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Chasing Dreams|Randy|Roadtrip [Editing💞] by awkwardroadie
Chasing Dreams|Randy|Roadtrip [Edi...by Daisy ✨
"Guess we're both just hopelessly chasing dreams about our crushes, aren't we?" "Yeah, I guess we are" But what if the dreams aren't so hopeless af...
  • harveycantwell
  • roadtrip
  • brooklynwyatt
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Our Universe {SEQUEL TO A LIE CAUSED BY LOVE} by aniandaylin
Our Universe {SEQUEL TO A LIE CAUS...by Ani B. (roadie4life❤)
Sequel to "A Lie Caused By Love" xx Here there will be more cute and happy Randy moments xx?? I really hope you like it xx Read my book "A Lie Caused By L...
  • smutwarning
  • ryebeaumont
  • memories
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Adopted by Randy | RoadtripTv Fanfic by randy_lover123
Adopted by Randy | RoadtripTv Fanf...by Randy_lover_123
13 year old Madison Peterson, or better known as Maddy, has lived in an orphanage since she was 5. She has gone from home to home, but every time she gets sent back afte...
  • ryebeaumont
  • orphanage
  • roadtriptv
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I will fix you  // A randy love story  by kaydenreads
I will fix you // A randy love st...by fovvswife😍😭😩
rye is going through a depression, can andy help rye? does andy question his sexuality?
  • andyfowler
  • roadtriptv
  • randy
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The Alphas love -  Randy story by kitkatroadie
The Alphas love - Randy storyby kitkatroadie
Ryan ,the alpha prince, through his troubles, because of him father the alpha king, finds a random cabin in the woods and decides to explore leading him to Andy, the ome...
  • gay
  • roadtrip
  • wolves
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What's the time? /Randy fanfiction /Roadtrip  by LovelyNutella12345
What's the time? /Randy fanfiction...by Nutella 💙
Andy is a 17 year old high school student. He meets his dream boyfriend and develop a crush on the famous Ryan. What will happen when they are signed under the same mana...
  • band
  • anxiety
  • abuse
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The Ice Queen || Randy by -_B-4_-
The Ice Queen || Randyby b-4
《 don't go near the Fire King, you're gonna get burn again 》 ... [ Where andy and rye are the most popular guys at school, andy as the cold, loner, famous model and rye...
  • jacklyn
  • ryebeaumont
  • andyfowler
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Why  by boolove1798
Why by Lovely
Why why does he not love me Sequel to moments See the side you didn't get to see.
  • heartbreak
  • loveislove
  • randy
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RANDY💓💓💓 by ryes_wife12
RANDY💓💓💓by ryes_wife12
When rye falls for Andy but Andy doesn't now rye is gay and Andy gets a boyfriend what happens next???
  • andyfowler
  • randy
  • ryebeaunont
I'm not fine (A Randy fanfic boyxboy) by SweetLittleTiger
I'm not fine (A Randy fanfic boyxb...by SweetLittleTiger
My name's Andy and I live with my four best friends and band mates. That makes it really hard for me to hide my depression and anxiety from them. It also makes it hard f...
  • randy
  • wattys2018
  • ryebeaumont
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Fake Fakeness//Randy (boyxboy) by littlerandygurl
Fake Fakeness//Randy (boyxboy)by ❤️❤️❤️
☆*:.。. oo .。.:*☆ Randy AU Andy Fowler and Rye Beaumont are two famous singers. Their managements come up with a clever scheme to get them together to get brand deals and...
  • roadtrip
  • ryebeaumont
  • boyxboy
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Randy is real by rttv_rosie
Randy is realby rttv_rosie
Rye has a girlfriend that he loves and adores but his feelings for Andy get stronger every time he sees him. Read to find out if Randy is Real
  • andyfowler
  • roadtriptv
  • roadtrip
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Roadtrip School Project by roadttripharv
Roadtrip School Projectby roadttripharv
The boys are assigned a group project in school, and they have 1 month to do it. What happens in the month time? Will they become closer, or will they grow apart? A sto...
  • smutwarning
  • wolves
  • fanfiction
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Randy Smut Book by randy_larry
Randy Smut Bookby 🐝🌵
Just some really hot Randy smut for you to enjoy because who doesn't love a bit of Randy? I know Brook does.
  • ryebeaumont
  • randy
  • andyfowler
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Rye vs Mindy by fell4roadtrip
Rye vs Mindyby fell4roadtrip
Rye Beaumont begins to get jealous when he sees how much time his boyfriend Andy Fowler is spending with his best friend Mikey Cobban
  • mindy
  • randy
  • roadtrip
Sick ( A Randy Fanficton) by KatieThompson091
Sick ( A Randy Fanficton)by kian lawleys wife
Cold hands, blue blood, dark eyes, starless nights. A Randy fanfic to suit your needs
  • biritish
  • fanfiction
  • randy
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Photographer - Randy (RoadTripTV) by LaraJacoboski
Photographer - Randy (RoadTripTV)by xryesgurlx
Andy, the model, didn't have a photographer. Why? Because they liked each other, but his manager, Blair, didn't want Andy to distract himself from modelling, so he kicke...
  • andyfowler
  • roadtriptv
  • ryebeaumont
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Dreams by RandyJacklynMikey
Dreamsby RandyJacklynMikey
Rye Beaumont has been having strange yet mysterious dream about a boy named Andy , wierd thing is that Rye doesn't have any idea who this Andy is. Andy Fowler has just m...
  • fanfiction
  • randy
My Omega by EmRodie24
My Omegaby EmRodie24
An Omega (Andy) who meets an Alpha (Rye) and they insanity fall in love. But they don't know that😏❤️
  • ryeandandy
  • rye
  • andyfanfic
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Anything for you Princess 💫 //Randy by Vanishaloveslarry
Anything for you Princess 💫 //Ran...by Vanishaloveslarry
"This marriage is a compromise. I won't love you EVER. Do you understand, princess?" "Stop calling me that. I know this marriage means nothing. I won't b...
  • andyfowler
  • marriage
  • randy
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