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Swimming in his blue eyes by Stargazers00
Swimming in his blue eyesby Stargazers00
When Susannah looses her brother in a horrific surfing accident in Corona,California, she decides to go back to Ireland to apply for a working visa in Australia. On her...
New Beginnings | A Bondi Rescue Fanfic by austania20
New Beginnings | A Bondi Rescue austania20
All 17 year old Tania Mak wants is to be relieved of the heavy expectations placed upon her. With a little bit of love, thrilling adventures, and the boys in blue by her...
Opportunity of a Lifetime by jhorses
Opportunity of a Lifetimeby Jennifer
Jennifer, a sixteen year old girl from the Chicago suburbs, wants to become a Bondi lifeguard. She has to learn how to manage her job and school. This is her journey o...
A run for his money. by MaddsWinston
A run for his Madds...Winston
Fourteen-year-old Harper 'Hoppy' Marie Carroll is about to give her dad Anthony 'Harries' Carroll a run for his money in the lifeguarding world. OC- Harper Marie Carrol...
WUTHERING HEIGHTS - EMILY BRONTE (English Version) - Đồi Gió Hú - 呼啸山庄 by jennii_nm
Phiên bản tiếng Anh của truyện Đồi Gió Hú. ENGLISH VERSION OF WUTHERING HIEGHTS
The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte by lostinlettersmovt
The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Lost In Letters
Gilbert Markham is fascinated by Helen Graham, the beautiful and enigmatic woman who has recently moved into Wildfell Hall. He is swift to befriend her and steadfastly r...
FEARFUL (A bondi Rescue Fanfic) by Teishx
FEARFUL (A bondi Rescue Fanfic)by Teishx
Fearful ; All good things must come to an end. But once they end, would the horror actually end? The horror of the rumours that might one day become found to be true.
Bondi Girl (Writing on Hold) by ABCamean3
Bondi Girl (Writing on Hold)by Heeeey
Ruby is a girl from another world. After running away from her problems, she meets the Lifeguards and starts a relationship. But will it all come crashing down once they...
Deliverance : an adaption of Jane Eyre by lopendvuur
Deliverance : an adaption of Lopend Vuur
This is one of those 'what if' adaptations. I've always wondered why Mr Rochester had to be broken so thoroughly before he could be happy with Jane Eyre. What if she had...
Wuthering Heights by Lamble13
Wuthering Heightsby Lamble13
I am Heathcliff - He's always, always in my mind - not as a pleasure. any more than I am always a pleasure to myself - but as my own being.
JANE by SaffronSun
JANEby SaffronSun
When Jane takes a summer job as a nanny to a rich, handsome and mysterious man, her life changes in ways she'd never imagined. This is a modern teen reimagining of Cha...
Councillor Moonlark by Project_Lodestar
Councillor Moonlarkby L0destar
Today. The day she becomes a Councillor. This is the first time she has seen the Lost Cities truly at peace. She has lived here for over six years. AKA: Sophie and her f...
Council's Splotching Match by Biana772Vacker
Council's Splotching Matchby Biana772Vacker
In Lodestar, the Council claimed they had a splotching match to see who's the best at telekinesis. As Emery said in book 5, "We had our own Splotching match of sort...
When We Shed Civilization by RainerSalt
When We Shed Civilizationby RainerSalt
[Wattpad Editors' Choice] In a dystopian future, Beth is to marry a man she has just met. And Leo seeks revenge for his wife's murder. They start off as enemies. ---- De...
Jane Rochester: The Sequel by gchgal
Jane Rochester: The Sequelby Grace
The first ten years of Jane's happily married life to Edward Rochester.
Wuthering Heights✔ by Adonis_Oswald
Wuthering Heights✔by James Azus
* Content: Wuthering Heights, Classic tale of unrequited love and possessive ambition, intense and mysterious novel about Catherine Earnshaw, the rebellious daughter of...
Kensington Manor by aeallen
Kensington Manorby A.E. Allen
In an attempt to delay marriage, Violet Kensington escapes the grand Sussex manor and visits her aunt in London. It is during the long carriage ride where she first set...
Tales of the Kotlc Council by LinhSong2020
Tales of the Kotlc Councilby Linh Hai Song
Have you ever wondered what the Councillors do in their spare time? I mean, we all know what they act like on the outside, all of that united front thing. But what abou...
'Mary Barton' by Elizabeth Gaskell by LivConnelly
'Mary Barton' by Elizabeth Gaskellby Liv Connelly
''Mary Barton' is the first novel by English author Elizabeth Gaskell, published in 1848. The story is set in the English city of Manchester between 1839 and 1842, and d...
Bondi's Angel (sequel to Opportunity of a Lifetime) by jhorses
Bondi's Angel (sequel to Jennifer
What if Jennifer's death was just a nightmare? Eighteen-year-old Jennifer aka Angel is now a full-fledged Bondi lifeguard. Jennifer patrols Bondi with the boys in blue...