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The Aliens Pet by -DyslexicTwat-
The Aliens Petby DyslexicTwat
What happens when a boy with anxiety gets abducted by aliens? Read 'The Aliens Pet' to find out *a human pet story*
Diamond Heart | Voltron (Keith Kogane) [4] by HouseofOriginals
Diamond Heart | Voltron (Keith HouseofOriginals
Dia·mond dai·muhnd (N.) A precious stone consisting of a clear and colorless crystalline form of pure carbon, the hardest naturally occurring substance. Heart haart (N.)...
Falling Skies- Fight For Survival  by CheniseRobson93
Falling Skies- Fight For Survival by Chenise Robson
Skylar has been on her own since they came. But before that she was a normal girl, went to school, got straight A's, baby sat for money. Until she runs into an old frien...
Humans are Space Orcs by Queen-Kaledio-Stone
Humans are Space Orcsby Kaledio Stone
This is not mine, I took inspiration from many tumblr posts. To find the originals I'd look up Humans are Space Orcs in google images.
What happened? by emiewonders
What happened?by Don't care
A girl is abducted by some strange creature and strange things start to happen to her... Poor vision. Hair that changes colors and shape shifting
donde estas tu, quiero estar yo by user66034504
donde estas tu, quiero estar yoby lizbeth
Alex siempre se pregunta en donde trabaja su madre, y de donde viene Alma, su enamorada ya que según el, ella es demasiado perfecta para ser "humana" El no cr...
Dawnstar by ComicWritter123
Dawnstarby DawnStar
The Year 2340, a war among men over power happened destroying the Earth into pieces of the planet. All five areas of Earth adapted to the new ways of life among there pl...
Last Contact by IamTheNeonDemon
Last Contactby IamTheNeonDemon .
After war-ridden earth was attacked by aliens during the '80s, they went away never to be seen again, a small town of only 50 has resurfaced 30 years later and made them...
SCION OF EVIL by PunyaPradhan
SCION OF EVILby Punya Pradhan
What would happen if earth as we know it changed the demons and monsters of our dream comes to life in just a second without any notice? What would happen if humanity wa...
Love on fire || Peter Parker by _Whitewolf_01
Love on fire || Peter Parkerby _Whitewolf_01
" No one ever said love was easy, but they never said it felt like fire". It's not easy being a teenager but try being a teenager who was bred and raised to be...
The Grey Ones by Cecyulloa03
The Grey Onesby Cecyulloa03
This is a guide to find out if The Grey Ones will be abducting someone is your household.
F.O.U.N.D. Found Out Ufo's Never Died by greekfreak
F.O.U.N.D. Found Out Ufo's Never greekfreak
When Maddie was little, her grandfather told her stories. But one got her attention. Aliens. Her Grandfather told them they were real but she just shook it off. While ou...
Moon Twins by Zendo_Nuggiez
Moon Twinsby Kk
Two twin girls from Spacia(A planet in outer space) were sent to earth for safety becuase their planet was at war. The first born twin, Mikayla, she is Mature, negative...
One of the Last (A Doctor Who Fanfic) by thegeekwithapen
One of the Last (A Doctor Who pReTZeLS
Raven is no more than regular girl. Regular 25 year old cop. While working, something crash lands onto the streets of London. Her life then changes forever. (Eleventh Do...
Wonders of Time by The_Ninja_
Wonders of Timeby Ella
Whisp has always led a normal teenage life but when military tanks drive down her boring neighborhood road she has to follow them leading to a life changing experience.
We come high by KyleighMorton
We come highby Kyleigh Morton
Aliens come to earth, but they have a problem they are addicted to weed. This may seem bad, but it may be the best thing that has ever happened to earth.
The Monster Called Teen by The_Author786
The Monster Called Teenby The_Author786
Being young is strange. Always being looked down on, not knowing anything, and having a big brother in high school, that's the strangest of all.
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