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Bella (Aang/oc) fanart book by Rosellaisrose81
Bella (Aang/oc) fanart bookby rosella crystal♡._.
Disclaimer: the only thing I own in this book is the artwork, Isabella belongs to mroe03 and other characters belong to Nickelodeon. so I've been reading this cool story...
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Journey To Another World (An Avatar The Last Airbender FanFic) by TheIdkmobel
Journey To Another World (An TheIdkmobel
Ava is a normal teenager. One morning when her mom is listening to her favorite song right after a snowstorm, her life flips upsidedown. Suddenly she is in the Avatar th...
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Reborn In Water by bfox16
Reborn In Waterby Blake
The Avatar and the Akira; the devine teacher and the protector; yin and yang. When the world needed them most, they vanished. Many believe the Avatar was never born agai...
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The Waterbender of kyoshi by SilverGhost95
The Waterbender of kyoshiby _Kasumi_chan_
Kiara was not just an ordinary girl she was an Waterbender from the Southern watertibe just like her best-friends Katara and her brother Sokka. Kiara who is strong very...
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WINDSPOKEN by AuthorClarke
WINDSPOKENby 🎃 Josh Clarke 🎃
For centuries, the windspeakers have been the mediators between the heavens and humankind, devoting their lives to maintaining the connection between the Sky and her peo...
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Unforgettable ✧ Zuko x OC by mandapanda505
Unforgettable ✧ Zuko x OCby Amanda
Sena knew she was different than her sister. She had black hair and blue eyes and her sister brown and blue. She had longer hair and her sister short. She was smaller an...
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The Other Avatar: Fairy Tail x Avatar (ATLA) by dippitylovelygirl
The Other Avatar: Fairy Tail x Dippity~Chan
Fairy Tail X Avatar The Last Airbender After an awful attack at fairy tail which results in a couple of deaths, Lucy is given a chance in another world- without her keys...
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SPIRITS || ATLA FF|| by 117766n
SPIRITS || ATLA FF||by 117766n
All her life, Ayumi had always felt used by everyone. Despite being a princess, in everyone else's eyes she was just a shiny toy to play with then throw away. To her ste...
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Alara's Tale Book I : Water by writersblock707
Alara's Tale Book I : Waterby MC
AN AVATAR : THE LAST AIRBENDER FANFICTION BOOK I : WATER "You-You're alive?" ~~~~ "Expecting someone else?" ~~~~ "Wait don't go!" ~~~~ ...
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S1E1: The Boys in The Iceberg by LokiSt8s
S1E1: The Boys in The Icebergby HerLokiManns
Sokka and Katara were out on the ocean for fish, but what they got instead was the bundle-of-joy savior of the world and his less enthused guard. This follows the first...
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The Lost Girl (ALTA X OC) by RealityIsAnIllusion_
The Lost Girl (ALTA X OC)by Little Weird Girl
Everyone thinks Aang is the last air bender. Everyone thinks the avatar is the savior. But what about the lost girl? What if he is not the last of his "kind"...
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Avatar: The New Hero Saga. "BOOK 2: DESTINY" (Still Going) by Cstories11
Avatar: The New Hero Saga. "BOOK Awesome_Stories_4_U_All!
(Note: this story varies from the original cannon) It is now six months since the end of the Grand Turf War. Avatar Ryu Honoo has become a powerful and influential hero...
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Zuko x Reader: Love Burns by demonicxchaos
Zuko x Reader: Love Burnsby demonicxchaos
(Y/N)'s parents were close friends with the Fire Lord, so it was only fit that when they passed, she would be taken in by the royal family. And so she was. And then she...
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𝕞𝕠𝕚𝕣𝕒 ▷ avatar the last airbender by PEACHYGRAMS
𝕞𝕠𝕚𝕣𝕒 ▷ avatar the last ㅡ°❧
ᴍᴏɪʀᴀ (ɴ.) ᴀ ᴘᴇʀsᴏɴs ᴅᴇsᴛɪɴʏ in which yue has a twin sister. [ extended summ. inside ]
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Broken (Park Jimin x Reader) by Kim_Seokki
Broken (Park Jimin x Reader)by Kim_Seokki
Kim Y/N suffers from depression and anxiety because of her broken past. It gets worse every day as she is bullied and unwanted by everyone around her. She transfers sch...
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Courting A Prince by Miokichi
Courting A Princeby Mio
You remember Avatar the last Airbender? Remember Prince Zuko? Yeah, I seem to keep bumping into him since I've reincarnated into an earth tribe. I wanted to live quietl...
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{The Great Spirit} II ~ an avatar the last airbender story by greenleavegarden
{The Great Spirit} II ~ an lore
Book II Water, earth, fire, air Long ago the four nations lived together in harmony, then everything changed when the fire nation attacked. Only the avatar, master of...
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Blind love (Toph x blind male reader) by Puggles_worth1
Blind love (Toph x blind male Puggles_worth1
You were frozen in the ice berg with Aang by accident when you fell backwards and were nocked out on Appa's back, now you follow team avatar, what will it be like to mee...
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Dragon Princess by hannahruth1999
Dragon Princessby hannahruth1999
What if Zuko had a second sister, one who bore more dragon blood than the rest of her siblings. The Dragon blood grew stronger with each child. Zuko took the mind of th...
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The Guardian of the Avatar.  by Stevens19
The Guardian of the Avatar. by Stevens19
History can leave things out, the truth is not always what they tell you. The truth is that Aang wasn't the last Airbender.
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