Jalex Oneshots by softkarth
Jalex Oneshotsby Read my Jalex Pls
Smut, fluff and sad oneshots (most of them are smut ngl) top!Jack bottom!Alex Started 22/07/18
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My Name Is Jack - Jalex AU by jalexallltimelow
My Name Is Jack - Jalex AUby 🏳️‍🌈✨🌻☁️🍯🍒
Alex moves around a lot, like A LOT, most recently from England to Baltimore. As a rule of thumb he never gets attached to anyone due to the fact he knows two things wil...
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So wrong it's right//: Jalex Mpreg by softkarth
So wrong it's right//: Jalex Mpregby Read my Jalex Pls
Therapy, it's never been something Alex's has liked, but he got a new therapist and it was actually okay, until one night where it changed both their lives possibly fore...
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Gayest Groupchat  by weed4atti
Gayest Groupchat by Atticus
Ty entered the groupchat 'Gayest gays' Pete x: hi welcome Brendon x: OMG HELLO WHO ARE YOU ? Alex x: hiiiiiiiiiiii Jack x: hEY BRO Dallon x: hello there (: Patrick x: n...
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beamer boy by grunge-junkie
beamer boyby PEACHY !
multiship ! ❝ they want that real shit they want that drug talk, that "i can't feel" shit ❞ beamer boy - lil peep lowercase intended , trigger warning ongoi...
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Jalex [Snapchat] by Galaxyawsten
Jalex [Snapchat]by Dal Pal
#2 in jackbarakat [12-14-18] Jack finds a snapchat account. He adds it in the attempt to make a friend. Or if possible: a boyfriend.
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Daddy Jack  by ImalittleCreator
Daddy Jack by I’m A Little Creator
Roses are Red Violets are Blue Yes I am boy Little No I don't belong to you I'm a Little to a man who is rough and tough and wears all black Who is that man you ask...
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Gay Club | Frerard + Petekey AU by stoplightglow
Gay Club | Frerard + Petekey AUby kelso
The last thing Gerard Way wants to do is join his school's Gay-Straight Alliance. He's already a loser - why would he purposely paint a bigger target on his back? Yet, a...
  • bandom
  • petekey
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just friends ; jalex by miqraine
just friends ; jalexby acey
"do you wanna hear a secret?" alex leans forward, hands on his knees. jack nods, curious. "i've never kissed anyone." jack looks down. "neither...
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redbull & coffee || stoley au by skarsgards
redbull & coffee || stoley auby kaleigh
|| He poured the rest of the energy drink into his styrofoam coffee cup, glancing up at the curious boy next to him. "I'm going to die," he muttered, before pr...
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multiship kik by karlg77
multiship kikby oof
this is not funny you have been warned includes joshler ryden frerard jalex peterick haysey a bit of brallon
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Sounds ⚣ Brallon  by edgyboi666
Sounds ⚣ Brallon by edgyboi666
Brendon Urie was born deaf. He's been sheltered his whole life and home-schooled to adapt to his quiet life. But, the doctors found out that he could hear. It was barely...
  • brendonurie
  • ferard
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Here and Now // Ryden by trickygabe
Here and Now // Rydenby ☹mika☻
"Show them all your not the ordinary type..." He whispered into my ear, still trapping me against the wall. A smirk was played onto his lips as chills were sen...
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Gay-roup Chat (Bandom Kik AU) by SinningKilljoy22
Gay-roup Chat (Bandom Kik AU)by Mother Patrick
Sorry 'bout the terrible pun in the title. This is basically just a gay group chat thing in text format. Includes (but not limited to): Frerard, Petekey, Ryden, Joshler...
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Justin & Alex (13RW) One Shots by milesheizerd
Justin & Alex (13RW) One Shotsby G L E N
Just a bunch of one shots featuring Justin Foley & Alex Standall being gay and all that by yours truly. ❤ 13 REASONS WHY
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band oneshots ✧ boy x boy by scartissue-
band oneshots ✧ boy x boyby nmc!
gay band oneshots! ships mentioned: - ryden - frerard - joshler - kellic - petekey - peterick - moodie - jalex - gabe saporta x dallon weekes - alex babinski x brian ma...
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Stoley One Shots by smolmarkhyuck
Stoley One Shotsby Jenna🌙
Alex standall and Justin foley cute fluffy imagines 13 REASONS WHY SLOW UPDATES
  • wattys2018
  • 13reasonswhy
  • justinandalex
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I'm A Walking Disaster (jalex) by YeahBoy-DollFace
I'm A Walking Disaster (jalex)by YeahBoy-DollFace
"Sometimes people just can't be helped, some of us are meant to die, drop it" Jack spat at me, I flinched at his words but my determination was stronger. I can...
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Gifs by ReposeNation
Gifsby Alex
Gifs of your favorite ships
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Everything Is Fine -Multi ship- by Galaxyawsten
Everything Is Fine -Multi ship-by Dal Pal
Band camp au
  • brendonurie
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