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Socials by Irish_Wolves
Socialsby L.W
Just all my socials
TBATE | God's Intervention- A Story Reaction by Im_a_Tbate_lover
TBATE | God's Intervention- A Im_a_Tbate_lover
[A TBATE Fanfiction] Grey, and the Alacryans he had met along the way in his journey in the new continent, are all teleported to a "mysterious dimension", by a...
Virgin Shaming by codelswife
Virgin Shamingby codykoandnoelmiller
After the "That's Cringe" video Cody reveals that he too is a virgin and Noel offers to show him how sex works or whatever. don't fucking show this to Cody and...
Master of his Heart by Kthomas325
Master of his Heartby Kat Thomas
The last book in the sugar baby series. Christian Akechi doesn't want to be involved with any woman. He knows his families past and does not want to recreate it. His bro...
Patreon Exclusives by FlamingLeeAndre
Patreon Exclusivesby FlamingLeeAndre
Previews of extra chapters/stories found ONLY on my Patreon.
Smother - Sire #1 (Patreon Book) by ReganUre
Smother - Sire #1 (Patreon Book)by ReganUre
When Avery Grace wakes up in a strange place with no memory of how she got there her nightmare begins. In a world where it is the survival of the fittest she knows her o...
Patreon Previews by minimxmist
Patreon Previewsby Jacob Sinne
This book contains previews of my books, and other content found exclusively on my Patreon.
Patreon Previews by KingStories_
Patreon Previewsby King Stories
The first 200 words of the Patreon only Stories.
Ned Fulmer X Reader \\Leaving BuzzFeed\\ by NerdUnlimited
Ned Fulmer X Reader \\Leaving NerdUnlimited
You just got a job at Buzzfeed! You're still getting used to everyone, but thankfully you've settled into a great environment. Then you run into the Try Guys. You've fre...
Caught In Their Web by authorlileycruz
Caught In Their Webby Liley Cruz Writing ©
Last and final book in Catalina's story. Blurb coming soon. 💗✨
The arrangement of heaven ( Thiên Ý ) (English version) by JameHouston
The arrangement of heaven ( Thiê Jame Houston
In one place, different tribes live separately from the ordinary human world. But that place was no longer as peaceful as before the next generations to manage the lands...
A Land of Dragon Tales by Cross-Warrior
A Land of Dragon Talesby 𝓒. 𝓦. 𝓚𝓷𝓲𝓰𝓱𝓽
Step in to see some stuff about exclusive stories on my Discord!
Praeteritum by JuanGonzalez859
Praeteritumby HeliuX
"Every story has to start somewhere...well, attached in this letter you will find the missing details to how the Quarter Fray ended and the names of the heroes that...
Core Reality 02: Hazak, Gatekeeper of Miasmal Sin by ZekoVutum
Core Reality 02: Hazak, Zeko'Vutum
This is story is a Horror/Thriller designed solely for me to experiment with two genre I am uncomfortable with. This story will be periodically updated on my Patreon, pl...