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One in a Million  by Queen_FP
One in a Million by Queen_FP
A galaxy plagued by war, death, and division. All sides are fighting for power. Where one side has a droid army, the other has clones fighting for them. Those clones are...
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Reaper 76 before Overwatch by Crawloffame
Reaper 76 before Overwatchby Crawloffame
Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes when in training to join overwatch. (Reaper 76 when they where training to be soldiers and before they hated each other) Reaper 76 when t...
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Left Right Left : A different view . by ZindagiKeRang
Left Right Left : A different Afaf Siddiqui
A story that was left incomplete. A story of friendship, longing, love, and family. A story filled with the strongest and purest emotions. The story basically takes pla...
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Attack On Titan: Fire Away || Eren Jaegar X OC by BesideBlueSide
Attack On Titan: Fire Away || BRIDGET
"A loud, crunching sound filled the air of the courtyard. And . . .just like that, everything changed. At that terrible moment, deep in our hearts, we knew that hom...
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Rajveer Naina (courtship and Mysteries) by chetna786
Rajveer Naina (courtship and chetna786
This story is based on the show left right left.... Story of 6 cadets have diffrent dreams, ambition and a mentor offf captain rajveer singh shekhawat.... A perfect sol...
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Top Wing: Nightmare Vision by trunotwen
Top Wing: Nightmare Visionby trutru
'Penny has a nightmare that had to do with Swift, and asks him if she can sleep next to him. But what will she do when her nightmare becomes real?' There aren't many Top...
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The other side by purpleguy301
The other sideby purpleguy301
Normally, when we think of robots, we think of radio controlled animatronics and machines. However, what if science got more advanced and robots actually turned into hum...
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Highest ranking #194 in FF 21.5.17 AN LRL FAN FICTION A story about two friends Rajveer and Naina who knows each other from their childhood. They have their own love h...
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The Lost City of Al-Kimiya by Eliviasalt
The Lost City of Al-Kimiyaby Elivia Salt
The Noire family curse is out for blood. Zenetra Noire must remain vigilant, especially after joining the Constabulary Force as a cadet-in-training. A distress call rad...
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The Right Thing - A Star Wars Rebels Story by Lothal_Lavender
The Right Thing - A Star Wars 𝐿𝑜𝓉𝒽𝒶𝓁 𝐿𝒶𝓋𝑒𝓃𝒹𝑒𝓇
Ezra meets a girl from the Empire. Reann Tomvig. She's always so quiet and even conflicted from the things she has seen there. Ezra convinces her life will be better onc...
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House of night returns by anime_chloe
House of night returnsby leighanne
After Zoey Redbird and James Stark have a little girl named Carrie, Neffret returns and plot twists she erased Carrie's existence in the world and causes many problems...
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I'll Protect You ( 07 Ghost Fanfic ) ( ON HOLD ) by TheresaVille
I'll Protect You ( 07 Ghost Alice (ᅌᴗᅌ* )
A hasty escape from THAT place where neither Teito nor Alice ever want to meet again. A few hasty deaths and no explanations for either of them. Confusing situations and...
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C.A.T.  The Cadet Officer Candidates by aeonsiege
C.A.T. The Cadet Officer aeonsiege
C.A.T. stands for Citizen's Army Training. This story is a throwback to high school military training in the 90s way back when to be on the top rank is almost impossibl...
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Top Wing: Looking Out For You by trunotwen
Top Wing: Looking Out For Youby trutru
Speedy and Bea have been together for some time, but Speedy sometimes does things that causes Bea to worry. One-shot SpeedyxBea, Speedy x Bea Minor Swift x Penny
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Attack on Titan Chatroom by _Maximoff_Twins_
Attack on Titan Chatroomby Ronin/SkrillQueen
The gang has gotten e-mail addresses and have started using a chatroom. Usernames: Eren is Titan_HUNTER Mikasa is RedScarfSoldier Armin is Bookworm Jean is Not-a-horse-f...
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Attack on Titan Picture Book by BitterSweet_Shade
Attack on Titan Picture Bookby BitterSweetNightShade
I've had a lot of Shingeki no Kyojin pictures saved on my camera roll so I decided to dispose of them the best way I knew how! Boom. This happened. Yes, it includes Erer...
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YA I'M A FEMALE SNIPER (military journal) by huntergirl243
YA I'M A FEMALE SNIPER (military huntergirl243
I am a Texan girl named Nicole Heisenberg. Who has forever wanted to be the most lethal sniper in the world, but my parents didn't have the money. So I worked on the we...
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Cadet love  by jiminlaiz
Cadet love by jax
This is gonna be a jrotc theme and I never seen a jrotc or army jikook theme so I thought why not gove a chance So jung kook is a A freshman starting the JROTC Program...
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Cadets by AliceFarnsworth
Cadetsby Alice Farnsworth
Twelve unconscious 13 year-olds sent to the most disciplined military school in the world by their rich parents. What could go wrong?
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