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Julian Devorak x Reader- Oneshots  by APinkTurtle
Julian Devorak x Reader- Oneshots by Pinky
I do not own Julian or The Arcana. Cover by me
Vesuvia High- The Arcana x reader modern Highschool AU by gothcrocs
Vesuvia High- The Arcana x 🌼em cee🌼
Who will you choose? Asra, the mysterious purple-eyed boy in theatre? Nadia, the tall purple haired-girl who speaks her mind? Portia, the artsy wholesome ginger-haired g...
The Arcana x Reader Oneshots by XxBunnyWritesxX
The Arcana x Reader Oneshotsby Bunny
Hello people! Its exactly as the title says, the Arcana characters x you! I'll be taking requests as well! No lemons or smut request though please. I'll be including th...
Muriel x Reader Lemon by Daisyfur275
Muriel x Reader Lemonby DaisyFur
This is LEMON/SMUT, please don't read if you're under the age of 14!!
arcana memes two  by ghostfacers67
arcana memes two by g’bye hoes
➻ monthly dose of the arcana bc im a slut for my bb's ➻ no memes are mine unless stated otherwise ➻ slower updates than the first book ➻ slight spoilers, i will try to...
The Arcana x Reader Scenarios {Book One} {FINISHED} by Curseblood17
The Arcana x Reader Scenarios { Curseblood17
This book is finished! This is book one, a second one will be made! This is all for fun so please no hate. This book will include Asra, Julian, Nadia, Muriel, Portia, L...
The Magician by CharlotteTheMouse
The Magicianby Charlotte ✨
Magic, lust, and longing collide when a magician's apprentice falls for a dark and dramatic doctor. Unbeknownst to the apprentice though, the magician's smile is all a f...
Slight pegging idk by notmyballs
Slight pegging idkby teeth
It's just Julian getting(slightly) pegged don't @ me, female body parts for mc (From The Arcana game 😌)
The user of infinite masks (op male reader x highschool dxd) by Destroyer_Creater2
The user of infinite masks (op Destroyer Creator
You are a trickster who was known to the world as a person who wears countless different faces, feels all kinds of emotions, and posses multiple personalities, each more...
One shots (mostly platonic tbh) by b34n5_
One shots (mostly platonic tbh)by robin/beans
Literally just random one-shots If anyone wants any of these to become a full story I might make it happen so just comment if u want that No smut though cause I'm awkwar...
arcana memes by ghostfacers67
arcana memesby g’bye hoes
• arcana memes • because i hate myself but love this game **warning some memes may have spoilers i guess, but i labeled mOST Of the chapters w/ them so yea **also i m...
The Arcana x Reader lemons/one shots [REQUESTS CLOSED] by EddieIsA1ive
The Arcana x Reader lemons/one Kay
The Arcana is a visual novel created by Nix Hydra. Its a murder mystery and romance novel its based off of the major 22 Arcana and Tarot cards. I SUGGEST YOU PLAY THE GA...
the arcana Headcannons/oneshots by the_cursed_toe
the arcana Headcannons/oneshotsby delilah Johnson
all characters are welcome for request 😊 volta is the only cort member I will write about if you have a request for a book or story please comment on the request page...
The Arcana memes by _Komoh_
The Arcana memesby Komunistka
What do you expect from the title
Detective prince with a black mask (MHA x Persona) by Cadjtf4
Detective prince with a black The writer hero: Cad
Izuku Akechi Midorya was always a really smart kid. He was known as the detective prince, because he could solve any crime the police couldn't! He was viewed as a charis...
Smash or Pass? by GayArtistAtTheDisco
Smash or Pass?by Swagalicious💪
Im not doing children or animals because that's weird and gross and if you don't see why touch some grass and go to therapy💀
Hyperdimension: A Thief's Tale by Shadowprince0
Hyperdimension: A Thief's Taleby Grey Karasu
A reader insert where the characters of the Hyperdimension meet a mysterious youth who became a phantom thief after falling into the Hyperdimension. Familiar faces and n...
the arcana : preferences by RamIsAWeeaboo
the arcana : preferencesby ur internet mom♥
we all love our Vesuvian bbs (and thots, cOuGh cOugh luCio-) Consisting of the main 6! ~ requests closed :( ~ [FF of The Arcana by Nix Hydra. I do not own these characte...
The Next Demon King Of Love by Shotabell
The Next Demon King Of Loveby Gaming
In the world of humans where quirks have existed for centuries something else was happening for much longer as it was far more important than those pitiful quirk, the no...