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Aristocrat by iamjvillanueva
Aristocratby Zeydamn
Name, wealth and fame. All of this must be on your disposal before you can enter Glorious, an academy solely intended for young royals. When the lost prince is found he...
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Crossing Paths......✍️ by whitewindow3
Crossing Paths......✍️by White Window
This story is a purely an outcome of the authors imagination. It is a fanfiction. Do not relate it to any person or characters in real or reel life. Read it for your lov...
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R(L)oyalty The Series by 1004BLangel
R(L)oyalty The Seriesby 1004BLangel
Tin is the youngest son of a conglomerate, living his life surrounded by wealth. Can is a regular college student known for his outgoing personality and loyalty to his f...
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I Miss You (More Than I Thought I Would) by theyoungestoftwo
I Miss You (More Than I Thought I...by lilly 💕
Tin expected this to happen. That doesn't mean he likes it. (title from I Found by Amber Run) crossposted on my ao3
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Is it really the end? - TinCan Story (MeanPlan) by BALANXingTT
Is it really the end? - TinCan Sto...by BALANXingTT
Can is confused. Tin is hurt. What if there's a big reason behind Can's decision? What if.... My own version of tincan's ending because hell i'm crying my heart out bec...
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Welcome to "Wish Kitchen" by uciciciow
Welcome to "Wish Kitchen"by uciciciow
Mean Phiravich flirted with every living thing he met. He was all that. Everyone always fell for his charm. Everyone meant both girls and guys enchanted d by his killer...
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Jealousy Is Love? (MeanPlan Ver) - END √ by peakachupeem
Jealousy Is Love? (MeanPlan Ver)...by Vielka
Plan gets jealous even towards the fans? - Mean : "You know I love it when you get jealous, P'Plan.."
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Freedom in a Cage (Love by Chance FF)  by 5huu53t5u
Freedom in a Cage (Love by Chance...by Shuusetsu
*This story takes place eight years after Can rejected Tin.* Funny how fast time flies. Yet he still feels like a prisoner caged at a standstill. Eight years ago, he'd...
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a love quintet by AzulPablo
a love quintetby Azul Pablo
-Susan in love with Saint -Saint in love with Perth -Perth in love with Mean -Mean in love with Plan -plan in love with ¿?
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[Fic/Xàm xí] [3 CP] Niên hạ của anh by BapNhi
[Fic/Xàm xí] [3 CP] Niên hạ của anhby Bắp Nhi
Niên hạ của anh → Tác giả: Bắp → Nhân vật: Mean x Plan. Bảo Khánh x Phương Tuấn. Vương Nhất Bác x Tiêu Chiến → Note: Truyện là của tôi, chỉ được post tại đây, wp của t...
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LUST | IRON BARS by ochiochichio
Sweet 🎯 Nafsu 🎯 Seks 🎯 Posesif 🎯 dissociative identity disorder🎯 🔞🔞🔞 Aku bahkan jatuh cinta pada seorang yang aku BENCI!! 💔💔💔 Dia lelakiku. Phiravich X Ratha...
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Destiny | MeanPlan x YiZhan | by BellaMaladroite
Destiny | MeanPlan x YiZhan |by 🖋
Mean and Plan | Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan Started: August 2, 2019 Ended: A/N: Real people. I don't own any of them. This is purely my idea so if there's something similar...
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Giam giữ 3 by traidua1902
Giam giữ 3by Trại dưa 1902 - Plan Rathavit
Người làm hắn bị thương chính là kẻ tàn ác máu lạnh luôn nói yêu hắn. Y cho người đánh gãy chân hắn, đã vậy sau đó còn cho người tiêm ma túy vào người hắn chỉ vì muốn tr...
There's no blue without yellow. ||tinxcan|| by They_Who_Wonder
There's no blue without yellow. ||...by magic w a v e s.
It all started when a boy named Can met a cold-hearted boy named Tin. 🤖🍈 ~ This couple was too UWU to not write a fanfic on them. They're my fav couple on the series s...
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Before the Football Game by BLHavenOfficial
Before the Football Gameby BL Haven
Rank 1 - Translations (11/18/19) The TINCAN Chapter prequels DISCLAIMER: This is not an exact translation from one of the books by Mame, this is my own retelling of what...
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Only Instagram « 2wish » by Andrea_Navias
Only Instagram « 2wish »by Andrea-Navy
@perthppe ¡Con un carajo solo confírmenlo y ya! @iplann ¡Solo somos amigos! @m34nismind ¡Oh cariño! Los amigos no hacen lo que nosotros. [Mean&Plan] [Love By Chance]
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Bet for your love  by rizkiyama
Bet for your love by rizkiyama
can is just ordinary boy who loves sports and tin is extraordinary boy who owns everything he wants. one day, tin makes a bet with his friends. their bet's subject was c...
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magnetized • lbc [ONHOLD]  by mintyuchan
magnetized • lbc [ONHOLD] by 『 มีนท์ 』
Net idols and actual celebrities? In one space? Love by chance? Or That YouTuberxBoyband!AU no one asked for - A cross-over fic of Kiss Boys' Mean and Saint and the memb...
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love by chance cute pics by powerhanna
love by chance cute picsby malejah cambri
picture of love by chance's main cast ps, all the picture i put here is not mine, credits to the owner
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Hello Tin by thykill
Hello Tinby thykill
This is not a typical TinCan story where Tin is someone who's rich and fell for Can. No. Inspired by a Filipino story "She's back" "I remember you left&q...
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