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Kim's chaotic family by KimVJk777
Kim's chaotic familyby KimVJk
Come and join the family of Kim. See how the Kim family spends the day, including the cool Dada Jin, strict Appa Joon, calm yoongi, overactive hobi, sensitive jimin, bra...
BTS Family - Family matters, NamJin by ChrissySixx
BTS Family - Family matters, NamJinby Chrissy
The story of how Namjoon starts a family with Jin and all those hardships and happy things that come along with that. Namjoon's the father of Yoongi (7), Hoseok (5) and...
Save Me ll NamJin ll BTS Family by Armyuniverse1992
Save Me ll NamJin ll BTS Familyby Supreme World 13
ll OnGoing - Started - 25.05.2024 to .......ll When two handsome single fathers cross their path What Happened? When all five troublemakers come together for the sake o...
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Appa??!!  by xxrmidxx
Appa??!! by xxrmidxx
When did I fuck up...... "APPA....HOBI'S PULLING MY HAIR AGAIN! OUCH" Where did it all go wrong..... "APPA JIMIN HYUNG ISNT SHARING!!!!" Why wasn't...
Happy Family 🥰(COMPLETED)  by Ruqaiyakhanum2
Happy Family 🥰(COMPLETED) by BANGTAN🤌
where three couples discover their journey after marriage SHIPS VMIN(MAIN SHIP) NAMJIN SOPE MPREG SMUT(NOT TO MUCH ) FEMBOY FAMILY DRAMA BABIES
Lord Of The Wolves by SheWasInLove
Lord Of The Wolvesby blonde locks
Prince Jungkook of Euphoria presents as an omega. (Completed)
OUR CHAOTIC FAMILY 💙 by Ruqaiyakhanum2
The adventures of the Kim-Min family with their extremely hot,cool and cute sons. Jump into the story to know more. baby jimin teen taehyung teen jungkook namjin sope mp...
The Kim's Thanksgiving by memorial_cake
The Kim's Thanksgivingby memorial_cake
The Kim's and their five children, find a special way to celebrate Thanks. A BTS, novel.
BTS Family Stories { Discontinued } by ilovearsonyes
BTS Family Stories { Discontinued }by roldy helium alabama rakusta...
Jin is an artist who loves nothing more than to sing. Namjoon is an underground rapper who earns money for a living. What happens if both of them cross paths? Yeah you'r...
Always With You | BTS (Kids) by acstorytime
Always With You | BTS (Kids)by ashsope
It's tiring, isn't it? To be strong all the time? I know you are hurting, I know you are in pain. But I also cannot tell you that you wouldn't be hurt anymore, or that y...
Joonie Daycare by bluegalaxywolf345
Joonie Daycareby |bluegalaxylollipop|
After unfortunate events, Namjoon is left to take care of the children. However, Namjoon has a job never spent that much time with the kids. Could he possibly take the...
Left out (Jk x Bts) ☑ by Itsto_osunny
Left out (Jk x Bts) ☑by Sunny
Jungkook is the youngest member in the family. Then its goes Taehyung, Jimin, Hoseok and Yoongi. Namjoon and Jin are the parents. What happened if Namjoon and Jin (the p...
Welcome to the Kims by ChrissySixx
Welcome to the Kimsby Chrissy
How the hell do you raise 5 little boys to proper men? And how in heaven do you survive all the trouble little kids love to cause? Those are the questions, Namjoon and S...
bangtan family by ikeeplosingmymind
bangtan familyby FUZZEH
mama Jin Appa Joon Adventures of BTS as a little family just trying to get by. PS, they're adorable. Disclaimer: it's a collection of what I write when I'm going thro...
The Family by kandhfics
The Familyby Once You K-Pop, You Can't K-S...
The life of the Bangtan Family: Appa Namjoon and Eomma Jin try to wrangle up their rambunctious kids, baby Jungkook and the infamous 95's, with the help of Uncle Hoseok...
Who said that siblings should only be full-blooded? Fated siblings also exist but what are we? Are we fated or blooded? THIS IS OUR STORY!! ____...
Cupid's💘Arrow by MistyLight13
Cupid's💘Arrowby Snow ❄️
This is a drama where KIM TRIPLETS (Tae, V ,taevin) and JEON TWINS (Jk ,gukk) , JIMIN(jeon's younger sibling) falls in love ❤️ with each other . How does love starts be...
Here are some recommended books of Jungkook centric Fanfiction and their author name..... these books only contains BTS brotherhood and brotherly love and platoni...
It's you, it's always you by hoseokblessing
It's you, it's always youby taegguk
Jin, a single father with 4 children who fall in love with a guy named Kim Namjoon . It must be really frustrating for Jin to take care of his own children after his hus...