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I Am My Wife. by Mommy_Eugen
I Am My Wife.by Prinz Eugen
Here you go, Peeps! 7+ people commented to make this a fanfic.
COTE: Reincarnated as Kiyotaka's Girlfriend by HyperSecure123
COTE: Reincarnated as Kiyotaka's G...by 123
A normal girl dies due to Truck-sama, and gets reincarnated into the Classroom Of The Elite universe. Unfortunately, she is born as a subject in the White Room program...
Shinzou wo Sasageyo Ayanokouji by MrS_S_AA
Shinzou wo Sasageyo Ayanokoujiby MrS
CoTE X AoT crossover A new world....the same masterpiece New tools and greater enemies. A fight between a metaphorical and literal titan. Things will get messy. Want...
Transfer: Class C by w0rkinpr0gress
Transfer: Class Cby me
This'll be my first CoTE fic, and it'll be taking place after the events of y2v1. As the name suggests, Ayanokouji will be transferring into class C and it'll be focused...
Reincarnated into Classroom Of The Elite by sakura_sakuroko
Reincarnated into Classroom Of The...by Rawr
A story about a 15 years old Raion Ryuvolt who die because of a god, got reincarnated into Classroom Of The Elite. He decided to help Ayanokouji Kiyotaka who wanted to h...
Classroom Of The Elite: Horikita x Ayanokouji by SuzuneAyanokouji
Classroom Of The Elite: Horikita x...by Suzune Horikita
This happens after the survival test in inhabited island. Horikita in this fanfic isn't like the LN version, she cares about Kiyo than anyone else. This is not my first...
COTE: Ayanokoji Kiyone by HyperSecure123
COTE: Ayanokoji Kiyoneby 123
Instead of only Kiyotaka, there is another masterpiece of the 4th Generation of White Room. Kiyotaka's twin sister Kiyone who looks more like their unknown mother. They...
COTE REACTS! ReZero: The Mastermind and the Simp by ihatepotatos377
COTE REACTS! ReZero: The Mastermin...by potatohater
The COTE cast is reacting the the fanfic: ReZero: The Mastermind and the Simp by: @angle99999. This is happening after the second island exam after they returned to sch...
He Will Be Mine | Ayanokouji x Fem!OC [Reincarnated in COTE] by Kiyone-Chan
He Will Be Mine | Ayanokouji x Fem...by AyanoChibi
Miura Yumiko is a girl who never was a able to fall in love with anyone. No one ever excited her. She's a girl capable of great feats and very intellectual. She read the...
Standing at the Top by TheMysteryMan1
Standing at the Topby TheMysteryMan1
What if Ayanokouji Kiyotaka entered as a Class-A student? (I do not own Classroom of the Elite. Please support the Official Light Novels and the author, Shougo Kinugasa.)
Starting in class C: not completely defective. by Chaoszweihander15
Starting in class C: not completel...by Chaoszweihander15
On hiatus because of my new fic. (Starting in class B: Ayanokouji the actor) Pretty much what it says in the title. The school decided Ayanokouji wasn't judged as defect...
COTE - A Different Cover To Hide Behind  by NoTaintPureBeing
COTE - A Different Cover To Hide B...by ForbiddenBanana
This is a COTE fanfic where Ayanokouji uses Kushida as a cover instead of Horikita.
Typical COTE reaction of the future. happens after y1v3. after the island exam I'll do my best to match the characters as much as possible while writing hope you all enj...
Chaoskouji by Debankle
Chaoskoujiby Debankle
After realising how dull the rest of his classmates are, and how they could mess up his life, Ayanokouji decides to have some fun in high school instead, giving up on hi...
Class S: Last Elites Standing (COTE fancfic) by 0megalOl
Class S: Last Elites Standing (COT...by 200 years
18 students each talented in their own special way apply to ANHS in the same year each with a different purpose and reasons to be in such a prestigious school. Instead o...
White Room Masterpiece : The Reaction by ejjs27
White Room Masterpiece : The React...by Jasmine Sky
The entire 2nd year were informed to go to the gymnasium for an important announcement, but when they arrived, they met a figure, and with a snap, isolated the group fro...
Who said it? - Classroom of the elite[HIATUS] by Ayaonogod
Who said it? - Classroom of the el...by Ayanogod
Greatly Inspired by cote:who said it? Characters guess quotes said or thought by other characters(mostly kiyo)
Ayanokouji Kiyotaka in Class B by Sparky_boy31
Ayanokouji Kiyotaka in Class Bby Sparky_boy31
What if Ayanokouji ended up on Ichinose's Class instead of Class D, would he show more of his habilities because of being from the start on a upper class? will he end up...
Ayanokouji: A World of Magic by angle99999
Ayanokouji: A World of Magicby angle99999
Ayanokouji x Black Clover Yep that's basically it.
Narrator here, Shinomiya and Shirogane are getting their game onn!! But on the other side This brown hair man arrives at the scene with his head held high and a heart t...