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You woke up the next morning with a pile of suitcases packed for you and Edward. He really was going to turn you. As much as Edward hated the thought of it, he knew it was the best way to keep you safe.
"Are you sure this is okay? I mean, you figured it out with my dad, and the school and stuff?" You asked, putting on one of your casual heels.

"Yes, we informed everyone that we'd be going on a special missions trip, and it would be extraordinary if we could bring you along. Once we convinced your father to let you go, we had one problem solved. And, since no one really knows where we live, they wouldn't realize it would only be the two of you going. As for the rest of us, we'll be isolating at home to keep up the act. We expect you and Edward to be back by the end of May. That'll give you some time to get used to the- you'll see. And because you'll be a newborn, it will be safer for you to be away from humans for a while." Carlisle explained. You gulped and nodded.

Edward opened the door to the taxi for you sat down quietly. A millions thoughts were racing through your mind, and you were getting anxious. You looked out the window at the fast moving scenery, as the driver headed to the airport. You felt as though you were on the brink of tears, when Edward took your hand.

"It's gonna be okay. I promise. Remember how brave you were when you told me you would do this back when I told you about the Volturi? You still have that strength in you, you just need to find it again. I promise it'll be easier than you think. I'll be with you the whole time." He whispered. He kissed your hand, and a single tear trickled down your red cheeks. "I love you."

"I love you." You replied, and sighed. You held Edward's hand and collected your gaze back out the window.

{time skip}

You arrived at a beautiful, secluded island called Isle Esme. Edward leaded you into a beautiful house. Everything inside was decorated so cozy and you loved it immediately.

"I knew you'd love it." Edward smiled. He pulled you into the bedroom and you sighed.

"I guess we won't be using that luxurious masterpiece." You scoffed, looking down.

"Who says since we don't sleep, we can't use a bed?" Edward smirked. You raised your eyebrows trying to contain your laughter.

"Oh, really?" You giggled. "Then what are we waiting for?" Edward happily dragged you to the bed and kissed you.

"By the way, we are waiting til marriage." Edward said. You playfully rolled your eyes.

"Yeah, yeah, grandpa. Don't ruin the moment." You chuckled, pulling him into another kiss.

{time skip}

You sighed as you got ready the next day. He was going to do it. You tried to prepare yourself for the upcoming pain, but Edward told you there really was no way to explain what to expect. He promised it would get better and you took his word.

Edward took you out to a comfortable spot in the woods.

"Are you ready?" Edward asked, putting his hand to his forehead in fear.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm ready." You sighed and began to breathe heavily.

"I love you." Edward said. You nodded and closed your eyes. You felt his cold body moving closer to you. You took one last breath before you felt his teeth tear into your skin. You let out an piercing scream and began to twitch everywhere around your body. Everything felt unbearably hot. Nothing had felt more uncomfortable in your life. His venom coursed through your blood transforming every cell into a vampire's. All you could feel was excruciating pain and everything was going blurry. The venom was burning your veins and it felt like forever that you were feeling extreme agony.

"Y/N, Y/N." You heard a distant voice. It sounded distorted and you couldn't see anything clearly. You opened your eyes after a couple of minutes and now you could see even more than crystal clear. You could run as well, faster than you could possibly comprehend. And you were incredibly strong. Lifting a boulder felt like lifting a pillow. And the most distinct thing, was the smell of blood all around you. You'd never felt more attracted to anything. Not even Edward. Everything. All of your senses and abilities were enhanced. You felt strong and yet so weak. You thirsted for blood. Your eyes bolted around your surroundings, looking for something to hunt.

"Now, I know you may be thirsting for human blood, that's normal, but you can't hurt anyone. You won't. I'll take you hunting." Edward spoke. You had completely forgotten he was there. You turned around to see him and never felt more relieved. You squeezed him into a tight hug and he was no longer cold.

"Okay, okay, you can let go now." Edward struggled to say. "You're way stronger than me right now, remember?" You immediately let go.

"Oh, sorry. I forgot." You reached for his hands. He took them and smiled.

"You're so beautiful. Perfect in every way." Edward explained, looking you up and down. You smiled and walked to the house. It was difficult trying to control your speed, but with Edward, you managed.

About a month and a half went by and it was coming to the time to go back home. You packed your bags and said your goodbyes to the magnificent home and island.

{time skip}

"How are you feeling?" Carlisle asked.

"Well, all I can say is that it's getting easier every day. Especially having Edward with me." You smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

"I'm glad you're officially one of us. Now, we have no secrets." Alice laughed, pulling you into a stiff hug. "I miss the days where you would rant on and on about how you'd never end up with Edward and how 'cute' he was and trying to work up the nerve to speak to him. What on earth are we going to talk about now?!"

You laughed and continued your happy evening with the Cullens. Everyone had separated into their rooms and you and Edward remained on the couch.

"I love you, Y/N, so much. And now I can be with you for forever and on." Edward said, softly kissing you.

"Forever and on." You sighed.

AUTHORS NOTE- that was unfortunately the LAST CHAPTER but if this story blows up one day i might consider making a second book!

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