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Playing With Fire (Complete) by MyaHninn5
Playing With Fire (Complete)by Yeolmae
လှည့်စားခဲ့တာမှန်ပေမယ့်ဒီလူသားတွေကိုသူအသက်ထက်ပိုမြတ်နိုးမိပါတယ် မင်းမြတ်လေး 4somes💚
Mafia Stepbrothers  by sluttfor_doms
Mafia Stepbrothers by sluttfor_doms
Read I think you'll like it🧍🏽‍♀️
Vanessa's Obscure Night by ExplosiveRose
Vanessa's Obscure Nightby ExplosiveRose
Vanessa say she be vibin. But she be wildin. Also hi Vanessa I see you reading this. You too Chris, and Val 👀.
Worth It by Rhys2624
Worth Itby Rhys
So many time, victims of toxic relationships are made to believe that their pain is the norm in all relationships. So many times it takes years for them to actually real...
GAYONEARTH by meeeeeoooowwwWHAT
friend group of 4 boys are gay and yeah yk
Eat it  by 305yailin
Eat it by 305yailin
"I put my dick in a bag of Doritos"
Tims dad X Female reader by MotherBasement
Tims dad X Female readerby MotherBasement
A Blossoming Love story With you and Tims dad that starts from one fatal meeting~ -Story credit from offsite person - lead writer Me - Editor and publisher
The 3 mates  by FerrahFurry4
The 3 mates by FerrahFurry
A human that is abused and found asleep under a bridge when 3 wolves find her and change her whole world
Prison Break by BelladonnaRosezeria
Prison Breakby Belladonna Rosezeria
Ryou is a witch one of the last true born witches to exist. He gets caught stealing a powerful witch artifact. When he gets to prison he earns the nickname the heart att...
GIRLXBOY || A story of a heated romance by bbmrie
GIRLXBOY || A story of a heated ro...by bbmrie
(This is satire!!😭). A deep story about a girl with boy problems with her perfect lover, though a bit old. Challenged by a young new stallion for her true fate.
The 4 broken hearts that heal|Iwa x Hinata x Kenma x Yamaguchi| by weirdo_yuh
The 4 broken hearts that heal|Iwa...by Eem
In all my Aus The schools are the same but are high school and university/ college, all are in college/ university tho. Kenma and Yamaguchi meet when their crushes go on...
A Carlisle love story by ahprodic
A Carlisle love storyby ahprodic
Ophelia or lia, just moved to forks from God knows where, she's been traveling in her van for a while of course just graduating from college she decided to take up an in...
EXTREMELY "Detrimental" (BakuDekuTodo×OC) by SelenaAce2431
EXTREMELY "Detrimental" (BakuDekuT...by Ace Wathen
Bakugou, Todoroki, and Deku are all Villians in this story. They all turned sides for different reasons. Deku wanted "Redemption". Todoroki wanted "Sanit...
deku in wonderland deku x todoroki x bakugou x male reader lemon  by just_mahiru
deku in wonderland deku x todoroki...by shsl fan boy
making may way down town everybody is ded *music*
Universe Of Madness by leek7049
Universe Of Madnessby -kayna-
Two ordinary teens, Marnie (The perfect and popular girl with a streak of braveness) and Tyler (A boy with a lot of growing up to do), fall into a portal, transporting...
Are you really the One? by ItsSimocity
Are you really the One?by ItsSimocity
AJ was just a typical high school student, trying to navigate through the ups and downs of teenage life. But there was one thing that set him apart from his classmates...
killuaxgon 🚧smut🚧 by criagtucker
killuaxgon 🚧smut🚧by criagtucker
so this is my first smut it might be bad idk ummmm enjoy