuş /Hades & Persephone alternative retelling with wolves 🐺. AU, PNR
a Special Kind of Bird by Cyra2Cyra
a Special Kind of Birdby Cyra2Cyra
Sanem owns together with her sister Leyla, the Aydin Agency. They hire the handsome photographer Can, who finds out soon enough what a Special Kind of Bird, Sanem is! ...
✅Erkenci kus: Billionaires target(a can Yaman fanfic)✅ by Priya_sinha2003
✅Erkenci kus: Billionaires target(...by Amnna's Husband
Sanem Aydin is a girl who has the responsibility of her family from a young age. She is a girl who knows her limits and ethics. She is a girl who is happy with whatever...
Destiny's Kiss by Priya_sinha2003
Destiny's Kissby Amnna's Husband
His life was set until she stepped in...
Can and Sanem - What Should've Been by HayaAlHafez
Can and Sanem - What Should've Beenby Haya Al-Hafez
New Chapter 9: Episode 31 Review - Why I'm mad at Can Divit!! I am loving the Turkish show Erkenci Kuş. Can and Sanem are a couple that inspire a lot of creativity. Here...
Keske Moments by abbyivy93
Keske Momentsby abbyivy93
These will be a series of what if moments between Can and Sanem where the conversation could have ended differently.
Seeing you again  by sevdamturk
Seeing you again by sevdamturk
Can madly in love with this beautiful yet so naive woman, Sanem. They both were so much in love but the world was not ready to accept this extraordinary love story. But...
✅EREKENCI KUS: Realising what is love✅ by Priya_sinha2003
✅EREKENCI KUS: Realising what is l...by Amnna's Husband
'What i like i get it by hook or crook.' 'i will never come with you why don't you understand.' 'MUSHAD......go and catch her and remember not to break her bones....she...
The Reunion by MaryB1923
The Reunionby MaryB1923
2 years after the party and Sanem saying Can will never see her face again. AU.
Experience of a Lifetime (ON HOLD) by Cyra2Cyra
Experience of a Lifetime (ON HOLD)by Cyra2Cyra
THIS STORY IS ON HOLD! Demet Özdemir, a well-known dancer and actress and Can Yaman, a well-known lawyer and actor will be combined together to play the lead roles in Er...
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✅My contract love:Erekenci kus ff✅ by Priya_sinha2003
✅My contract love:Erekenci kus ff✅by Amnna's Husband
'I WANT A DIVORCE NOW.' sanem said. and she regretted those words when she looked at jan whose face was dark as hell. 'say it again and i will not hesitate to break you...