Chapter 6 - I am not a Dupain-Cheng

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A few days later


Mari and her friends were ready really early, with Alix and were supposed to leave in an hour.

"Guys I know my parents have disowned me but I want to tell them about me leaving Paris, what do you think?" Mari asked them and they looked between themselves.

"Well maybe you should tell them Mari-san. They are your parents, even though they aren't good ones" Kagami said

"But how will you tell them without letting them see you?" Alix and Chloe asked

"I wrote a letter, I just need to deliver it but if I put it in the mail I'm sure they wouldn't read it"

"You can summon Chamm, he can help you!" Tikki suggested from the basket where she ate pastries with the other kwamis


"He's the God of Camouflage and the reason all the miraculi have camouflage mode. As the guardian and Supreme Miracle goddess, you can summon any kwami you wish, just say their full persona and summon them" Plagg explained

"Okay, should I transform?"

"Yes you should"

Mari transformed into her Goddess form and closed her eyes to concentrate on Chamm's energy "Chamm, kwami of Camouflage, I summon you now" she said

A green light appeared and a chameleon themed kwami revealed himself

"Hello great guardian. How may I be of service?" he asked. The rest stared at them in awe

"Hello Chamm, I need to place this letter in the Dupain-Cheng bakery unnoticed and I need your help please"

"Of course guardian, the phrase for my transformation is 'Chamm, Blend in', although I don't think you will need it. For the special power you just need to say camouflage while holding whatever you wish to hide, you will blend in for as long as you wish but to become visible again, you have to say 'Chamm, Reveal'" the kwami explained and she nodded

"Camouflage" Mari said and immediately she was enveloped in a dull green light as she slowly became invisible while holding the letter

"Okay guys I'll be back soon, just gotta drop this off. See ya!"

"Bye and be careful" they told her and she nodded, opening a portal to the alley behind the bakery and stepped in with Chamm who was invisible too.


They stepped out into the alley with was fortunately empty and got into the house through the window.

Mari unlocked telepathy with Chamm and they stood in the empty living room

"Alright Chamm. Please I need you to check what my parents are up to" she told him and he nodded, floating through the wall.

"I see a dark haired woman coming your way great guardian. She's saying something about getting a list from the table. I think you should put it there" he reported

"Alright, thank you. Come back please" she said and he floated up. Both were still camouflaged and Sabine entered the living room just like the kwami said. She grabbed the list from the table and saw the letter laying there. She picked it up

To my mother, though I wonder if you are

"A letter from Marinette? What is this?!" she said angry although if you heard well you could hear the concern in her voice

Hello mother. I know you have better things to do than hear from me, but whether we both like it or not, you are still my mother and I your daughter. I just felt the need to let you know that what you wanted is coming true.

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