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ប្រម៉ាញ់ស្នេហ៍លោកពូ ( ចប់) by KimLin571
ប្រម៉ាញ់ស្នេហ៍លោកពូ ( ចប់)by វ៉ាង គីមលីន
ប្រម៉ាញ់បេះដូងពូមិនបាន...វិធីចុងក្រោយទាក់យកពូធ្វើប្តីម៉ងទៅកុំឲ្យខាត" និពន្ធដោយ វ៉ាង គីមលីន
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A Racer's Heart by storyfromafriend
A Racer's Heartby storyfromafriend
Lightning McQueen x Reader Y/N Hudson, granddaughter of the Hudson Hornet Who races with honor in memory of her mother Meets a very special person who will help her ou...
Malika & Ismail by Chechny95
Malika & Ismailby Chechenka95
Ist halt eine Noxchi-Story 🌸🙈❤️
Human version!) Lightning Mcqueen x reader *Discontinued* by Darkrose0324
Human version!) Lightning Mcqueen...by Elsa Darkrose
(Y/n) (L/n) is a race car driver.The most famous person.One day (Y/n) goes to visit her good friend Sally,but little did she know that Mcqueen accidentally ends up there...
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Cars 2 (Lightning Mcqueen x reader) Secret agent... *Discontinued* by Darkrose0324
Cars 2 (Lightning Mcqueen x reader...by Elsa Darkrose
(Sequel to a race car (Lightning Mcqueen x reader)) A few years have past by.You and Mcqueen have got closer every year.Until you see one of your cousins...you then reme...
MANDELA97.EXE - A Mandela Catalogue AU by THISISCHIP
MANDELA97.EXE - A Mandela Catalogu...by Chip (He/They)
After moping around a while in a depressive state, Jonah had finally began to use the computer usually reserved for their paranormal uploads. After using it for a while...
អំណួតស្នេហ៍ ផ្ចាញ់បេះដូង  by KimLin571
អំណួតស្នេហ៍ ផ្ចាញ់បេះដូង by វ៉ាង គីមលីន
ដោយសារតែគុំនំ ការសងសឹកបានធ្វើឲ្យគេទាញក្មេង ប្រុសម្នាក់មិនដឹងអ្វីចូលមកពាក់ព័ន្ធ នឹងធ្វើទារុណកម្មយ៉ាងព្រៃផ្សៃទៅក្មេងប្រុសម្នាក់នោះ..។ " ឯងត្រូវតែសងកម្មជំនួស ប៉ារបស់ឯង...
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Gagal Playboy by quintxssential
Gagal Playboyby s h i n
❪❑.❫ Lika-liku perjalanan Valian untuk mencari tambatan hati, namun berakhir salah cara. ⚠ warn : bahasa semi baku, lokal, dan masih banyak lagi. started : 13/O1/2O21 fi...
រឿង ប្រពន្ធខ្លាទាំងពីរ 🔞🔞 by KimTaesan4
រឿង ប្រពន្ធខ្លាទាំងពីរ 🔞🔞by Taesan
សេហ្នារវាងមនុស្សបីអ្នកពោលពេញទៅដោយឧបសគ្គតើស្នេហាមួយនោះអាចបន្តដល់ពេលណាទៅ? <<អូនមិនចង់ធ្វើជាមនុស្សអាត្មានិយមលាក់បងទុកទេjungkook>>hobi <<ខ្ងុំសុំទោសដែ...
Promise? | PJM ff  by Jimin95filter
Promise? | PJM ff by .
A girl who is desperate to get an interview for the company named Only Stars magazine. A boy who wants to be alone but suddenly a girl annoyed him. Both living in the sa...
The Choice by LakambiningWriter_wp
The Choiceby Shimmyrsy
Choosing between Love and Friendship.
Hwarang University (Slow Update) by Seventhirteen
Hwarang University (Slow Update)by Nine
A university that has a lot of mysteries Love,Betrayal and Sacrifices
Amor de verano by user58619526
Amor de veranoby park jimin
holaaaaaaa emmmmmm espero les guste bye
Gen 1: Triste Peur by Skully-The-Author
Gen 1: Triste Peurby Scully
This story follows a 14 year old girl named Triste Peur and her struggles with depression and anxiety. (Pronounced Treest)
My Bestfriend Is Like An Alien by JHardy0
My Bestfriend Is Like An Alienby J Hardy
They said it feels great to have a bestfriend. there's someone who will protect you, there's someone who will make you happy. But are you willing to risk the friendship...