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Muriel x Reader One-shots by Queen_Saki1016
Muriel x Reader One-shotsby Queen_Saki1016
Just One-shots about Muriel, I'm pretty sure alot of people are looking for more Muriel action. So if y'all want requests just ask, and yes I also will write smut.
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The Arcana Oneshots by arcanathot
The Arcana Oneshotsby uwu
I guess we're all thirsty for these babes, huh? Requests always welcome. Smut included.
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Julian Devorak x Reader- Oneshots  by APinkTurtle
Julian Devorak x Reader- Oneshots by Pink 🐢
I do not own Julian or The Arcana. Cover by me
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Julian's Route- Vesuvia High School AU by gothcrocs
Julian's Route- Vesuvia High 🌼em cee🌼
*warning* This continues the plot of the main book. If you have not read the main book do not read this one. This continues with our arcana high school au. This is Julia...
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The Magician by CharlotteTheMouse
The Magicianby Charlotte ✨
Magic, lust, and longing collide when a magician's apprentice falls for a dark and dramatic doctor. Unbeknownst to the apprentice though, the magician's smile is all a f...
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LOVE LETTERS | THE ARCANA: A ᨳ 𝐬𝐨𝐫𝐞𝐧•semi ia
"Faust has brought you a message!" [X] OPEN | [ ] DISCARD "Dear Apprentice..." A series of one-shots based on the postcards sent by the Main Six in...
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The Arcana x reader by mysticalmagicians
The Arcana x readerby mysticalmagicians
One shots and short stories for the visual novel "The Arcana" I do not own The Arcana or any of its characters. All credit for the art goes to the original ar...
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arcana memes by ghostfacers67
arcana memesby g’bye hoes
• arcana memes • because i hate myself but love this game **warning some memes may have spoilers i guess, but i labeled mOST Of the chapters w/ them so yea **also i m...
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The Arcana - 50 Kisses by brimac0518
The Arcana - 50 Kissesby Bri
50 days of kisses from The Arcana. There will be a new story each day until the end of the series and each chapter will be a different story. Summaries and warnings will...
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The Arcana (Scenarios and Imagines) by Tea_Nizzle
The Arcana (Scenarios and Imagines)by UghDisBitch
Gah I love this game so much my dudes. You know the drill, my guys. Literally a bunch or what-ifs in one book. We got Asra, Nadia, Julian, Portia, Muriel, and Trash man...
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Lucio's Route Rewrite by ApprenticeClara
Lucio's Route Rewriteby Clara
A rewrite of Lucio's route with more conflict between characters and with a slower progression of the relationship between Lucio and the apprentice. Each book is split...
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After the End (Julian and MC) by ApprenticeClara
After the End (Julian and MC)by Clara
A fanfic about what happened after MC agreed to stay with Julian in the Hanged Raven. Unsatisfied with sitting and drinking for the rest of eternity, MC and Julian set o...
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The Arcana X fem! Reader by The_Great_Devil_
The Arcana X fem! Readerby Eveis Xenos
I- wow this game is a doozy requests open __ Y/n- your name H/c- hair colour E/c- eye colour - Fluffs- ~•~ Lemons- ~//•\\~ 😁 enjoy
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Vesuvia High- The Arcana x reader modern Highschool AU by gothcrocs
Vesuvia High- The Arcana x 🌼em cee🌼
Who will you choose? Asra, the mysterious purple-eyed boy in theatre? Nadia, the tall purple haired-girl who speaks her mind? Portia, the artsy wholesome ginger-haired g...
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the arcana : preferences by RamIsAWeeaboo
the arcana : preferencesby jae
we all love our Vesuvian bbs (and thots, cOuGh cOugh luCio-) Consisting of the main 6! ~ requests closed :( ~ [FF of The Arcana by Nix Hydra. I do not own these characte...
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✧The Arcana x Reader✧ ☾One Shots☽ by fancysalmonn
✧The Arcana x Reader✧ ☾One Shots☽by Elizabeth
**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚ I'm new to writing fanfic so I hope you enjoy💕 Requests on hold! I make my work gender-neutral unless stated otherwise :> I don't own The Arcana or a...
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The Arcana preferences  by im_back_from_thedead
The Arcana preferences by ...
ok so Wattpad is being all weird so while I wait for it to get its shit together I'm finally posting this book which has been in my drafts for awhile its what the title...
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The Arcana x Reader lemons/one shots [REQUESTS CLOSED] by Blaine-the-Witch-kid
The Arcana x Reader lemons/one Trash 😛
The Arcana is a visual novel created by Nix Hydra. Its a murder mystery and romance novel its based off of the major 22 Arcana and Tarot cards. I SUGGEST YOU PLAY THE GA...
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The arcana preferences & scenarios  by honestlymc
The arcana preferences & scenarios by Mc
Small book of scenarios for my best people! Request for small one shots
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*The Arcana*Imagines,Preferences,Oneshots,and More! by Maybe_Mn
*The Arcana*Imagines,Preferences, MaybeMn
So I'm in love with everything Nix Hydra has ever made so I bring you! The arcana Oneshots! * * Characters: Julian Lucio Muriel Asra Portia * Will include: Spoilers PG1...
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