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You: Ron Anderson x reader by twdx80s
You: Ron Anderson x readerby twdx80s
An imagines series for Ron Anderson from The Walking Dead.
At the Cottage [Rarl] by rarlandcarjamin
At the Cottage [Rarl]by Paige
Carl gets invited up to Ron's cottage in the summer with his family for a week. What kind of fluff and shenanigans can happen? This description probably sucks lol
we shook up the world | b.s by emlongbottom
we shook up the world | b.sby em
senior year.. the final year where we can sit in the cafeteria and talk about anything in the world.. the final year where we can sit under the stairs and engrave quotes...
Some rarl one shots by rarlandcarjamin
Some rarl one shotsby Paige
Just some rarl one shots for the gay rarl soul
The eyes of death I|I Ron Anderson by DabbingStickman
The eyes of death I|I Ron Andersonby DabbingStickman
When the dead became the living, Lilith did everything she could and fought with everything she had to survive. The world went to shit and all those zombie movies became...
Carl & Ron Preferences/Imagines by Marysa_Avery
Carl & Ron Preferences/Imaginesby Miss♡
lol this isn't a rarl book.
all i see is you ; rarl by dreamcatcher900
all i see is you ; rarlby arizonaclifford
a story in which two teen boys fall in love in a dead world.
Meant To Be by AlyssaGames
Meant To Beby alyssa
*DISCONTINUED* Savannah was living all by herself when she came across Alexandria. She recently escaped from terminus barley making it. She had lost all hope. She's had...
Austin Abrams Imagines  by CastellanLover
Austin Abrams Imagines by Cassie
I've looking around for Austin Abrams imagines but could never find any.
us ; rarl fanfic by ronstarling
us ; rarl fanficby kait
" carl , youre not going out there ." " well why not?" " because i cant loose you too. "
The Battle Has Just Began ( Ender's Game ) by rocketyonduandgroot
The Battle Has Just Began ( Ender' rocketyonduandgroot
New launchies. New problem. New challenges. New enemies. New war. Think you know everything? Think again.
1000 Miles - Chandler Riggs // Austin Abrams by danisnotinlondon
1000 Miles - Chandler Riggs // Nicole
Three best friends. Two weeks. The cast of Paper Towns. What could go wrong? Maybe a couple cast members falling in love with you, right? Poppy Delewater's life changes...
"Teenage Dirt-bag" - Rarl by XXCXIG2XX
"Teenage Dirt-bag" - Rarlby Cole
Bad boy Carl Grimes walks the halls of Alexandria high school like he owns the place with his leather jacket and ripped jeans bragging to his friends about how he's only...
Star Crossed Lovers (rarl AU) by southsidextrash
Star Crossed Lovers (rarl AU)by ell
Basically Romeo and Juliet But Its Carl and Ron . . . . Porch dick and Rick Hate each other and So should there son But what happens when They fall in love
Our Love Will Last Till The End [C.R. x Reader] by Marysa_Avery
Our Love Will Last Till The End [ Miss♡
[i was thirteen when i wrote this lmao. my writing has changed so much since then.] PG-13 FOR THE FOLLOWING ; language & mild humor You are starting a new school year an...
Skinny Latte ~ Rarl AU by glennisbae
Skinny Latte ~ Rarl AUby depressed™
~Rarl AU~ ❝I'd like a skinny Latte, please.❞ ❝Sure. Can I take your name?❞ ❝No, but I'd like to see your guess.❞ ©GlennIsBae 2016
attention [rarl - band au] by peachmoonn
attention [rarl - band au]by etta
in which carl grimes falls in love with a boy, and also happens to be really fucking good at tuba.
Found Them//R.A. by KatFire24
Found Them// KatFire
Kate Grimes and Hunter Dixon got separated from their families and group. Can they Get back to them? Will Kate be able to find love again since her ex died at the prison...