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Solace | BTS by AhnnieKim
Solace | BTSby Ahnnie Kim
In which a girl finds solace in the arms of seven K-Pop Idols and was given the chance to have a family once again. Kim Yeona is a teenage girl who lost her mother to ca...
Irresistible||Lee Heeseung by kkyukyuu
Irresistible||Lee Heeseungby kkyukyuu
"you make me want to change for the better. you help me see the good in myself and i love you for that and so much more."
shoot her | jjk by BtsOutro
shoot her | jjkby BtsOutro
"Roles have been reversed." A smirk was plastered on her lips as she held the knife against his neck. He was given a mission to go find her, and end her life...
Makeup Artist || MYG by sugarymochiiiii
Makeup Artist || MYGby sugarymochiiiii
"We're all living in pairs. Except Yoongi. So you're living with him." ✔️ Completed ✔️ Edited *** This is my 3rd fanfiction. Third time's a charm, right? I tru...
BigHit by Lilac_Duet
BigHitby Lilac Duet
I like the caring you.." You say out of nowhere. "You didn't seem to nice when we first met.. But I like the way things turned out." You say, your voice g...
❦BTS Imagine❦ by pioues
❦BTS Imagine❦by BTS_OT⁷⚘⁨⟭⟬
Welcome to my BTS Imagine book! Enjoy my weirdness and have fun reading ARMYS!❤😘 -Requests are open! Request and I shall serve! -Let your imagination run wild! -You cho...
𝐈&𝐂𝐑𝐄𝐃𝐈𝐁𝐋𝐄, 𝐞𝐧𝐡𝐲𝐩𝐞𝐧 by haogalore
𝐈&𝐂𝐑𝐄𝐃𝐈𝐁𝐋𝐄, 𝐞𝐧𝐡𝐲𝐩𝐞𝐧by 𝐀 ( <𝟑 )
❝ la única - it means the only one in spanish. ❞ ━━━━ bighit's sought after secret trainee. i-land's most feared competitor. the industry's best friend. enhypen's girl...
starstruck || jeon jungkook by intaelligents
starstruck || jeon jungkookby — bella ♡
Beneath all the fame, expensive clothes, and perfected smiles, they were still human, and still had insecurities and imperfections. [mature content and themes] _________...
Hybrids | x Male reader (Bts) by AuthorYaUwU
Hybrids | x Male reader (Bts)by Author Ya
How will you feel being famous and adopting 3 hybrids even though they are hated what will you do? And what will the world think? Find out while reading this story of Ma...
Like You'd Try (Kim Namjoon) by neonlinen
Like You'd Try (Kim Namjoon)by .........
April is a 20 year old art student at a prestigious art school in LA. After talking a break up through with her best friend/inevitable crush, she finds that she's the on...
Stranger || Seokjin BTS  by mitsu_xx
Stranger || Seokjin BTS by ~ XX ~
My mom always told me not to talk to strangers... but this one was irresistible.
Ugly || 석진 by desmadres
Ugly || 석진by dio(s mío)
"i would never go out with you." he said to me, "you're so ugly." [ short chapters; #1 in the red bullet series ]
A Source of Happiness // Enhypen Jake Shim by kaitexo2002
A Source of Happiness // Enhypen Kaitlin
Being blind won't change who I am. I must help him change his cold personality. I must help him become a better person. I must become the source of his happiness. Start:...
STELLAR (P. Jimin) by enovas
we're two worlds apart, but that can't stop us now. stella howard. dancer. park jimin. global superstar. can love endure? #160 contest #268 ambw all rights reserved | e...
eyes ₰ l.hs ✓ by enhypenyaya
eyes ₰ l.hs ✓by sunny
lonely eyes she had those lonely eyes i only know 'cause i have them too ⟳ a short story featuring enhypen's lee heeseung bit of heartbreak, bit of angst, a tiny bit of...
Jungkook ff My bias made my dream come true JKXREADER [COMPLETED] by kpopto_oth
Jungkook ff My bias made my starline_u
This about an ordinary army who's life turns around when she is in contact with her favourite band BTS Cover by @frustratedh0pe
When you get your period at his house by rxkpop12
When you get your period at his rxkpop12
hi im y/n and my boyfriend is Park jimin the mafia king...
ENHYPEN Gif Reactions by xemsxstayx
ENHYPEN Gif Reactionsby shamelessloVer
This is going to be the same format as my last story so be sure to check it out! I hope you fall in love with the boys all over again 💘 ⚠️None of the gifs are mine! Th...
Jealousy // Taekook by MOArmy_Stay_trash
Jealousy // Taekookby confused bitch
Animal Hybrid AU College AU Jungkook//bottom Taehyung//Top ⚠warning⚠ kinks smut lil' fluff maybe angst
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