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The Haunted: Revelations (Sequel to Rebellion) by Insaneobesser777
The Haunted: Revelations (Sequel t...by Insaneobesser777
Herobrine was finally defeated after years of strife. They had made new friends and lost old ones, but no death was truly in vain. Drake was brought back and freed from...
"After The Haunted" by Wolf_Pride101
"After The Haunted"by ASHLEY へ(゜∇、°)へ
"The Haunted" has come to an end. Drake, Grayson, and Mia stood side by side to accomplish what others were too scared to do. But everything comes with a price...
Shattered (After Haunted Fanfiction) by Dreamcrafter45
Shattered (After Haunted Fanfictio...by #BandGeeks
After the battle in the Magical Library, Drake, Mia and Grayson each go their separate ways in the world, and start to live lives on their own. One day, many years later...
A Secret Not Meant To Surface  by FaithTremlin
A Secret Not Meant To Surface by Mehan Endernight
I haven't told drake and Mia everything about because of how much pain was done to me for this secret won't remain deep for vary much longer. Cover not mine!
Haunted AU:  A Tale of Two Ender's by MeghanClover
Haunted AU: A Tale of Two Ender'sby MeghanClover
Drake had received a letter of some kind, it spoke of an urgent "incident" that would require Drake's help, it said they would prefer only his help but Drake d...
WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?! [A Crossover Fic] by JaceLikesToWrite
WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?! [A Cro...by Sometimes, not 24/7
Suddenly, four figures jump out of the portal. The three adventurers shrieked and backed even farther from the portal. The four on the ground groaned in pain. One of the...
A Very Haunted Christmas by Dreamcrafter45
A Very Haunted Christmasby #BandGeeks
25 Days! The Haunted Crew is celebrating! They'll be in the real world, with a truce that no one can fight on this very special month! OCs are accepted! I want everyone...
"The Haunted" ships/one shots {extremely slow updates} by ImNotCoolAtAll
"The Haunted" ships/one shots {ext...by .-.
Yes. This is happening. Since I can't actually write a full story, ill take requests and ideas for hauntedships! Any characters from the haunted and fan characters
Rebellion (After the Haunted FF) by Insaneobesser777
Rebellion (After the Haunted FF)by Insaneobesser777
The trio went through their respective portals, but only one made it directly home. With Grayson assumed to be in hiding, the emperor has ordered his top assassin, Luke...
Reactions to The Haunted by TheRealLya200
Reactions to The Hauntedby Lya200
I am a notetaker. I won't deny that. I have decided that I am going to post my notes as The Haunted series goes along for all to see. Don't read unless if you want to be...
"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!!" Artbook by JaceLikesToWrite
"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!!" Art...by Sometimes, not 24/7
WARNING!!! THERE WILL BE VERY SPOILER-Y ART PIECES IN HERE BECAUSE I LITERALLY HAVE ZERO SELF-CONTROL!!! ------ Decided to finally make this book so that I can show off...
The Hunted by TheRealLya200
The Huntedby Lya200
"I've heard stories. Stories of a man who stole a country's most prized possession. Most people don't understand the importance of such an item. It's just an egg af...
The Haunted: Higher Education by Skylardove111Skylar
The Haunted: Higher Educationby RockinRobin111
Drake enrolls in the Marigold Mage College to pursue a prestigious education in magic. Hijinks ensue, battles are fought, lessons are learned, and friends are made. This...
The Empire's Revenge | THE HAUNTED FANFIC by CrumbOfACookie
The Empire's Revenge | THE HAUNTED...by Sebastian
I've been wanting to make a fanfiction about this FOREVER. The bad guys always seem to be my favorite characters.. *wink wink* This is just an AU where things seem to wo...
The Haunted Reader Insert by Enders_Hero
The Haunted Reader Insertby Enders_Hero
Hey guys Ender here and this is a special story. It involves my character Ender, The Haunted Crew, and you! Yes you! This story is where the readers soul passes through...
The Haunted One-shot Bin by KodiKat
The Haunted One-shot Binby KodiKat
Gah! I knew I was gonna make one of these, one way or another... This will be filled-to-the-brim with angst, fluffiness, stupidity, and seriousness alike! And who knows...
Beyond the portals (a gravity falls and the haunted crossover) by jammer817476
Beyond the portals (a gravity fall...by jammer817476
Remember Mia Drake and Grayson going into portals?What if that was part of Herobrine's plan?What if I told you that they ended up in Gravity falls? Heh you would think i...
Grayson and the tiny wings by FaithTremlin
Grayson and the tiny wingsby Mehan Endernight
i dont own cover someone made it and it belongs to them.
The Haunted by lilbeansage8
The Hauntedby Sage Acosta
This is a follow up sort of thing, I am starting on episode 13 of Rejectedshotgun's series called "The Haunted". Go watch it on YouTube its amazing! As of righ...