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Nadia x OC  {the Arcana} {⚠️Smut⚠️}  by AlphaWolf_z
Nadia x OC {the Arcana} {⚠️Smut⚠️ AlphaWolf_z
So basically my OC's name is Zafira. This is sort of a fanfic from the game The Arcana, you should really check it out, it's amazing, but anyway, so Zafira is a magician...
Arcana angst  by arcsssacio
Arcana angst by arcsssacio
Grab some tissues, is sad boi hours 👌
Lucio X Reader  by Ahyesstory
Lucio X Reader by Ahyesstory
Just a little Acana FanFic that uh has some NSFW. Also praise the goat man (m4f) 👈👈
Arcana Oneshots and Lemons by ArcanaFan
Arcana Oneshots and Lemonsby Ms.Devorak
I found that this site needed more Arcana love! I do Oneshots and Lemons Per-request. However, if no request comes in I'll write whatever comes to mind. I do work during...
The Arcana: His Apprentice  by kawaii_millie
The Arcana: His Apprentice by kawaii_millie
The story of how an attentive magician and his apprentice fell in love. The story of how they grew up together only to realize they were destined for each other. A story...
Come back to me// Count Lucio by dollarstorebarbie
Come back to me// Count Lucioby dumbass ™️
"What was I supposed to do? Wait around forever?" ••• In which a grieving countess mourns the death of her husband while ruling a kingdom and solving the crime...
Nothing to see here just pegging by ProbablyWeiYing
Nothing to see here just peggingby Probably Wei Ying
It's just Julian getting pegged don't @ me, female body parts for mc (From The Arcana game 😌)
The Arcana x Reader Scenarios {Book One} {Finished} by Curseblood17
The Arcana x Reader Scenarios { Curseblood17
This book is finished! This is book one, a second one will be made! This is all for fun so please no hate. This book will include Asra, Julian, Nadia, Muriel, Portia, L...
The Arcana: The Devil Reversed by Crybaby-Chan1
The Arcana: The Devil Reversedby Crybaby-Chan1
Death: Death reaps that which has run its course, allowing new life to grow in the space left behind. Do not fear change: all things must come to an end. Beauty lies in...
Vesuvia High- The Arcana x reader modern Highschool AU by gothcrocs
Vesuvia High- The Arcana x 🌼em cee🌼
Who will you choose? Asra, the mysterious purple-eyed boy in theatre? Nadia, the tall purple haired-girl who speaks her mind? Portia, the artsy wholesome ginger-haired g...
The Arcana!! One-shots!! by SammyToon
The Arcana!! One-shots!!by Sammy
This is a book full of Xreader oneshots for the game The Arcana. I do not own the characters just the scenarios. The reader is almost always GN. Currently not updating...
arcana memes by ghostfacers67
arcana memesby g’bye hoes
• arcana memes • because i hate myself but love this game **warning some memes may have spoilers i guess, but i labeled mOST Of the chapters w/ them so yea **also i m...
The Arcana - 50 Kisses by brimac0518
The Arcana - 50 Kissesby Bri
50 days of kisses from The Arcana. There will be a new story each day until the end of the series and each chapter will be a different story. Summaries and warnings will...
Asra's Route- Vesuvia High School AU by gothcrocs
Asra's Route- Vesuvia High 🌼em cee🌼
*warning* This continues the plot of the main book. If you have not read the main book do not read this one. This route follows the assumption you hung out with this cha...
The Arcana  (Main characters x reader lemons and taking request) by Green_787
The Arcana (Main characters x Green
The otome game called the Arcana where you get to interact with the characters and I'm just going to make a bit more lewd ;3
Arcana stuff (98% Muriel) by JRose1111
Arcana stuff (98% Muriel)by Jada Rose
Request arcana stuff. no ones gonna read this but I had fun making it and its mostly angsty stuff sorry and fem. reader
✧The Arcana x Reader✧ ☾One Shots☽ by fancysalmonn
✧The Arcana x Reader✧ ☾One Shots☽by Elizabeth
**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚ I'm new to writing fanfic so I hope you enjoy💕 I make my work gender-neutral unless stated otherwise :> I don't own The Arcana or any of its character...
Damsel In Distress (Arcana Famiglia FF) by BalladPhoenix
Damsel In Distress (Arcana 『 r a i 』
It's been two years since the Arcana Duello as Felicita and her friends continue with their normal, vigilante lives. Then when the day they meet a fortune teller whose s...
Sayonara Wild Heart Izuku by KenkenSite
Sayonara Wild Heart Izukuby Kenkensite
This story is inspired from the 'Sayonara Wild Heart' were our character Izuku has the same powers from all character of 'Sayonara Wild Heart'. The Fool The Devil The Mo...
One shots  by Ed_The_Smol_Bean
One shots by SupImTrash
Literally just random one-shots (mostly gay cause why not) If anyone wants any of these to become a full story I might make it happen so just comment if u want that Prob...