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Don't Threaten Me with a Good Time by lyzard_fan_fics
Don't Threaten Me with a Good Timeby lyzard_fan_fics
•Rankings• #8 in bakudeku #21 in game #86 in slow burn 🧡BakuDeku💚 Class 1-A thinks it'd be a good idea to play a big game of truth or dare. Most of them are very com...
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➣1-A Chatfic_BakuDeku by MultishipperBish
➣1-A Chatfic_BakuDekuby ✎⥤𝓱𝓮𝔀𝔀𝓸⥢✐
When Tenya Iida decides to create a group chat with his class, many stuff happens. Their common room's sofas get destroyed, a game of truth-or-daring causes Mina to ship...
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Drunken kisses by DramaKelly
Drunken kissesby Kelly
As the class throws a dorm party, both Midoriya and Bakugou get fully wasted. One thing tends to lead to another and... Story takes place around the beginning of the sec...
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BNHA Groupchat by xxx_QueenBee_xxx
BNHA Groupchatby Ur side bitch ✊🤡
Im a crackhead Its cracchead hours Im not sorry
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The Most Power Comes From Love BAKUDEKU OMEGAVERSE by WolfieYang
The Most Power Comes From Love Wolfie Yang
Izuku Midoriya is an Omega, and after years of hiding his scent comes to an end. But the same day he graduated from high school he finds out his Mom was kidnapped. He li...
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BakuDeku: The Baby Project by Crystal_Clear_Skies
BakuDeku: The Baby Projectby Emma
Follow Izuku and Katsuki, who are paired up to...have a kid?! Art credit to cover artist! I own all of the kids! #4 in BakuDeku; 9/1, 2019! #7 in BabyProject; 9/15, 2019...
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Polar Opposites || KatsuDeku by Tired_Danti
Polar Opposites || KatsuDekuby Danti Skeptics
[Soulmate AU] . . . Symbols. Red String. Colors. Horns and Wings? You got that right. There are many ways to find a soulmate. Everyone in class 1-A knows about others an...
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Bnha Meets Villain Deku by ImpulseMagma
Bnha Meets Villain Dekuby ImpulseMagma
Short Story! One day Aizawa and All Might were teaching class 1-A. Half way through teaching a black portal forms in the ceiling dropping something. . . Or should I say...
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Bakudeku | Soulmate! AU | by _XPLOSION_ZERO_
Bakudeku | Soulmate! AU |by ✘_XPLØSION_ZERØ _✘
A Bakudeku soulmate AU ~ Quirks still included, the first chapter will explain everything about how the soulmate system works in my story/alternate universe. Highest Ra...
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UA Villain Rehab  by oxy-theangel
UA Villain Rehab by oxy-theangel
What makes a Hero a Hero and a Villain a Villain ? That's what went through Izukus head the day he went missing two years ago. BakuDeku Him and his 2 Now family member...
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Animalistic(todobakudeku) by Wallflower9010
Animalistic(todobakudeku)by Bisexual_Weeb
Sooooooo...... This is an au where 7% of the population are part animal. Izuku Midoriya is animalistic being half rabbit. So what happens when he meets a cat and dog...
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Overprotective (Bakudeku mafia au) by TheGayPotato_43
Overprotective (Bakudeku mafia au)by Your_Local_Gay_Writer
Midoriya gets sold by his gambling addicted mother, Inko, to a VERY powerful and VERY angry mafia leader who seems to have a soft spot for Midoriya. *No quirks* *Mafia A...
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🄿🄰🅁🄰🄳🄸🅂🄴 🄻🄾🅂🅃 by CreativzClouds
🄿🄰🅁🄰🄳🄸🅂🄴 🄻🄾🅂🅃by bkdk.heyz
Bakudeku doujinshi Mature content Younger audience is restricted from watching this doujinshi. Bakugo x Midoriya 僕のヒーローアカデミア Boku no Hero Academia
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Deku And The Beast by Astranger015
Deku And The Beastby Dat Bitch
A bakudeku version of the classic tale of Beauty and the Beast.
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"Don't go, please." by DabonEm187
"Don't go, please."by DabonEm187
~Bakudeku Mpreg Omegaverse~ Ships: Bakudeku🥺 Kirikami Inatodo Momojirou Tsuocha or Ochaiida (will be decided later on) IidaMei (If Tsuocha happens) Sero x Mina Omegas:...
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Unstoppable paring (BkDk mafia AU) by Rexiam_1520
Unstoppable paring (BkDk mafia AU)by Rexiam_1520
In a world where the government is corrupt and weak, Mafias rule most of the land. Japan's most powerful mafia is ruled by the Bakugou's, a powerful and rich family. Ev...
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Hero Family  by Celesgam1
Hero Family by Emo_Chicken_Nugget
Aizawa and Hizashi were a happy married couple. They would fight Villians and do so together . They never could interpret that this would happen .........
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Forever and Always~ ( Bakudeku ) {Mpreg} by Shipping_life
Forever and Always~ ( Bakudeku ) { Shipping_life
Izuku Midoriya.... His Mother Died during a Villain Attack. Since 6 year old Izuku didn't know his father he got put in an orphanage. ...
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Into the bakuverse!  by Satan_offical
Into the bakuverse! by Satan_offical
in this one it features mah OC so like plz don't judge
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Forced Marriage by thepotato008
Forced Marriageby thepotato008
A story where Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugou are forced to married each other for the family company
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