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The Odd One Out by AnimePhysicist
The Odd One Outby Anime Physicist
In this timeline, Ayanokōji Kiyotaka, masterpiece of the White Room, attends Tokyo Advanced Nurturing High School in hopes of living the peaceful life of a normal high s...
White room : The Reaction by Aisuru_Hana13
White room : The Reactionby 𝓗𝓪𝓷𝓪~ 𝓬𝓱𝓪𝓷
The students of Advance Nurturing High school are suddenly teleported into an unknown location,sort of like a theater, where they see an unknown person in front of them...
Superior Human  by Excalumbra
Superior Human by 😎
(MHA X COTE) - Izuku Midoriya attended a private school for nearly 10 years, only to return home when it was shut down. He intends to enjoy a peaceful life, but will he...
White room servant by IbukiSimp
White room servantby Heander
Hayasaka Ai has worked for Kiyotaka Ayanokoji for all her life when he was in the white room, they have been inseparable. Matsuo sends Hayasaka to help Kiyotaka in this...
Classroom Of The Elite (Anime): Reactions by Rem_Fanatic
Classroom Of The Elite (Anime): Re...by Rem_Fanatic
Just your typical reaction fic but this only follows the anime not the Light Novel. All events that happen in the anime are same but wait something has to be different...
When the Darkest Secrets are all White by bellcajoh
When the Darkest Secrets are all W...by bell.
Ayanokouji Kiyotaka is a Second Year Class D student currently attending the Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School. After surviving the recent Uninhabited I...
Ayanokouji Gets High by vanik77
Ayanokouji Gets Highby vanika kodaka
Oneshot. Ayanokoujj gets some weed and smokes it up hahahaha, don't take this seriously i just wanted to write this because i thought it'd be interesting All thingys be...
Classroom Of The Elite Class S   by AnjaliGaur995
Classroom Of The Elite Class S by Anjali Gaur
In this story I started with Kiyotaka's background story making things right and moving towards enrolling in AHNS. It will be a little slow paced and detailed. Kiyotaka...
White Room of the Elite by EdgyKouhai
White Room of the Eliteby EdgyKouhai
Set in Year 2, Volume 2, Ayanokouji gets sent back to the White Room, with a few surprises. The worst possible ending for Classroom of the Elite. I think the artist who...
Her Sword: Classroom of the Elite by OkaneAether
Her Sword: Classroom of the Eliteby OkaneAether
Arisu Sakayanagi, without a doubt a highly intelligent individual. However her physical condition has been bad since birth. Shira Funaki, without a doubt a highly powerf...
Cote- True conquer -Classroom of the elite ,oc by latheef34
Cote- True conquer -Classroom of t...by latheef shaik
Akira Fukuhara is a cold-hearted boy who has little concern for others and crushes those who will stand in his way mercilessly. He won't care about the fact that the opp...
COTE: A Fateful Encounter In The Past by megadonkeykong
COTE: A Fateful Encounter In The P...by megadonkeykong
A lack of purpose. This is something that could describe Ayanokouji Kiyotaka after his time in the White Room. People are creatures that are defined by the experiences t...
{HIATUS} COTE : The Twin Demons by Arlicto_44
{HIATUS} COTE : The Twin Demonsby Topzhu
FORMER NAME : COTE: 3 years with her (Kiyotaka X OC) The story about two successful products of Whiteroom. Having completing the curriculum, they are ordered to enroll...
COTE: Reactions by OfTheElite
COTE: Reactionsby OfTheElite
Events take place after the island exam y1v3, events will be shown out of chronological order, mostly the most interesting and something that is very rare to find in suc...
COTE X Bakugan by JayAckerman20
COTE X Bakuganby JayAckermon20
What if the Bakugan world fused together with Classroom of the Elite world. Who is the best brawler in ANHS School the most prestigious school in the world? You'd have t...
Classroom Of The Elite: A Man Amongst Men by SenjuUzamaki
Classroom Of The Elite: A Man Amon...by Dragoon 0720
Shunsuke Sakayanagi, the younger twin brother of Arisu Sakayanagi, and the only other survivor of the White Room's Demonic 4th Generation. The only one who kept his huma...
Class D: Young Ayanokouji by timothy_g2
Class D: Young Ayanokoujiby Ayanokoujibro
Young Ayanokouji goes to ANHS all out but due to his age he will not be as op and this is going to be kind of fluffy with maybe some comedy if I can make it funny lmao. ...
The White Room Dropout by TheHuntsman1001
The White Room Dropoutby TheHuntsman1001
Kaguya Shinomiya was the beloved student council Vice President during her time at Shuuchin Academy. Her friends and fellow student council member all knew about her fam...
Whispers of the white mask | CoTE [Discontinued] by Kyouku343
Whispers of the white mask | CoTE...by Naza Kyouku
[[DISCONTINUED FOR NOW->Read my other stories for updates on this FanFic:3]] Kiyotaka Ayanokouji, may seem like a normal guy, but with simple interlocution, he can un...