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Best Wattpad Quotes by Gniliacnahs
Best Wattpad Quotesby Gniliacnahs
"Quotation is the highest compliment you can pay to an author" - a book of quotations can never be complete Credit to the authors [since 25/07-18]
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~Echoes of life ~ by _Ziaxneez4710_
~Echoes of life ~by _Ziaxneez4710_
"Echoes of Life" is more than a book- its a timeless piece of art that whispers the truth of life.It offers a glimpse into Human Feelings like love,courage,res...
SAVAGE!: Comebacks and Quotes  by jcee_bliss
SAVAGE!: Comebacks and Quotes by Jessica williams
FREE! FREE! FREE! The best comeback book of all times is now free and available on wattpad. Everyone's looking for that comment to say to make them look strong and w...
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Quotes by tangerinelisa
Quotesby tangerinelisa
quotes and some poems note: some of these quotes and poems do not belong to me, all credit go to their rightful owners Highest Ranking: #198
Kutipan Drama Korea by ckh13elieve
Kutipan Drama Koreaby ^•^
Kumpulan Kutipan dari Drama Korea.
Book 1: Best quotes of the DreamTeam (And mabby others) by PippenPlays
Book 1: Best quotes of the PippenPlays
Funny/Wierd quotes from Pandafire11, ItsRitchieW, OmegaGamingLP and possibly others.
Quotes that Give me the feels by tapqueen101
Quotes that Give me the feelsby Grace
(Cover says Villains don't deserve noses) Basically what the title says and I'll have a few funny memes/giffs thrown in too. I was bored.
Best Qoutes by jamesamorsolo
Best Qoutesby jamesamorsolo
I will put many quote here or Visit here....
TATTOO          ( QUOTES ) by mccallspack
TATTOO ( QUOTES )by teen wolf community
"IN SAMOAN, IT MEANS OPEN WOUND." where we give you some of our favorite quotes from teen wolf.
Ayat Broken 💔 by themonalisaa
Ayat Broken 💔by themonalisaa
Siapa yang tengah broken atau berminat dengan ayat-ayat broken boleh singgah dan baca kat sini . Bagi semangat sikit kat sesiapa yang tengah down and give up tu 😉♥
The Quotes by rudran_mj
The Quotesby rudran rajendran
Michael Jackson heart was a golden one, and his words had some sort of magic that really demonstrated how rich he was inside. hey there ! this book contains very inspir...
some good quotes👌🏼 by abster06
some good quotes👌🏼by JustAPersonWhoLovesAnime
very good quotes don't question if I throw random fanart in the pictures
Quotes by twilght32185
Quotesby Twilight2000
This is a book filled with different types of quotes; inspirational, funny, etc.
Quotes & Sayings by Diamondgirl235
Quotes & Sayingsby kg
Life is not easy It's a game Where god is player And in the competition with devil. Decide in which team you're light ( god ) or dark ( devil) ............ Be happy...
Best Quotes :) by vassodim
Best Quotes :)by Vasso Dim
A list of 100 quotes about everything from travel to heartbreak. Each group of 10 quotes is about the same topic which is stated at the title of the first quotes of each...
Embracing the Uncertainty//Poetry by shifs03
Embracing the Uncertainty//Poetryby shifs
When life fucks you up,you write poetry!🍂✒️