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The Raven Omega by SoraHamatoBackup
The Raven Omegaby Sora/Theo Hamato
A Jonatello Story, not an x reader! Casey Jones is a 20 year old guy omega, adopted by a beta father and newly presented alpha sister, 3 of his 5 friends are alphas, 1 a...
Move Like a Soldier by EmilySkelewolf
Move Like a Soldierby Lady of WIP
*LEO X READER DISCLAIMER* You and your little brother, Ash, moved to New York to be with your dad since your mother died of lung cancer. You soon find out that your fath...
More Than Just One by oneembarrassingbitch
More Than Just Oneby oneembarrassingbitch
Mikey (2012) and Mikey (2018) switch universes. What more do I explain??? kinda not very consistent but I had fun writing it posted before in my ao3 account (i dont mak...
TMNT Little Big Bro by LittleLeahYT14
TMNT Little Big Broby LeahJazmineAgreste
Leonardo/Leo got turned Into a Tot and His Three Little/ Now Big Brother's Has to Take care of him till they get's him back to Normal.
Swapped  by Hyperfixation_bs
Swapped by Hyperfixation_bs
A 2012 tmnt/rottmnt fanfic. When the Krang decide to test trans-demensional body swapping on two of the turtles, both the rise and 2012 sets of turtles wake up in new di...
Liability by Ick_tmnt
Liabilityby 𝕎𝔸ℕ𝔻𝔼ℝ𝔼ℝ
When Raph and Leo are injured after a failed attempt to save them, Mikey is left with overwhelming guilt. But what if Mikey's episode of self-blame resulted in something...
Soft *HIATUS* by TheRand0mWriter
Soft *HIATUS*by TheRand0mWriter
Tmnt 2012 Raphael x female!reader ***Slow Updates*** You and April O'Neil have been best friends for as long as you can remember, practically inseparable. That is, until...
Tmnt Oneshots! (Taking Requests!) by TurtlePerson1011
Tmnt Oneshots! (Taking Requests!)by TurtlePerson1011
This is my first time ever doing this so sorry if its bad😁👍
Steven and the Mutant Turtles by ILoveFood749
Steven and the Mutant Turtlesby Louisa
Turns out Ford did his calculations wrong, and sent the turtles, along with Louisa, into Beach City! Not to mention it's one of the worst times to be there too. Steven w...
Boyfriend Trails (Jonatello) by BlackGalaxyGamerCat
Boyfriend Trails (Jonatello)by Cat_Insanity
Casey and Donnie have a crush on April, but she doesn't like them back, so April makes a plan called the boyfriend trails, putting them to a test but instead of them get...
The undercover FootNinja (Rottmntx2012 crossover) by Aplombt
The undercover FootNinja (Rottmntx...by ||Midnight||
[NEW VERSION/DISCONTINUED] The masked orange turtle Known as Mikey by his brothers, but known by Midnight by the Foot-clan. Mikey is a spy for the Foot, his brothers and...
Second Child, Restless Child || Raph-Centric TMNT Fanfiction  by anime_angst
Second Child, Restless Child || Ra...by anime_angst
He would always be grateful to Splinter for raising them as his own, providing a home over their heads, and feeding them. He made the best use of the resources at his di...
Humans? No, My Friends are Turtles(2012 TMNT x OC) by FrootyPotato
Humans? No, My Friends are Turtles...by FrootyPotato
Chris is found by the turtles, getting jumped by the Purple Dragons. Sure, they could have fought them off themself on an average day, however, they had just got their a...
Mutants?..damn-----------on hold by emokibbiz
Mutants?..damn-----------on holdby call me Kie
Rottmnt x country reader x 2012 TMNT crossover ig? reader gets magically transported
TMNT Dimensions (completed, under editing) by MillyBurlock
TMNT Dimensions (completed, under...by Milly
The turtles travel through the universes with a new human ally (my OC) and meet some bizarre versions of them selves. P.S., starts off slow, but picks up speed.
Tmnt 2012 rewritten by me 🦾🔥🫶‼️ by k11ngf0raday
Tmnt 2012 rewritten by me 🦾🔥🫶‼️by k11ngf0raday
This is a fanmade rewrite of the 2012 tmnt series Updates whenever I want • • • I do not own TMNT
💙❤️TMNT reacts 💜🧡 by emmaks01
💙❤️TMNT reacts 💜🧡by emmaks01
(Raph) Serially Emma? First you have us answer questions and now you're having us react to a bunch of stuff? (Me) Um... yes... (Mikey) Come on, Raph, it could be fun! (L...
ERROR: FILE HAS BEEN ALTERED... Rottmnt X 2012!Tmnt Crossover Fanfic by simping_for_turtles
rottmnt oneshots :) by Skelly167
rottmnt oneshots :)by Skelly167
just because I love u Becca ❤ cover is by Rebecca (love u)
2012 TMNT Oneshots(Requests open!) by FrootyPotato
2012 TMNT Oneshots(Requests open!)by FrootyPotato
Okay, I just wanted to make a oneshot book, and TMNT is my current hyperfixation Make sure to add if the reader is a boy, girl, or other in requests Rules: No smut! No i...