The Senses [Randy Cunningham X Reader] by ChillzieGamxz31
The Senses [Randy Cunningham X Rea...by ChillzieDahPotato
Y/N Had a wonderful past! She grew up with her mother, and never wished more. As time flies by.... She became a 9th Grader. Which things get a bit more... Intense than s...
  • cunningham
  • action
  • rc9gn
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Ambrollins by kellinshats
Ambrollinsby luna
"You're all I have left"
  • rollins
  • dean
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The Ninja And The Assassin (Randy Cunningham X Reader) by AwksomeGirl789
The Ninja And The Assassin (Randy...by That Girl
You were a new girl at Norrisville High. You hoped that someone could be friends with you cause ever since Grade school you were kinda a loner. Why? Cause you were a Pro...
  • romance
  • theresa
  • justwriteit
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Reacting To Outsiders Photos  by Diamond_Mist
Reacting To Outsiders Photos by DiamondMist
I find funny photos and show the gangs thoughts. This is gonna be Awesome. If you find a photo, get it to me somehow. Thanks All rights to SE Hinton!!!!!!
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down in the dm | dolph ziggler by baby_lunaticfringe
down in the dm | dolph zigglerby Møxley Gal
' who'd think Dolph Ziggler like a black girl, let alone be in my dms. ' Your favorite show off is now secretly dm-ing one of Instagrams' most beautiful models, what wi...
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Never Been Better (Randy Cunningham x reader) (Also on Quotev) by DimensionOutsider
Never Been Better (Randy Cunningha...by K.DimensionOutsider
''Sometimes, the closest people we have are the first ones who will betray us in the end...'' Reader and Randy, rivals? yeah you heard it right. But never knew that thei...
  • rc9gn
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Just Passing By (Reader X Randy Cunningham) by AwksomeGirl789
Just Passing By (Reader X Randy Cu...by That Girl
For a long time YOU have been wishing for a season three... And hoped you could escape reality for awhile and felt what it would be like to be on a particular show... Bu...
  • girl
  • mysterious
  • alternateuniverse
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Missing: Jeffrey Woods (Under Editing) by like_dislike
Missing: Jeffrey Woods (Under Edit...by Sumire/ Mire-neechan
(Y/N) (L/N) is loosing her mind thinking about her boyfriend, Jeffrey Woods, who's been missing. He moved out of town out of his parents' decision and they had a long di...
  • jeffrey
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You Know You Want Me by Rellylover123
You Know You Want Meby Rellylover123
  • maryse
  • john
  • fanfiction
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The babysitter's a Vampire (Completed) by CoDZombieSLayer94
The babysitter's a Vampire (Comple...by Jewel
Carla Wilson is a 17 year old girl. She has a pretty average life until...one night her mom has to go away on a trip A new babysitter is coming to watch over Carla and C...
  • lavender
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MY DEVIL PARENT' S ( REVISI )  by sweetheartprince
MY DEVIL PARENT' S ( REVISI ) by S.Anggraini
ada anak yg bernama chintia yg merupakan anak 2 dari pasangan artis yg lagi naik daun yaitu aliando syarief dan prilly latuconsina. hingga chintia bertemu dengan seorang...
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Randy and the barbarian [randy Cunningham X reader] by write-the-pain-away
Randy and the barbarian [randy Cun...by Moved to yissy_
Randy Cunningham X reader Based on Beauty and the Beast
  • readerinsert
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  • rc9gn
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My WWE Story (Randy Orton) (WWE) by rkosbalor
My WWE Story (Randy Orton) (WWE)by Blissful
BOOK 1 Sam becomes a WWE Diva and gets in a relationship with Randy Orton. Her bestfriend AJ Lee is always there for her with her boyfriend CM Punk. Problems come to Ran...
  • randy
  • lee
  • love
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✭randy cυnnιngнaм х reader oneѕнoтѕ✭ by -Ghosting-
✭randy cυnnιngнaм х reader oneѕнoт...by ᎪᏚᎻ ᎷᎪᎻᏆNᎪ
❤︎I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure a...
  • short
  • randycunning
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One Shots - WWE Edition by Kyoko124
One Shots - WWE Editionby Kyoko Maruyama
Short stories all about the WWE and the beautiful people who work there. ❤ Please feel free to request anything. Pairings can be F/M, F/F or M/M. All I ask is please no...
  • rose
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A to Z Poetry by openadoor34
A to Z Poetryby openadoor34
Twenty six poems, each one representing a different letter of the alphabet. A Wattpad featured book! Big thanks to @BobJan70 for making the beautiful cover!
  • wristwatch
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  • humor
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Wade Barret love story by RomanLover5-25
Wade Barret love storyby RomanLover
  • wadebarrett
  • channingtatum
  • roman
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The vipers love by kelliegirl98
The vipers loveby Kellie
Megan is new to The WWE , what happens when she gets put into a storyline with randy Orton , does she hate him or does she fall in love with him
  • wwesmackdown
  • wrestling
  • wwesuperstars
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His Intern (Nerd got hot:Neth$ by slayerWWE
It's Called True Love [Randy Cunningham x Reader] by TatoTheDestroyer
It's Called True Love [Randy Cunni...by Chelle (Tato)
Your name is (name) (lastname), and you've recently joined a student exchange program. Your parents make you go to Norrisville, since your dad grew up there. Moving from...
  • xreader
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