Chapter 7 - Meet Richard Dick Grayson Wayne

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Now... Onwards!



"Thanks Jasmine, breakfast was delicious. Bye!" The MPS walked out the door and into the car as Jasmine waved bye and Fred, their driver, started the engine and sped off with Jack, their body guard, beside him in the passenger seat.

"Where to Marinette?" Fred asked

"To Wayne Enterprises please. And a bit quick also" she told him and he nodded

"Mari-bug! I thought I told you to set your alarm!" Chloe scolded her

"Sorry Chloe, I did but I woke up 15 minutes later" she replied with a goofy grin as Chloe face-palmed and the others chuckled.

"We need to get you a louder one it seems" Kagami told her and Mari pouted a bit

"But if you do, this one will be unhappy. Besides its not my fault sleep has to be so heavenly!" she said dramatically and they all laughed.

"She's right. Sleep is heavenly" Alix agreed

"Everyone, we're here" Fred told them and they thanked him as Jack opened the door for them and they thanked him too. Mari told them she would call when they were through and with that the two men went back home.

"Let's go! We have just 1 minute to find the idiots" Chloe told them and they ran inside to see Mrs. Bustier and the one-brain celled class.

"Right on time children! Now let's begin" Mrs. Bustier told them and they replied a good morning as a man with dark hair and blue eyes came up to them.

"Good morning. You must be the winning French class, please does anyone know how to speak English? My French isn't that good" he asked and MPS hands went up but Alya ignored them and got his attention

"Sir! Lila can translate for us, she can speak English perfectly" she told him, dragging Lila forward, as she paled and panicked

"Great, now come on. He was about to begin" but she stopped him

"W-Wait! A-Actually I c-can't. My throat feels scratchy and dry so I wouldn't be able to speak well. M-Maybe Marinette could translate for us" she said, feigning a scratchy throat as the man raised a brow up but shrugged.

"Okay then, please could one of you come translate for me?" he asked the MPS who had distanced themselves a bit from the rest. Mari nodded and stepped forward.

"Good morning sir, my name is Marinette Bourgeois Tsurugi, the class president. I would be glad to translate for you" she spoke in perfect English and stretched out her hand for a shake with a smile and the man was silently drowning in cuteness overload

"Of course! Now come along" He shook her hand and beamed as he began the tour with Mari translating, although only the MPS listened, along with Max and Mrs. Bustier. The rest were busy listening to Lila who had dropped the scratchy throat act, mid-way through the lies she was spinning about dating Damian Wayne, which earned her strange looks from the employees.

Chloes POV

Gosh! Someone! Anyone! Please just get this liar to be quiet!

Isn't she the same person that just said she couldn't speak well, that is now speaking in the stupid high pitched voice?!

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