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Their Lost Mafia Princess  by Tianawrites_
Their Lost Mafia Princess by Tianawrites_
Camila Costello, daughter of Alessandro Costello, was taken away from her dad and siblings , at the young age of 5 by her mother as a revenge towards her father after t...
Family ties by _crazy_hooman_
Family tiesby _crazy_hooman_
•[COMPLETED]• Leah Stevenson is her name. She lives a happy life unbeknownst of the things that had happened at the time of her birth. 16 years later, she is still una...
Survivor  by Ruqhaven
Survivor by rain_writes🍁
"When you learn to survive without anyone, you can survive anything." Giovanna Parker, or should I say Accardi? A 14 year old girl who has it tough. On the rec...
The Neglected Daughter by idek_noelle
The Neglected Daughterby Noelle
Aurora, a 20 year old woman, was always abused and neglected by her family because her mother died shortly after giving birth to her and her twin sister. Aurora's twin s...
The Lost De'Luca by SymplyNath
The Lost De'Lucaby SymplyNath
Amazing cover by Anel_Graphics Gabriella De'Luca is a cold fifteen year old girl, who has had to go through extreme hardships everyday of her life. Constantly being abus...
Secrets Know No Bounds by Lisa30380
Secrets Know No Boundsby Lisa30380
Her life is full of secrets, lies, and death. Davina specializes in the art of deception when she isn't killing her way through life. As a new and upcoming Donna, she...
Darkness. by Lauren60789
#7 Lauren Phillips
Ace Alessio Adrin and Arabelle Salvatore. They brothers rule the underworld and is known as the "Murderous Three" but each of them have there own title. Ace is...
𝓝𝓪𝓽𝓪𝓵𝓲𝓮𝓼  𝓼𝓽𝓸𝓻𝔂 by Jaida_117
𝓝𝓪𝓽𝓪𝓵𝓲𝓮𝓼 𝓼𝓽𝓸𝓻𝔂by Jaida_117
This is a story about Natalie a 6 year old girl who was the mafia princess of the Rossi family alongside her twin sister Maddie who had 7 brothers and a father that love...
FOUND YOU | Discontinued by hellogirlz123
FOUND YOU | Discontinuedby EllaMarley
PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS THEIR INNOCENT BAMBINA Violet is a 14 year old girl living with her abusive mom and stepdad She was kidnapped from her family at age of 3 by her own...
My Soft Mafia | hiatus  by kalon26
My Soft Mafia | hiatus by Hope
RE-WRITTEN VERSION 'Soft' is the word a Don shouldn't be, a Don should be aggressive, sadist cruel. A Soft Don shouldn't exist, not in the mafia. Yet it does, Gulf Kan...
Her Arrival by wordsbewritten
Her Arrivalby WordsbeWritten
Cordahlia moved away from her best friend Hallow when she was 12. Now at the bright age of 17, she decides to take control of her life and move back. What happens when C...
"Bro! Are you totally ready for this?" Kell asked her best friend and the mafia queen who is getting ready for her first attack on her biggest nightmare. "...
The Gamborelli's by Nyx1299
The Gamborelli'sby Nyx1299
Isabella Gamborelli was taken by her mother from her family when she was just 3 years old . Her heartbroken father and brothers have been searching for her ever since...
DESTINIED TO BE ..... TOGETHER#1 (Mafia romance story) by HIM123R5
DESTINIED TO BE ..... TOGETHER#1 ( Himani Nirban
Amara Wilson was the daughter of American Mafia The third most powerful Mafia in the world. She has to marry due to an alliance. With Satan himself. Dante Morani Heir of...
For Better Or For Worse (completed) by ima_bossyouaworker
For Better Or For Worse (completed)by ima_bossyouaworker
Arranged marriages, are the sort of tricky affair. They are the gamble that both the groom Jack Gilinsky and the bride, myself, Rebecca Marino are about to play. The en...
Running from Russia by RainyShandows
Running from Russiaby Littlethings
Kylie Reed, new high school graduate. Enjoying her last summer in la before going to NYU for school. She'd done her best to live a quiet life, but ultimately fails when...
Henry Grant - American Mobster by HenryLovesWar
Henry Grant - American Mobsterby Henry Kramer
Henry Grant. The only living motherfucker to tell a story about the mob. He's not here to play games. He's only here to make money, survive, and kill any motherfucker to...
Elysian  by Mystic-Adventures
Elysian by Mystic_Adventures
Auralia Rosalina Black, she's the definition of a warrior, lost so much, gained much more. "Every time she falls, the fire inside her burns much more brighter and t...
 The heir  by kid__kiri
The heir by Faith.
Nina West the only child of the West. Her father is to give her their West empire but with one condition she must have a child. Her own not adopt . So Nina sleeps wit...
The Ex Protection  by LunarInSpace
The Ex Protection by Cxme@mebxtch
⚠️MATURE TOPICS, AND MATURE SENSE⚠️ Max go to the bank to deposit some money into her bank account. While there, the bank Max is at is getting robbed. One of the five r...