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Since Day One (Newt FanFic) by SinceDayOneNewt
Since Day One (Newt FanFic)by SinceDayOneNewt
You are the second glader, after Alby. (Feel free to image you look like yourself if the picture and description don't match you) You are the co-second-in-command with N...
Newt X Reader by _-Spyro-_
Newt X Readerby Parker-6A5
☆~°His Cure°~☆ ☆~°Newt X Reader°~☆ ~°☆°~ (Y/N) was one of the first Gladers, she was only 13 when she arrived not long after Alby and Minho, Newt came up just after her...
The One - Newt x Reader Book 1 by spideynewt29
The One - Newt x Reader Book 1by spideynewt29
Everything was normal before Thomas showed up. Then y/n and Teresa came up through the box and everything went south. The maze acts up, the people go crazy, and the worl...
[Completed] Dearly Beloved (SVSSS) Shen Qingqiu x Shen Yuan by EchoVoiceless
[Completed] Dearly Beloved (SVSSS)...by VoicelessEcho
Despite the popular belief that he was flighty by nature, and if you weren't familiar with his little quirks and nuances, you might mistake his thoughtful expression for...
I hate blue. // Newt TMR by halloweenluvr
I hate blue. // Newt TMRby cherry
After finding herself in a strange place with memories lost, she's welcomed in with open arms. But not by everyone. One specific glader has taken a disliking to the only...
Beginnings NewtXReader by Lou_Hazza_28
Beginnings NewtXReaderby Larry_28
Y/N just woke up in the box along with a few other boys we are the first people to ever get sent up in the box, the first who learn about the glade and how to survive th...
Strážce Subjektu A7 by smudlinka18
Strážce Subjektu A7by smudlinka18
,, Proč si sem chtěla doopravdy?" ,, Něco mě sem táhlo." ,, Co?" ,, Vzpomínky." \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ,, Pro koho si pracovala...
Sad Newt Imagines by names-newt-greenie
Sad Newt Imaginesby Mckennah💞
Title pretty much explains it all :)
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Home by Bellaobsessed
Homeby 𝓑𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓪
I'm bad that these so I'm saying this Stiles was Thomas past life and well just read it you will understand
The Brave and the Broken by callmecaptaingally
The Brave and the Brokenby Nikkolette Ragsdale-Smith
Marie wakes up in a mysterious cage with no memories from her previous life except for her name and how things work. When the cage opens, she finds herself surrounded by...
Thomas-Brodie-Sangster Imagines by HoneyBunnyBooBear
Thomas-Brodie-Sangster Imaginesby <3
Includes him and his characters. Mostly Newt. Just some cute oneshots and things I felt like doing. Have fun yall! ⚠️REQUEST OPEN⚠️
Maze Runner Imagines and Preferences :) by just2tmrfangirls
Maze Runner Imagines and Preferenc...by just2tmrfangirls
Requests are taken ;) Maze Runner Imagines *NO SMUT*
Multi fandom series  by crankpalxce
Multi fandom series by ᴇᴍʀʏs
Mostly about Harry Potter and the maze runner.
Newt by 1Direction10Years
Newtby iLove1Direction
Hi my fellow Newt lovers! I wrote this little poem in honor of Newt a.k.a The Glue. Newt is such an inspiration and great friend. He will always be loved and remembered...
She Changed everything || newt x reader by saschaclaessen
She Changed everything || newt x r...by Atla 💨🔥💧🍀
The gladers thought Teresa was the last one but they were wrong. Weird things start to happen. Read the book to see what happens