Agent Whirlpool (HOO/PJO/AOS crossover)

Agent Whirlpool (HOO/PJO/AOS crossover)

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TheBlackBasilisk By TheBlackBasilisk Updated Jul 08, 2018

Percy Jackson is betrayed by every one of the godly worlds. He then left his so-called home. He disappears without a trace of him anywhere. Five years after his banishment, he is recalled, but he seemed to be missing. This caused everyone to panic, especially his ex-girlfriend, Annabeth Chase.

Coulson and his team are looking at the possible people who are powered individuals. And this person is said to be powerful enough to destroy the entire world with enough emotion. Coulson sends his team to get this person. The one person who is worried the most is probably Daisy Johnson.

Skye is haunted by her past. She is feeling regret for leaving her bestfriend, Percy Jackson. Her crush. Her everything. If she has a chance to meet him, she would take it in a heartbeat. She really misses him and wants to continue their friendship.

Who will get Percy Jackson first! Will it be Skye, Coulson's team, or Percy's ex-friends? Explore the incredible journey of Percy Jackson across the world! Will there be a romantic tension between Skye and Annabeth, yes there will be! Have fun reading.

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