Abusedbakugo Stories

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"Kill me"  •| TodoBaku |• by VintageFlowers20off
"Kill me" •| TodoBaku |•by VintageFlowers20
•Bakugou has been abused by his mother since his father died in a car crash a few years back. He's in pain but continues to keep up his mean charade. No one, not even hi...
Smoking Buddies ||BNHA Platonic Todobaku||Depressed Bakugo|| by Dogey07
Smoking Buddies ||BNHA Platonic To...by Dogey07
After the death of his best friend, along with abuse from his mother and ignorance from his father, Katsuki Bakugo went into depression. He relieves himself by smoking c...
Riptide by this_is_me794
Riptideby madisyn Rose
After bakugo gets into u.a Mitsuki and Musaru still arn't satisfied eventually somebody notices changes in katsuki's behavior ⚠️Rape⚠️ ⚠️Cutting⚠️ ⚠️Attempted suicide⚠️...
crossdressing bakugo {kiribaku} by Naikawa
crossdressing bakugo {kiribaku}by Naikawa
bakugo has always been attracted to more "feminine" clothes but has to hide how he really feels from his abusive mother and the people he cares about most. he'...
I'll help you (depressed Bakugo x Deku) by ZivileLaurinaviciute
I'll help you (depressed Bakugo x...by BakuDekuFan
Izuku Midoriya is a new student in UA high school. He meets an angry boy named Katsuki Bakugo. What Izuku doesn't know is that Bakugo is the softest boy he met and all t...
Bakugo's 5 day deal by ReallyTiredLol
Bakugo's 5 day dealby 💤Sleepy💤
I'm honestly ashamed of this book. I wrote it some time ago and it just has so many things wrong in it and is overall cringe. I am planning to write a different and bett...
My Hero [Rewriting] by xemjar
My Hero [Rewriting]by xemjar
(On hold) -viewer discretion is advised- Running in the rain with a broken body the fragile boy cries. It's enough, everything is enough but it still continues to pile...
🌺🌸Lover🌷🌸 by Lovepolice
🌺🌸Lover🌷🌸by The Love Police
🌺I do not own my hero academia or the cover art 🌺sorry if you find this book offensive in any way ⚠trigger warning⚠ ...
All alone. (Depressed bakugou) by Autolampxcos
All alone. (Depressed bakugou)by AutoLamp
What is izuku listened to bakugou? What if he took his advice? What if bakugou confessed the only reason he bullied Deku was because he loved him? and what if this all h...
Misunderstood (HIATUS) by missy0614
Misunderstood (HIATUS)by TodoBakuStan🤭
Katsuki Bakugo: selfish, hot headed, disrespectful and cold-hearted. Or so they thought, what happens when the mask falls and he does the unthinkable? ⚠️TW⚠️- I will be...
Clocks | BakuDeku by spaceyeraser
Clocks | BakuDekuby quinn
Bakugo Katsuki has been abused his whole life by his mother for being transgender. Now he's deaf and depressed. Will Deku and his twin sister Kasumi be able to save him...
giving them what they want by MIODIOWWRRRYYYY
giving them what they wantby Mio_Dio
katsuki bakugou has everything, a amazing quirk, loveing patients, loyal friends, what more could a guy want? even though he never showed it he loved his parents, friend...
The truth ( Abused Bakugo) by Dekukun351
The truth ( Abused Bakugo)by Deku -kun
When izuku complains about wanting to go home bakugo speaks up and tells them how his home life is What will happen to bakugo What would deku do once he found out Read t...
The rules  by itzme___gosh
The rules by itzme___gosh
*Not good at descriptions so please just read if the title and tags interest you Sorry I am not a good writer if you want to now more about the story click on it and rea...
a world between us by pretzel345
a world between usby halo420
abused and used bakugo strives to be a hero and attends the worlds best hero school. bullied and traumatised izuku wanted to be a hero but with no quirk he chooses a di...