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clout | roadtrip by justapenname
clout | roadtripby B :) x
"You're only with him for the clout" Roadtrip Youtube!AU ft the commentary crew UK randy sacklyn will/mia james/aria
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The Ice Queen || Randy by -_B-4_-
The Ice Queen || Randyby b-4
《 don't go near the Fire King, you're gonna get burn again 》 ... [ Where andy and rye are the most popular guys at school, andy as the cold, loner, famous model and rye...
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Don't regret. (Finished) by cherryryes
Don't regret. (Finished)by Ana 🍒
I never imagined that something like this would happen to us, that after so much time together we would finish as we finished. I never imagined my feelings or imagined...
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The Tokyo Hotel by ManonFowler
The Tokyo Hotelby *Shipping Randy*
"The Tokyo Hotel, the people called it the hotel of despair. I never thought I'd ever be so desperate to even consider living there. Yet here I was, booking a room...
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Abused Heart by Mirrored_Thoughts
Abused Heartby Mirrored Thoughts
WARNING OF ABUSIVE CONTENT Drugs, physical, mental, self, sexual, language (jack) I was slammed against the wall of Dustin's room, Dustin's right hand keeping both my wr...
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dude bros ; roadtrip by cloudyky
dude bros ; roadtripby k 🎄
just some texts between bros being bros totally not gay hahah - randy , harplyn & some bronny 😋👍
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Jacklyn and randy Oneshots  by multifandomKENZIE
Jacklyn and randy Oneshots by Kenzie Marie
Honestly it is what is it a Jacklyn and Randy one shots
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Roadtrip Oneshots (Smut & Fluff) by quiet_roadie
Roadtrip Oneshots (Smut & Fluff)by quiet_roadie
First one shot book! Please keep in mind that I am an adult writing an adult stories, they are definitely 18+. It's mostly smut. Please read that on your own risk, I wo...
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After The Show - RT by DolanTRoadtrip
After The Show - RTby Ryes bby
RoadTripTV fanfic Only the band knows what happens after the show. Is everything just that? A show?
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Dead Inside (Randy Smut) by brolby691
Dead Inside (Randy Smut)by randys_peachy.bum
this story contains attempts of rape it also includes smut, abuse, and self harm. If you don't like any of thoes I will put up a warning for them so you can skip the cha...
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Roadtrip Smut Oneshots  by wheezerobertson
Roadtrip Smut Oneshots by wheezerobertson
No pg kids😏 Requests are open✌
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My everything! by squishyduff
My everything!by Caz
Jack is just a boy from Ireland trying to find himself after his nan passes ? Brook rye Andy and mikey are finding a fifth member of the band roadtrip ? Couples and dra...
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Falling for my bestfriend/jacklyn  by lilliegibbs5
Falling for my bestfriend/jacklyn by Lil123
Jacklyn story..
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Anything For You Princess 💫 //Randy [ UNDER EDITING ] by Fovvia
Anything For You Princess 💫 //Ran...by Fovvia
"This marriage is a compromise. I won't love you ever. Do you understand, princess?" "Stop calling me that. I know this marriage means nothing. I won't b...
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Roadtrip Sickfics ♡ by FeverForRoadtrip
Roadtrip Sickfics ♡by Apple Juice Flood
Stories when Roadtrip are sick, HRVY may also be featured. Some in the old flat and some in Hogwarts.
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The Words I was Never Able to Say// Jacklyn   by dumbshetz
The Words I was Never Able to Say...by 🤍
"I'm the newest member of the broken hearts club We hate every little thing about the people that we love We're the let-down, we're the lied-to."
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Clichè  by andyfowlerishot
Clichè by :))
Brooklyn the popular guy and the depressed gay, Jack but who falls for who?
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Soulmates🥀/Jacklyn by jacklyn_emma
Soulmates🥀/Jacklynby jacklyn_emma
Two simple friends, a band, a passion in common and an impossible love. Life's challenges are too many to deal with on your own and sometimes you need support. Protect...
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Treat You Better ➳ Jacklyn (DISCONTINUED) by adorkablefovvs
Treat You Better ➳ Jacklyn (DISCON...by 𝙡𝙖𝙪𝙧𝙚𝙣
I know I can Treat You Better. Better than he can. Based of the song Treat You Better by Shawn Mendes ¡PLEASE DONT STEAL THIS IDEA I WORKED REALLY HARD ON IT WJWHDHD! St...
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"The Last Removed Universe" [Bronny x Randy ] by xxfovvsxx
"The Last Removed Universe" [Bronn...by Lele
In a dark and cold dezember night, Sonny decided to leave the club he was in. He's on his way to change his personality and after he accidentally meet the four guys from...
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