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Dragons Rising ✔️ by Silverfstreak
Dragons Rising ✔️by Silvana F. Streak
To wizards and mind readers, shapeshifters are disposable. The only way to prove that a shapeshifter is worth more than the dirt on their shoes is to become a dragon rid...
Everywhere||DP by Cartara
Everywhere||DPby Carmen
After having saved Amity Park many times now, 17-year-old Danny Fenton thinks he finally has his life back on track. Despite the increase of ghosts attacking, school has...
Mean Girls by sorryarewefriends
Mean Girlsby Teni_fvcking_lovesYOU
Bitchy Mean Sassy Undeniably beautiful Those are the words you could use to describe Monica Montgomery. In other words,she's a mean girl who will stop at nothing to ge...
LOVE&FAMILY by AlYahya25
WARNING: Terrible ML and ending. This is the normal cliché but with lots of plot twists and secrets. And if you have read GONE and here no more, you know that I am full...
Melanin Queen  by _Latiyaa
Melanin Queen by Latiyaa
"Your not a black girl, you're a melanin queen."
Hypnotic Violin by DinaSherif483
Hypnotic Violinby Dina Sherif
In a town there is a murder they call him the master of violin. He hypnotizes people by the evil violin and then kill them or become a slave to him, a violin that nobod...
The Legend of Voden: The Rise of the Hollow by Vodenthehollow
The Legend of Voden: The Rise of Darkbane
Voden's the worst at living as a normal dragon. He would be one if it wasn't for the Celestials' idea to gift him colorless and lackluster scales. Every dragon in Aurani...
Dragonriders: Book 1 by Gugus4682
Dragonriders: Book 1by Gugus
Owyn Calder has always dreamed of becoming a dragonrider. But only registered children can visit tamed dragons to pass the test. Kids with unknown birthdays have to find...
Is it too late? by Mini_Peppermint
Is it too late?by Mini
It's easy to watch people leave. It's hard to watch them leave when they said they wouldn't. At least that's what Gabrielle thought: her whole world crashed after one n...
Letters To My Enemy by Paulad_Prism
Letters To My Enemyby Paulad_Prism
These are pieces of expressions from a broken heart. To whom it may concern. [Completed]
Dragon's Nest ✔️ by Silverfstreak
Dragon's Nest ✔️by Silvana F. Streak
As a dragon whisperer, Rae always felt out of place with her human family. Her sisters wore dresses. She wore trousers. They pined after boys. She pined after freedom. A...
Star Wars Legends: Scattered Lights (CANCELLED) by Wannabe_Scholar2
Star Wars Legends: Scattered Wannabe_Scholar2
Almost a decade after the Empire's defeat at Endor, the Jedi Knights have taken their roles as guardians under Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. The Rebel Alliance, now the Ne...
"The Hopeful Blast" by MartiniHillary
"The Hopeful Blast"by Martini Hillary
This is my first try to have English Story... I hope everyone likes it though I am cautious with the structure of English construction. I have done my own editing and...
Poems by ballerina298
Poemsby Lila T.
A book of poetry that describes how I feel at the time of the poems. Starting with my poem: Alone, I feel like this book can help people realize that others have some of...
Coffee Drip by endolia
Coffee Dripby Squire
poetry to fuel your day [Ranked #77 in Poetry] cover by @sarcastics hashtag rankings: #1 in Villanelle 5/18/18
Bookfunreaders Awards 2019 by BookfunreadersAward
Bookfunreaders Awards 2019by BookFunReaders
We exist to help enrich the Wattpad Community through reaching out to authors, with the intent of advising & improving; and being a team that encourages reading within t...
A Part of Everyone || Wattys 2019 by MiyaC1
A Part of Everyone || Wattys 2019by Miya C.
| Prose Poetry | 1st Place in The Butterfly Awards 🦋 | 1st Place in Piggyback Summer Awards 🌺 | 2nd Place in Blue Rose Awards 🌹| 2nd Place in The Rose Awards 🥀 | Hon...
Lost in Labyrinth  by souldreamauthor
Lost in Labyrinth by Urja Goswami
In labyrinth of love we often loose ourselves.. A few stories in poetics those who got lost.. In labyrinth..
The speed of mind by CTRLXI
The speed of mindby <3
Becoming a hero...the hard way It all started with a cup of orange juice. Actually it started with a lightning and another and one more. That's how it started. A girl n...