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Until Death Do Us Apart.......🖤  by krisha_sehgal
Until Death Do Us Apart.......🖤 by krisha_sehgal
" मैंने ये हिजाब तेरा ढूँढा, हर जगह शवाब तेरा ढूँढा कलियों से मिसाल तेरी पूछी, फूलों में जवाब तेरा ढूँढा " When the night will be dark, when the road seems em...
I'm Here to Fix You - Broken Souls Series #2 by TheWritingWolf1
I'm Here to Fix You - Broken Artemis Watson
Hi, my name's Jake Watson. I'm 28 years old, male. Dirty blonde hair, hazel-green eyes, six foot four tall, 180 pounds more or less. I'm an overly privileged white spo...
Broken 💔 by worldofstories200
Broken 💔by World of Stories
Story based on p.s in fabroid removal incident. This incident broke raavi to the hell. She went to a trauma and became a lifeless body after that incident. Will she ever...
-Another Chance- [A taekook ff - completed] by lostintheworldof7bts
-Another Chance- [A taekook ff - DoyouknowBTS@7
"Love what is love it has many different definitions but for me its just simply you taehyung.." He held me in his arms so close that i could hear his racing he...
the broken deaf soul by ThatOneCringeGirl
the broken deaf soulby ThatOneCringeGirl matter how much error tries, all he can hear is his own thoughts, and a painful ringing one knows hes broken, but what will happen when they find o...
KEESH -The story of two broken souls (Completed ✔️) by _avantika_n
KEESH -The story of two broken _avantika_n
Rating #1 in rishi (11/5/18) Rating #26 in romance (24/6/18) Rating #3 in yrkkh. (11/05/18) KEERTI GOENKA❤️- Daughter of Manish and Suwarna Goenka NAKSH SINGHANIYA❤️- S...
Anuseena Broken Love 1 💔 by maheee31
Anuseena Broken Love 1 💔by mahe
Anubhav- Dsp Haseena - Sho karishma- Si pushpa - head constable cheetah - constable santosh - constable Other characters keep coming according to the story.. Its a l...
🤍 DEAR LOVE 🤍 by starbarsha
A girl with broken heart, who has a past, away from her father and lives with her friend works in a private company in Parish and a boy, medical student, lives with his...
Crumble Innocence by Bucky_Tarlos
Crumble Innocenceby Bucky Tarlos
Mitchell is on leave for a few days and Carlos meets a new patrol partner. Jenkins doesn't seem like a bad guy but apparently there's a lot about Carlos he doesn't like...
The Bad Boy Tamed Me by Gwen123loveBTS
The Bad Boy Tamed Meby Gwen123loveBTS
Ashley Jenson is a broken soul. She has been through awful shit. Her mother is dead and her dad is in prison. Her uncle takes her to Jacksonville to have a new start, th...
Anuseena Broken Love 2 ❤️❤️ by maheee31
Anuseena Broken Love 2 ❤️❤️by mahe
Uh must read Anuseena Broken Love 1 to understand this story as it is the continuation of that.. So do read that before reading this... 😊😊
Loving The Broken✓ by aishatu_humairah
Loving The Broken✓by mindful pen
Dreams Shattered, Ways blocked, hope lost, Everything comes crashing down. Painful past, hard present, an unknown dimension for the future, Her name is Hauwa Kulu Jid...
Faithful Memories (TS2) by czairinaleah
Faithful Memories (TS2)by czairinaleah
A broken promise of forever... A painful love that seeks happiness... A man who lost himself when he lost the woman he loved... How would Frankie Hashley move forward i...
Broken| Akumatised Adrien Fanfic by EllieDoesStuff
Broken| Akumatised Adrien Fanficby Ellie Gregory
It's the anniversary of his mothers disappearance, which his father forgets and seems to care nothing about, and his friends are being secretive and busy to themselves...
ArShi SS : Forbidden Desire ✔️ [Major Editing] by KoeliDalmiya
ArShi SS : Forbidden Desire ✔️ [ Koeli Mitter (Appy)
#69 in Forbidden (24/07/2018) #65 in broken She loved him since her childhood but he despises of her since then. How do you feel when you love the person who doesn't lo...
Chasing Destiny by Islaha94
Chasing Destinyby Islaha94
Marriage is one of the biggest decision one will ever make in life..and especially for a young girl in her earliest twenties..what happens when the twenty-three year old...
From The Inside by directionerAsh19
From The Insideby Amna Khalid
hiding behind a mask
Meant to be together 💕 by maheee31
Meant to be together 💕by mahe
This will not be a single story, in this their will be different different stories but it will be of our favourite anuseena only... i hope uh would enjoy this too... 😊😊
"Strange Zindagi" by TheAngelicDeath
"Strange Zindagi"by Sagarika Saha
In this story, Chapter 13 onwards every chapter is private . Follow me to read the story ahead :) ..This is a story of a girl who once cared way too much about everyone...
love at first sight  by shree_sam
love at first sight by sam_shree
This is my first story here on my lovely couple💕💕💕💕💕 MANAN😘😘😘😘😘