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Stay With Me by Lady_Lilianna
Stay With Meby Lady_Lilianna
Vanessa Stevens, after years of hard work, has finally perfected her time travel device to stop the deaths of Pelle Ohlin and Euronymous and to warn them about Varg. Dea...
Do Unto Others; by WillGraaham
Do Unto Others;by Wɪʟʟ Gʀᴀʜᴀᴍ
Euronymous has plans to murder Varg Vikernes, Meanwhile, Varg makes an attempt to save his friend Dead from his suicidal tendencies. Do either of these things happen...
List of true black metal bands by Norwegianblackmetal
List of true black metal bandsby Norwegianblackmetal
A list of the best real, true underground black metal bands with a raw sound and real satanic lyrics. I'll add to this list when I find new bands.
Euronymous X Lars (TW: Kinky) by Unkownuniorn
Euronymous X Lars (TW: Kinky)by lithium
Lars caught Euro's eyes at a strip club, at that time they were both closeted homosexuals. Euro walked over to introduce himself, but later Lars is exploring Euro's deep...
Vita Varg by Niiccoolej
Vita Vargby N I C O L E
Äntligen efter 10 år träffas Livia och Viggo varandra precis som Viggo hade lovat. Men Livias attityd hade blivit mer kall mer som om hon hade sitt hjärta krossat. Och v...
Dödens Trygghet by Theunnormal
Dödens Trygghetby Julie Focke
Jag tänker inte spoila för mycket men kan säga att om du gillar mysteriösa historier och böcker så borde du ge denna ett försök. En text med lagom mycket spänning och my...
Våran art by ljushus123
Våran artby ljushus123
Våran art vi är lite annorlunda vi blev utslängda från våran flock jag önskar att vi kunde va normala
La Belle au Bois Dormant by ForeverWonderingHow
La Belle au Bois Dormantby FireFLY
(Cinderella Phenomenon does not belong to me! It belongs to Dicesuki. This is only a fanfiction. Cover by @DivinityinPhantoms!) Four years after the end of the Great War...
Lost Girl by unicorn383
Lost Girlby unicorn383
Lilly Baker är 16 år och lever ett helt normalt tonårsliv, är med vänner, pluggar och ja bara som en vanlig tonåring. men på sin 17 års dag förändras allt...
Vargen som var själv  by thewolf0906
Vargen som var själv by thewolf0906
En varg som heter Astrid är ensam och vet inte hur hon ska klara sitt liv
A wolfs diary by SnowWraith04
A wolfs diaryby ⭐
Rose and her clan, the Good Side, constantly fights the Bad Side, the other clan. Who is gonna win the fight?
Wonderland  by RedtheRider
Wonderland by ☾ Emily ☽
In which a girl is cursed to madness, and must save her twin, a princess and her kingdom from an untimely end, at the same time as she's falling for a boy with a curse o...
Wizards vs Aliens: The Wasa Mana Amulet by NeversideFaerie
Wizards vs Aliens: The Wasa Mana NeversideFaerie
What on earth is Tom Clarke doing in the Fijian Archipelago for? You can be certain the Nekross have something to do with it... Set during mid series two.
A Mindful Heart by Wolfheart906
A Mindful Heartby Alaxie WolfHeart
The story of an rugged warrior who has fought in many battles; both emotional, and physical. This story reflects deep emotional meaning in my own life.