Chapter 1 - Kidnapped...

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Maris POV

Three-Four months after defeating Hawk-Moth and Mayura

I woke up in a small and empty dark room, save for a few things like the bed I was sitting on and the chains around my hands and feet. I struggled to sit up and collect my thoughts clearly.

"Where is this place? Tikki?" I groaned but didn't hear my cheerful kwami anywhere. In panic I touched my earrings but they were no longer there.

"No, no, no! Tikki?! Tikki?!?!" I yelled trying to get up but I couldn't. Tired and nauseous I tried to remember where I was before I appeared here.


I had just finished my guardian training with Master Fu as the new guardian of the miracle box. I left his place cheerfully but didn't notice the evil smirk on his face as I closed the door. I decided to call my friends to celebrate.

Miraculous Squad group chat

Mari-bug: Hey guys, I have great news!

Cool-Cat: Hey bugaboo, whats up?

Queenie: What is it Mari-bug?

Dragon-fencer: Yes Mari-hime?

Snake-boi: Whats the good news Melody?

Mari-bug: Wow you all have nicknames for me. Anyways I just finished my guardian training! Im now a true guardian of the miraculous! ^-^ XD

Queenie: This is great Mari-bug, I knew you could do it

Cool-Cat: Awesome job buginette, congrats

Dragon-fencer: Congratulations Mari-san, great job!

Snake-boi: Well done melody, we all knew you could do it

Mari-bug: We should celebrate this! Whos in for some ice-cream at the park?

Cool-Cat: I am! See you soon

Queenie: Already on my way

Snake-boi: Be there in a bit

Dragon-fencer: I'm almost there


I sat down on a bench and in no time they all showed up. We went to get ice-cream and spent the rest of the day having fun.

They are my only true friends after Lila came and turned the rest against me, the liar was able to escape being sent to jail with hawk-moth and is still making my life miserable, but I was able to cope with it since I had my real friends.

She even turned my own parents against me! The nerve of that bitch, now I'm staying with Chloe in her hotel. We also told Uncle Jagged and Auntie Penny and they know everything, even Auntie Clara does too.

Kagami also lives with us in the hotel, but she was attending a fencing class with Adrien. Her mother is still alive and knows about the liar, so she said its okay for Kagami to stay with us for comfort and support.

Adrien was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Bourgeois and Chloe, just like me, so he stays with us too, since the mansion is empty. Sure he still does all what he used to do for his father and his business, but not as often.

Luka tried to convince Juleka and his mother that Lila was a liar. But they didn't believe him and he left the toxic environment to come here and I took him to Chloe. He was introduced to Jagged and he made songs with him. He got adopted by him too. He was at the recording studio before he got texted.

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