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Bowers Gang Imagines by BattleValkyrie
Bowers Gang Imaginesby Anna
There aren't enough imagine/preference books for the Bowers Gang in my opinion so I might as well put my time to good use
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The losers club/Bowers gang smut imagines by 1-800-sendnudesdaddy
The losers club/Bowers gang smut All the love xx
What the title says ^ some from tumblr
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Bowers Gang Preferences (finished) by sctoaorkie
Bowers Gang Preferences (finished)by Anime Tiddies
^^ what the title says ^^ DONT RECCOMEND READING THIS READ OTHER BOWERS GANG BOOK♡ I don't really proof read so expect many typos or autocorrected words that don't fit i...
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Nicholas Hamilton imagines  by 1-800-sendnudesdaddy
Nicholas Hamilton imagines by All the love xx
Imagines of a loser called Nic Hamilton It's a wide range so some will be from tumblr DMs are open if you'd like to request 💖
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My Little Psycho (Patrick Hockstetter) by PatricksPsychoxo
My Little Psycho (Patrick PatricksPsycho
Reina Jacobs is the school's good girl, but all that changes when she catches the eye of certain member from the Bowers gang. (damn that summary was shit but it will h...
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Owen Teague imagines requests are open  by 1-800-sendnudesdaddy
Owen Teague imagines requests All the love xx
Imagines of our favorite teabag Requests are open
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bowers gang preferences by LoserJustWantsWaffle
bowers gang preferencesby Mini Waffles
🥀requests open🥀 just a bunch of preferences and imagines about the bowers gang.
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Bowers gang preferences by damnit-ross
Bowers gang preferencesby Samantha riddle
I've always wanted to do preferences so I thought I would start off with this and see how it goes.
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Between Two Worlds (Older Hiccup x reader) COMPLETED by disworks_productions
Between Two Worlds (Older Hiccup rainbow & s
this takes place after httyd2! You're an 18-year-old girl who is OBSESSED with reading books. One of your favourites is the 'How To Train Your Dragon' series. You've re...
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bowers gang imagines by IFYOUFINDTHISI
bowers gang imaginesby mariam 🤩🤩🤪
sorry i had to make this
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HTTYD Watches Race to the Edge(DISCONTINUED) by ThatRandomQuestion
HTTYD Watches Race to the Edge( That Random Question
The only upsides are the pets. While other places have...ponies or parrots, we have... dragons! A bright Light appears and the gang are sitting in a big room. This is my...
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Bowers Gang+Losers Club Imagines by crybaby-bella
Bowers Gang+Losers Club Imaginesby Bella 💔
#1 in Hockstetter #1 in Belch #3 in Criss #4 in Huggins #13 in henrybowers #25 in Bowers #62 in Patrick #85 in cast #105 in Henry #162 in Victor #326 in IT #330 in it20...
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The Protector (Henry Bowers x Reader)  by elishevaalipia
The Protector (Henry Bowers x elishevaalipia
(Y/N) Kaspbrak is the oldest member in the Losers Club and 2 years older than Eddie. When she hears that Georie goes missing she tries everything in her power to protect...
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Clean Underwear || Bowers Gang by ourinjustice
Clean Underwear || Bowers Gangby ourinjustice
Preferences for the Bowers gang
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[ PETRICHOR - BOWERS GANG ᴛᴜʀʙᴏ ᴘᴏᴋᴀsᴋɪ
. . . [ BOWERS GANG PREFERENCES ] . . . [ #2 in patrickhockstetter ; #5 in belch ] . . . pet·ri·chor /ˈpeˌtrīkôr/ 𝘯𝘰𝘶𝘯 a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies...
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Bowers Gang preferences by Queennslayy
Bowers Gang preferencesby x❤x❤x
All about our favorite gang. I'll be taking requestes. I'll be doing the following. -Preferences -Imagines -One shots Message me to requeste one.
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HTTYD ONESHOTS  by adventuretimefanitc
Various oneshots with the How To Train Your Dragon characters, consisting on ships and reader inserts. WARNING: OLD. BADLY WRITTEN. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD READ SOMETHING E...
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Damaged. Bowers gang fanfic by Sherbet_Sparkle
Damaged. Bowers gang fanficby Sherbet_Sparkle
"So you move from London to Derry to get away from gangs, yet here you are sitting with us" "Mm funny that isn't it" ********************************...
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Victor criss princess X Reader  by AngelMoore807
Victor criss princess X Reader by Angel
Victor meets a girl that's different then any other he falls in love with her but wants to hide it from henry and the others
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Bowers Gang Preferences by patricks_fridge
Bowers Gang Preferencesby Liz
includes: Victor Patrick Henry and Belch Request are open!
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