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French Fry {Completed}  by _ImNotDaredevil_
French Fry {Completed} by I’m trying
•Cover art not mine• Our favorite baguette, I mean Lafayette, moves to America on a scholarship for college. He notices the entrancing Irishman, Hercules Mulligan, as so...
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Hope for Our Ass After All by MotherCranberry
Hope for Our Ass After Allby im gay for jefferson
#3 in lams #1 in mullette #3 in jeffmads Some Lams, some Mullette, some random stuff in between, and some annoying assholes down the hall (who are obviously Jefferson...
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Grim - Mullette [COMPLETED] by Pale_Cas
Grim - Mullette [COMPLETED]by Casper
Lafayette wanted a fairy tale ending, someone to love and be with. Hercules wanted it not to storm. Well at least one of them got what they wanted that night.
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A Night At The Ballet (Lams) by lafayeet
A Night At The Ballet (Lams)by jewish grandpa
John is a twenty-five-year-old hard working single parent, raising his five-year-old son Phillip alone. He relies on a check from the government once a month to help him...
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Promise // Mullette  by determinelydepressed
Promise // Mullette by m :)
The two boys met as children in New Jersey and bonded immediately, until Laf had to go home to France. But what happens when after all those years, the two meet up again?
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Hamilton; The Group Chat by APHJeffersass
Hamilton; The Group Chatby ([∂]ω[∂])
A Crack! fic with just enough romance to keep you satisfied
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Hamilton X Pokemon by Kittywarrior0072
Hamilton X Pokemonby Kittywarrior0072
(I'm not good at descriptions-) Alex, someone who recently moved to Vaniville town (The starting town in Pokemon X and Y) with his pokemon Growlithe, decided he was goi...
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It all started with a play [Mullette/Lams] <DISCONTINUED> by LunaLikesToWrite
It all started with a play [ LunaTheAwkwardFangir
We all know how Laffy acts in most fanfics, yeah? He's typically sweet, quiet, gentle, etc. (which isn't too far off, historically). But, my head canon will not allow th...
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Paper Planes (Lams Soulmate AU) by Ziviestorm
Paper Planes (Lams Soulmate AU)by Jamieisgay
In a world where your spirit animal will deliver the letters you write to your soulmate. A high schooler by the name of John Laurens recieves a letter one night. "I...
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Dollhouse| Hamilton Fan fiction by LamsBaby
Dollhouse| Hamilton Fan fictionby 🤪Rat Boy🤪
John Laurens is going through... stuff. It all started when he had to hide his bruises with concealer. It escalated when John found a certain close friend attractive, an...
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A tale of two brothers; jamilton&mullette by sweetcreaturess
A tale of two brothers; jamilton& sweetcreaturess
Jamilton and Mullette College AU but Lafayette and Jefferson are half brothers. "Je ne veux pas grandir Thomas." "Je connais, Je connais." cove...
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I'm Yours(Lams College AU) by simplyhamilton
I'm Yours(Lams College AU)by Angelica Hamilton
John Laurens: A boy who has lived in South Carolina until he was ten. Homeschool until his senior year of high school. He was finally being enrolled at King's College a...
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Forever Yours by simplyhamilton
Forever Yoursby Angelica Hamilton
Sequel to I'm Yours Alex and John have just gotten married and are braving the real world. With the Squad by their side, can they manage to survive? Marriage, children...
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Laurens, That Would be Enough [✔️] // Lams by SmallFernBoi
Laurens, That Would be Enough [✔️] bi bitch
Alexander Hamilton is adopted by the Washingtons, along with Lafayette. They're both starting 10th grade, but for Alexander it's a brand new school. Lafayette's best fri...
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Speak Up // Lams  by determinelydepressed
Speak Up // Lams by m :)
John Laurens has lived in South Carolina all his life. So far, nothing has changed. His town is still filled with the homophobic, racist people he's always been surround...
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Stay Close [Hamilton Zombie AU] {COMPLETE} by _ImNotDaredevil_
Stay Close [Hamilton Zombie AU] { I’m trying
•cover art not mine• Short story "Love can still live beyond death, you just need to make sure you make an effort." Set in a Zombie AU, Hamilton and the rest o...
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Everything has changed...| Hamilton FanFiction by LamsBaby
Everything has changed...| 🤪Rat Boy🤪
YAS, MY CHILDREN, ANOTHER ONE OF THEMMMM!!! LAMS There is self-harm mentioned, but mostly fluffy!
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It's NOT just a Watch by Smol_Sassy_baguette
It's NOT just a Watchby BTS HO
Zoe may be addicted, to Hamilton of course. She gets a new watch and................ wait why are the founding fathers in my living room? Slow updates. Have patience wi...
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You Can't Trust A Human by NoxPastels
You Can't Trust A Humanby m i c h a e l
(I don't own the art) Humans and Merfolk aren't at all aloud to interact, due to two simple rules in the Merfolk Kingdom •No interacting with Man •No romantic relations...
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❤️⭐️Hamilton Smut⭐️❤️ by ouiouismesme
❤️⭐️Hamilton Smut⭐️❤️by ouiouismesme
Title is what it says. If you aren't interested, please do not read. MOSTLY GOING TO BE GAY AND KINKY BECAUSE WHY NOT (very kinky) Pls be nice to poor me :( jk do whate...
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