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Vulnerable by roadierandy
Vulnerableby roadierandy
Bullied and abused, Andy is broken. But all he ever wants was a friend. Someone who accepts him and loves him for himself. Arrogant and cruel, Rye cannot accept he isn...
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Beauty and The Beast (Brock Lesnar) by CheyenneFanFics
Beauty and The Beast (Brock Lesnar)by CheyenneFanFics
After being with the WWE for almost a decade, Casey retired to marry the love of her life. When all goes wrong, Casey is left divorced and with a daughter. For years, al...
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LOST by Jewel2505
LOSTby Jewel2505
Ryan is a 19 year old broken, poor boy who has nothing and cant love. Andy is a 18 year old caring, rich boy who has the perfect life. Come on their journey as the boys...
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down from five ✔randy by cheaterbws
down from five ✔randyby alex
"I'm going to close my eyes... count down from five... and when I open my eyes... ... you'd better be gone." #1 in roadtrip 10/06/19
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Who are you ? by Sounds_Gay
Who are you ?by Sounds_Gay
'Stop it! You like....' Or Where Andy finds out that a new member is joining Roadtrip. What happens when the new member knows things.... Things like a Secret Crush. *WIL...
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Forget-Me-Not  by xxrandylove
Forget-Me-Not by xx.randy_love
Rye and Andy are in the band, they broke up after being together for two years. Andy was openly gay and wanted everyone to know that him and Rye were together, unlike Ry...
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The Devil's Soulmate by Jewel2505
The Devil's Soulmateby Jewel2505
Ryan is a 19 year old devil who just so happens to be the son of Satan, so he is the prince of hell and rules over it since he has become of age ad take over from his fa...
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School boy (randy story)❤️ by ANDYbeaumont
School boy (randy story)❤️by Roadie4LIFE
⚠️ WARNING could use Offensive words and muture scenes. Which means SMUT AND A LOT OF IT SO YEAHHHH !!!!!!!!NO 11 YEAR OLDS!!!!!!!! Plz dont read if ur not over the age...
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It Started as a Dare (randy) by flashinfovvs
It Started as a Dare (randy)by flashinfovvs
Andy was the sweet and innocent kid at school- always did his homework and always was a teachers pet where as Rye was the complete opposite no homework and barely ever a...
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Angel (randy) by immaroadie
Angel (randy)by baz❥
*completed* Andy needed to learn how to have fun and enjoy life before he becomes an adult. Rye needed to learn how to focus so he can eventually become an adult. One th...
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A Crown of Thorns  by random_roadie54
A Crown of Thorns by random_roadie54
Andrew has been betrothed to prince Ryan since they were young. Ryan is an arrogant prince who gets what and who he wants. Andrew is a lonely boy wishing for a great rom...
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I'am always here by Irinaqueena
I'am always hereby Irinaqueena
Andrew Fawler. An ordinary 16 student boy who is bisexual and suicidial too. He is getting bullied by Zach when he get the aportunity. Ryan Beaumont is 19 years old stu...
Mr Taken (A Complete Randy fanfic) by DanielDufff
Mr Taken (A Complete Randy fanfic)by DanielDufff
Andy Fowler was kicked out by his abusive parents after they found out about Andy's 2 year relationship with Jack Duff, but after moving with his grandparents he's soon...
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My Beautiful Omega➡️Randy❤ by tanya_omer
My Beautiful Omega➡️Randy❤by The Hood Kid
Okayyyyy...im back with ANOTHER story...lol...hope you enjoy. Read and find out 😉😏 ●●● "We're mates." Rye said. Andy looked at Rye. "How?" Andy ask...
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ℝ𝔸ℕ𝔻𝕐 𝕆ℕ𝔼𝕊ℍ𝕆𝕋𝕊 by fovv_luv
ℝ𝔸ℕ𝔻𝕐 𝕆ℕ𝔼𝕊ℍ𝕆𝕋𝕊by Andy’s dimple poker
Randy one shots • • • Might add in some other ships I'm not sure yet I do take suggestions and requests so feel free to ask
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lost in thought // randy by roadie_rsa
lost in thought // randyby rylee:)
just a randy fanfiction
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The boy with a secret || Randy  by roadiegirl896
The boy with a secret || Randy by roadiegirl896
This is the story about a boy with a secret. As you can tell from the title. Andy is a mysterious, smart yet sassy boy while Rye isn't typically the bad boy you would ex...
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It's you - Randy by Juliesrainbows
It's you - Randyby Julie
My screams of frustration and sudden heartache were overwhelming as they were echoing in the empty parking lot. I punched the wall until my hands felt numb and my knuckl...
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Difficult Love ~ a randy fanfiction || •FINISHED• by amazing_fowler
Difficult Love ~ a randy fanfictio...by lara
Andy Fowler, 25 years old is a member of a five piece boyband from London, called Roadtrip. He lives with the other band members in a big house. Since he was a teenager...
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Forever and Always // a collection of randy (& roadtrip) stories  by thunderlovesfire
Forever and Always // a collection...by thunderlovesfire
A place to write my dumb imagines of Roadtrip the British/Irish boyband. Mostly Randy because I can't help my love for them. // started June 2018 //
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