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First Love (Philidosia) by LittleHamlizaElams
First Love (Philidosia)by ♡
Philip Hamilton doesn't know much about Aaron Burr. Just knows that his father wants nothing to do with him. He also knows he has a daughter around his age, who Alexande...
  • romance
  • burrdosia
  • schuyler
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Only Fate (Hamliza soulmate AU) by LittleHamlizaElams
Only Fate (Hamliza soulmate AU)by ♡
Elizabeth Schuyler has always believed in fate. In a world where the last words of your soulmate are written on your body, the person she least expects it may be the one...
  • fanfiction
  • hamliza
  • eliza
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Hamilton One-Shots :D by LittleHamlizaElams
Hamilton One-Shots :Dby ♡
There are a lot of these, but I thought I might as well try it. Request whatever ship you want, I will do it whether I like it or not. Yeehaw. Okay, let's just do this.
  • burr
  • elams
  • philidosia
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Hamilton Reacts to Hamilton Ships (Short Hiatus) by Nights_And_Stars
Hamilton Reacts to Hamilton Ships...by Hunter FoxWood
Sweetheart.... Please... look at the title...
  • ships
  • burrcules
  • burria
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She's Mine. (Burrdosia) by LittleHamlizaElams
She's Mine. (Burrdosia)by ♡
Aaron Burr just started a new job where he meets a certain someone. The only problem is, she's dating his boss.
  • burrdosia
  • theodosia
  • andpeggy
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Six Wives (Hamilton AU) by Luci-Trash
Six Wives (Hamilton AU)by ~Malayna~
Eliza, Peggy, Angelica, Maria, Theodosia, Dolley
  • mariareynolds
  • peggyschuyler
  • hamilton
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ecstasy. || jeffmads by -prxncey_
ecstasy. || jeffmadsby 👑 Ř Ö M Å Ñ 👑
"What is this feeling?" he asked. "Ecstasy." I replied.
  • jamesmadison
  • elizabethschuyler
  • hamfanfic
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||hamilton ship opinions|| by alexanwhorehamilshit
||hamilton ship opinions||by 𝙗𝙞 𝙦𝙪𝙚𝙚𝙣 🖤
Just giving my opinions and thoughts on ships in hamilton ;)
  • washette
  • jamilton
  • lams
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Or Worse, Expelled - A Hamilton/Hogwarts AU by itsmaddyford
Or Worse, Expelled - A Hamilton/Ho...by justagirlwhowrites
Lams Mullette Burrdosia a Hamilton/Hogwarts crossover. praise for 'or worse, expelled' "OMG Harry Potter and Hamilton are my two freaking favourite things, this i...
  • hamiltonbroadway
  • hogwarts
  • slytherin
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[Lams] The Bite of a Vampire by ThunderingLight
[Lams] The Bite of a Vampireby Hailey
Alexander Hamilton had been a well trained vampire hunter for years, and although slip ups weren't uncommon, for the most part, he did his job well. Living with his boyf...
  • marliza
  • elizashuyler
  • lams
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An Ocean Away (A Hamliza short story) ~Completed~ by Luci-Trash
An Ocean Away (A Hamliza short sto...by ~Malayna~
Alexander and Eliza have been talking over the phone for awhile now. With Alexander living in the Caribbean and Eliza in New York its difficult to meet from the oceans d...
  • broadway
  • hamliza
  • musicals
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Modern Hamliza by nut_job16
Modern Hamlizaby nut_job16
Elizabeth Schuyler and her two sisters go to Albany High School. She part of drama club and is just about the nicest person you could ever meet. Alexander Hamilton and...
  • herculesmulligan
  • wattys2018
  • jeggy
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Secret Signs *||Lams||* by BabyRoseQuartz
Secret Signs *||Lams||*by 🐰🐰
The world was separated by Zodiac signs, there's a country for each sign and the law only allows you to fall in love with those with your Zodiac sign. Anybody else is fo...
  • alexander
  • wattys2018
  • burrdosia
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Hamilton Reacts To Hamilton  by Luci-Trash
Hamilton Reacts To Hamilton by ~Malayna~
Basically the title... I've always wanted to write one of these and I'll just post it if you want to read it. I'm writing this for FUN thank you :)
  • hamiltonreacts
  • alexanderhamilton
  • theatre
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Hamilton Oneshots by ElizaSchuylur
Hamilton Oneshotsby 💙~Mal~💙
Just random one-shots. Will probably not be updated that often. I'm sorry. Read my other Hamilton stuff! Warning: Lots of Hamliza because I'm me. Originally Eliza Ones...
  • hamliza
  • jeggy
  • thomgelica
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My Hamilton Ship Opinions by HELPplz666
My Hamilton Ship Opinionsby 🐢Izzy🐢
I Don't hate any of these ships but i would like to state my opinion. (Like it matters) I took inspiration of @Crystal_Creek and @Gleek-A-Licious so.. here we go
  • jeffmads
  • laurette
  • lams
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One-shots by Kittensrmylife123
One-shotsby ᵘʷᵘ
I'll be doing mostly Hamilton one-shots, but maybe I'll do a few Puckabrina and Jameden one-shots ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) It takes a while to think up of a scenario, so please be...
  • johnlaurens
  • lafayette
  • hamilton
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An Everlasting Curse - Jeggy- Hamilton Modern AU by ShutYourMouthHeather
An Everlasting Curse - Jeggy- Hami...by ♡Michelle♡
Ten friends play a mysterious game that unfortunately curses them. The two main characters John AnD pEgGy seem to form a close bond as they follow through the drama that...
  • burrdosia
  • aaronburrsir
  • hamilton
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Modern Hamliza 2 by nut_job16
Modern Hamliza 2by nut_job16
Sequel to Modern Hamliza. Read that first if you haven't yet. Now attending Columbia University, formally Kings College, the Hamsquad and friends are now living on their...
  • schuylersisters
  • johnlaurens
  • burrdosia
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