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The Lake House [ Justin Bieber ] by SuperSabrina
The Lake House [ Justin Bieber ]by sabrina
"That's Justin Bieber. Don't let his looks fool you. He's weird so no one really talks to him." "Weird how?" "He has issues, like psycholog...
Sexting My Brother (boyxboy) by Dread181
Sexting My Brother (boyxboy)by Belieber On The Run
An empty chat room and two twin brothers... Justin and Derek both decide to log on to a chat room and unknowingly begin chatting little do they know that their chatting...
His Hidden Daughter (Bieber story) by Storymaker4111997
His Hidden Daughter (Bieber story)by Storymaker4111997
Justin Bieber is a 20 year old pop sensation, traveling the world and living the luxurious lifestyle of the rich and famous. Emma Gardner is an 18 year old mother to a 2...
Precious (Justin Bieber as Jason McCann) by jerry_imagines
Precious (Justin Bieber as Jason jerry_imagines
"YOU DON'T OWN ME!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, pushing him away. He violent pinned me back against the wall, and whispered in my ear, "If I can't...
Breathing Your Love by xbieberxlovatox
Breathing Your Loveby Bieber and Lovato
"I want to be here, Justin.. With you. For the rest of my life, I just want to be here. Not in the past, not in the future. Just here. I'm not the person that I was...
𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐑.  justin bieber by kalaistyping
𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐑. justin bieberby 𝐤𝐚𝐥𝐚 !
in which two pop stars fall in love [soundtrack in bio] [started: 1 dec 2020] [status: ongoing] [justin bieber x female oc] [social media x real life]
The guy from the bar by bieberstoriez
The guy from the barby bieberstoriez
He's Justin Bieber by day; a successful businessman, and Jason McCann by night.
#recommended:  Just A Fan { Justin Bieber love story } by BestJDBFanfictions
#recommended: Just A Fan { Justin Bieber
What will happen when life gives you a chance to meet and actually go on Tour with your idol, Justin Bieber himself for three months ? "You are friends with Pattie...
guilty pleasure // bieber by last-kiss
guilty pleasure // bieberby ˗ˏˋ last-kiss ˎˊ˗
"Love is so blind, it feels right when it's wrong." © last-kiss
King | j.b by biebersmiracle
King | j.bby justin drew bieber
King Justin Bieber. He was a man, hated by everyone in the kingdom for his brutal and inhumane ways. The villagers despised his acts of violence and never truly understo...
As Long As You Love Me(Jb) by mynameischocolateim
As Long As You Love Me(Jb)by Bookworm
"How can i huh justin tell me" i cried as he stared at me "Run away with me?" He said my eyes widened "Run away with you"i whispered bareky...
His Hidden Wife (A Justin Bieber Story) by julie13
His Hidden Wife (A Justin Bieber isjulienoted
How do you make someone fall in love with you when he's in love with somebody else? You don't. You can't. You shouldn't. Cᴏᴘʏʀɪɢʜᴛ © 2013 Julie13
Fall- A Justin Bieber Love Story by _SamirahZaman
Fall- A Justin Bieber Love Storyby Samirah Zaman
Fall Series: BOOK 1 He wants to say 'I love you' but keeps it to goodnight, because love will mean some falling and she's afraid of heights. Well let me tell you a story...
PAIN by AlishbaBaloch2
PAINby Alishba Baloch
Justin and Selena broke up. And now Selena saw him after five years. Ranked #3 in #justinbieber Ranked #7 in #bieber Ranked #4 in #Justin Ranked #1 in #jelena Ranked #1...
Student Teacher - Justin Bieber by currentlynowinactive
Student Teacher - Justin Bieberby currentlynowinactive
"I heard Mrs.Maben is getting a student teacher for reading class and he's also helping Casey at gym seventh period." Justin Bieber, a twenty year old in c...
Louis' Sister, the Autistic One by ahh_the_light
Louis' Sister, the Autistic Oneby ericka
June is Louis' 'Tommo' Tomlinson's younger sister. Did I mention she has Asperger's Syndrome, also called an 'Aspie." She wants away from Doncaster, England where s...
His Girl  by biebuhs
His Girl by emi
[Completed] Two Complete Different Worlds Colliding Together. And Bieber Screams Danger.
Kidnapped ➳ jason mccann by -biebercuddles
Kidnapped ➳ jason mccannby -biebercuddles
only if everything we imagined could come true. ((UNDER MAJOR EDITING)) © -biebercuddles 2013 All Rights Reserved
Written. (JB//Complete) by explicitlyjimiin
Written. (JB//Complete)by r i s s a
"What's so special that's in that journal of yours?" Justin's eyes gleamed with curiosity and for a second, I thought he was teasing. "Nothing." &quo...
Pregnant For Them by curlyheadJ
Pregnant For Themby curlyheadJ
The feeling of not being able to become a parent is heartbreaking, Especially for Justin Bieber. That's where Lux Halloway stepped in. She was about to become the mothe...