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Connected Two-Gether (TLOU, B:TS, TWDG, LIS, HR, D:BH) by sxphmxri
Connected Two-Gether (TLOU, sophie-mariana 🏳️‍🌈
*Sequel to Connected* 4 years have past since the events of Connected, and believe it when you hear it, these people are not the same. They're all older, more mature, we...
Connected (TLOU, B2S, TWDG, LIS, HR) by sxphmxri
Connected (TLOU, B2S, TWDG, LIS, sophie-mariana 🏳️‍🌈
DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own The Last Of Us, Beyond Two Souls, The Walking Dead Game, Heavy Rain, or Life is Strange, nor any characters involved within these game franchise...
Beyond Two Souls Aiden Pov (Reader Input)  by CadetEnderSmith
Beyond Two Souls Aiden Pov ( Cadet Ender Smith
So, you probably heard about the Life of Jodie Holmes, but have you ever heard of the Life of Y/n L/n? Probably not. But Y/n is exactly like Jodie: they never fitted in...
Cryaotic Quotes/Moments by viccki69
Cryaotic Quotes/Momentsby ⛧Vic ⛧
"I've had my eyes on this game for about a month or so when I saw it randomly on the Steam coming soon list. Trailer got me immediately interested and so I found my...
Best Friends to The End || Beyond; Two Souls Fanfic || by Alexander_The_Writer
Best Friends to The End || Beyond; Alexander Leif
|| Jodie Holmes x Male! Reader || Okay, so I haven't finished the game yet, so bear with me on this story. I have barely seen any Beyond; Two Souls fanfics, so I decided...
The Infected by Criss_Walker
The Infectedby ♥RibbonSoul♥
I had an imaginary scenario (which looks more like a video game) after watching the gameplay of "The Last of Us" and I inspired from this game and other games...
Words of Life by farzan4u
Words of Lifeby Mohamed Farzan
Life is full of thoughts and words. We make sentences with them and life is then like a never ending sentence where we decide whether to put full stop or to continue it...
Beyond Two Souls by Beautiful_RainbowUni
Beyond Two Soulsby Beautiful_RainbowUni
Jodie, a young girl, was born with a difference. A difference that nobody else had. Her twin brother, Aiden, was a person who was never seen by anyone, and was also conn...
Tied Together by ssjRandall03
Tied Togetherby Super saiyan gameing Bigdog03
(Male Spirit Reader X Weiss Schnee) Weiss Schnee is the younger sibling of Winter Schnee and daughter of Jacques Schnee. At a young age she had somehow managed to attach...
Connection with an Entity by MaddieIvins
Connection with an Entityby XxMaddie GirlxX
Ever since birth.. I always had this.. Connection with an entity named Aiden.. I'm not sure why or how but he cannot leave me. We are tied together.. He's scary sometime...
Jodie and I by MightyEagle4
Jodie and Iby Mighty Eagle
(prequel to the walking dead story by domsinus) follows the story of damon and jodie before the outbreak
Beyond; Two Souls || Mother's Entity by Alexander_The_Writer
Beyond; Two Souls || Mother's Alexander Leif
|| A Beyond; Two Souls Fanfic || || WARNING: This story does contain spoilers from the game, so if you haven't watched a playthrough or played the game yourself, then I...
Beyond Two Souls by ever_afterr
Beyond Two Soulsby ever_afterr
Jodie was born with a strange gift, to move things with her mind, expect she wasn't the one moving it, it was Aiden, a entity linked on Jodie. (Based off the video game...
If I Made It by Anxbii
If I Made Itby Anubiah
The world has gone to shit. People have been twisted into deranged blood thirsty lunatics that have no control over their bodies. I would like to think that part of them...
DIMENSIONS- Second book to Beyond two souls by CRYSTAL-UNICORN
DIMENSIONS- Second book to Chickennugget
~SECOND BOOK FOR BEYOND TWO SOULS~ A problem has occurred. A huge problem. It may lead to the universe vanishing as if it were never in existence. Its up to Zikora and...
Adventures With Atkins by Kole_Stilinski24
Adventures With Atkinsby Nikole
Sequel to Beyond: Torchwood Sneak Peek into Parker: finally it was my break. I grabbed spaghetti and two small bottles of coke to go and rushed back to my office. I quic...
꧁Quantic Dream Games Zodiaco꧂(Español) by Onigamerxd
꧁Quantic Dream Games Zodiaco꧂( Nada mas conocida como Oni.
¡Bienvenido al Zodiaco sobre diferentes juegos de la compañía Quantic Dream! entre estos juegos estarán: -Detroit Become Human (2018) -Beyond Two souls (2013) -Heavy Rai...