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STAY by purplynina
STAYby ~Nina~
Another great adventure... Another truth will be revealed. The secret of the past. But why he can't remember? Is it really is his memory or a dream? [Disclaimer] All the...
Mission for Us by tupaioren
Mission for Usby ish.
A Power Sfera Universe's fanfiction. Disclaimer ; Boboiboy and Mechamato belong to Monsta. A surprise visit from the Armoured Hero shocked the team, especially the leade...
Secrets Revealed by Zena_Nakamura
Secrets Revealedby ᴢᴇɴᴀ
This story takes place after Boboiboy Movie 2..... Boboiboy and his friends are now at earth after the incident of Retakka'... Is there something boboiboy didn't tell hi...
•Somebody Pls Save Me• by Hxku_Hikxru_
•Somebody Pls Save Me•by Hxku_
Just read if you want
Outerspace (✔) by m3xhoshii
Outerspace (✔)by Hoshi
Story cover isnt mine! This belongs to its rightful owner! Started: June 21st, 2023 Ended: July 25th, 2023
BBB One-shots by dalmafran
BBB One-shotsby Vinex
just one-shots mostly someone will die disclaimer every character used belongs to monsta
Reverse by SarahIshfaq16
Reverseby Sarah
After an unfortunate event, BoBoiBoy has to encounter his own evil self stopping him to do evil, while Reverse want BoBoiBoy to join him in ruling over the galaxy. What...
BoBoiBoy reaction (Vacation)  by Cirpyyyy_Chicken
BoBoiBoy reaction (Vacation) by Cirp
At last, the elemental hero and his gang were just about to rest after a fight with Bora Ra when suddenly they were teleported to a.. .. Cinema room..? And it looks li...
BoBoiBoy ( New Adventure ) 📖 by Thalassophile_2125
BoBoiBoy ( New Adventure ) 📖by 𝒯𝒾𝓈𝓎𝒶 🦋
Boboiboy and his friends got a new mission , which is to help all of the Laskar Station crews to track and save all of the Power Spheres . A little son and dad moment as...
The Truth: To Be Discovered by Mahika_2121
The Truth: To Be Discoveredby Mahika_2121
Our heroes have been enjoying their time in planet Earth with their family members. But sadly, they were ordered to go to a mission in Laskar Station. New villains will...
Kokotiam's Adventures In Laskar Station  by Anastasia_Fleur
Kokotiam's Adventures In Laskar Anastasia_Fleur
-This event took place after BoBoiBoy Movie 2 (My Au) BoBoiBoy and His friends Go to Laskar Station To replace some of the workers for a while. As they stay longer the G...
[BBB X BNHA/MHA] Bittersweetness In A Different World (TEMP HIATUS) by ShuOfChaos
[BBB X BNHA/MHA] Bittersweetness Shu
After defeating Retak'ka, Boboiboy and his friends (excluding Ochobot) were suddenly teleported to a grass field in an unfamiliar forest. Unbeknownst to them, they are...
I will be there for you by Rhythm_MG
I will be there for youby Satakshi
After Boboiboy's battle with Ratak'ka Commander Cocochi ordered them to stay on Earth therefore Tapops - U was created but what after they went back to Tapops? Is there...
Exploring The Past by Fliingo
Exploring The Pastby Fliingo
Hello there, this is my first wattpad story. Hope you enjoy it. This story may contain: 1. Typos 2. Grammatical errors 3. Blood 4. Slow Updates 5. No ships Note: The co...
Prince | BoBoiBoy fanfiction by SarahIshfaq16
Prince | BoBoiBoy fanfictionby Sarah
BoBoiBoy is a Prince!! He ran from his kingdom to earth because he don't want to be a royal. Read this to know what happens if everyone get to know about his secret and...
Protector of the Multiverse by AishaZero9i18r
Protector of the Multiverseby DiZAHster
Does the concept of multiverse exist? Is there any world existing from our own out there? They need no justified answer for that, but for whatever happening, they swear...
My Trauma by SarahIshfaq16
My Traumaby Sarah
Everyone has a past. But some people have it in a different way. That was the case for BoBoiBoy. With both of his parents high ranking generals in their respected statio...
Mystery (Mechamato FF) by Sy1r4hh
Mystery (Mechamato FF)by
None of the characters belong to me! original credits go to Monsta! I only own my oc's. cover of the story is not mine. ------------------------- When a small but short...
Hidden Trouble by Shinichi2504
Hidden Troubleby Shinichi2504
Boboiboy and his friends are given a mission to protect a station for 2 weeks. The grand encounter make Boboiboy can't focus doing his mission, can Boboiboy do this miss...
Save me by Lunar_Crystall
Save meby Lunar_Crystall
Hi, well you see im not really good at English... so sorry if there was a wrong spelling... so.... enjoy..! ^^ #boboiboy #boboiboyreverse #gopal #yaya #ying #fang #amato