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For Real and For Ever by anneofwhitleybay
For Real and For Everby Anne Marie
Jeff and Barcode have been together not too long ago, just close to three months so Barcode's feelings for Jeff are not yet that stable. Some of his friends at school te...
A Broken Heart  (KimChay fanfic) by Mercury271
A Broken Heart (KimChay fanfic)by Mercury 27
Porchay was a sweet and innocent kid, but due to his brother he was pushed into a new world, a dark and deadly one. There he meets Kimhan, one of the most powerful Mafia...
Hellish (KimhanPete/JeffBuild) by justadevil
Hellish (KimhanPete/JeffBuild)by stella
Kim is the youngest son of Korn Theerapanyakul, the leader of the Major Family. Kim never really stay at home, but his eyes can't stop glancing over the Head of Bodyguar...
For Your Smile - JeffBarcode | KimChay by QUEENIKINII
For Your Smile - JeffBarcode | QUEENIKINI
He is beautiful right? Specially his smile ! "Yeah... It is a beautiful smile." I replied looking at P'Kim s smile. " So Beautiful ! " I took my e...
KimPorchay & WikPorchay__The name craved in their minds. by ying_yee
KimPorchay & WikPorchay__The 𝕪 𝕚 𝕟 𝕘
Porchay vô tình sở hữu một năng lực thần kỳ. Em có thể đọc được tên bạn đời của một người. Và đoán xem, khi nhìn thấy cặp song sinh của Theerapanyakul, em đã nhìn thấy t...
BABYSITTER 2 [ ON-GOING ] by onceinwhile
Pete believed that he could finally live a happy life with Vegas and Venice, but things started to change when Macau, who they had assumed was dead, unexpectedly appeare...
[BarcodeJeff] Bạn trai nhỏ của Jeff Satur by RubyYoungHan
[BarcodeJeff] Bạn trai nhỏ của Ruby Young
Jeff Satur có một em bạn trai nhỏ. Bạn trai nhỏ của anh siêu cấp đáng yêu, cực kì ngoan ngoãn, vô cùng nghe lời. Ngoại trừ một vài trường hợp bé con hóa sói, còn bình th...
მოულოდნელობა by BJYX_BUBBLES
მოულოდნელობაby GG DD loves you
ივენთებმა შეიძლება ცხოვრების სიყვარული გაჩუქონ
KIMCHAY (alternative ending from the series) by Jungkooksblackboots
KIMCHAY (alternative ending from jimin
What if KimChay got together that day? this is purely fictional and my own words.
SECRET DAUGHTER [ 2023 ] by onceinwhile
SECRET DAUGHTER [ 2023 ]by ㅤ
Porsche decided to adopt a daughter from an orphanage to deal with his loneliness since he has been single his entire life. He didn't know the girl he was about to adopt...
goodbye is not goodbye | kimchay oneshots  by wangxiann_
goodbye is not goodbye | kimchay biblebuild <3
crina's kimchay haven ↡ ↝ requests: open ↝ ships: kimchay (main) kinnporsche (side) vegaspete (side) ↻ kimchay haven <3
The Moment  by HanYuSin
The Moment by Yellow
အဲ့ဒီအခိုက်အတန့်လေး က တစ်ဘဝလုံးစာ မြှပ်နှံပြစ်လိုက်ဖို့ထိ ရဲပါတယ်။ Jeffbarcode
kimhan and his angel | kimchay au by wangxiann_
kimhan and his angel | kimchay auby biblebuild <3
wik is a famous musician, a heartthrob and a distant mafia son. porchay is a famous vlogger that has an unknown fan account for the one and only, wik. "tell me a...
MY CLUMSY ASSASSIN [ ON-GOING ] by onceinwhile
Porsche was an assassin who had been assigned a secret mission to kill Kinn, Theerapanyakul's second son, but each time he was prepared to carry out his mission, somethi...
KimChay: Restart by annabellfiegel911
KimChay: Restartby Kims_Strand_Of_Hair
This story continues after what we saw in the ending of KP. KimChay legit is my comfort ship, so to ease the pain of Kim breaking my bby Chay's heart I shall gaslight my...
Stay [BibleJeff + MileApoBuild] by mspotatoo00
Stay [BibleJeff + MileApoBuild]by mspotato
1st story: See the thing is Jeff has never really been in a relationship before, especially with his P'Mile being so over protective of him, and that he never had this d...
Nhật kí đu JeffBarcode by ying_yee
Nhật kí đu JeffBarcodeby 𝕪 𝕚 𝕟 𝕘
Chỉ cập nhật khi có chuyện muốn tâm sự hoặc đơn giản cướp nghề của con gà, mọi thứ đều sẽ liên quan đến Jeff Satur và em bồ đáng yêu của anh ta là Barcode Tinnasit. Lâu...
លេខាសំណព្វចិត្ដបង[jeffbuild] by bibile_build
លេខាសំណព្វចិត្ដបង[jeffbuild]by Øûň Vÿ
adminសរសេរឿងjeffbuildនេះមិនមែនមានន័យថាadmin Fan Jeffbuild អីទេកុំច្រឡំដោយសារadminចង់ប្ដូរសជាតិឪ្យប្លែកពីរគេ😂😂 សូមអានដោយរីករាយ🥴✌️💙
Stay With Me by Kam2Kimchay
Stay With Meby Kam.Karat
A Kinnporsche World Tour story.